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 Dragon Heart Academy

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PostSubject: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:35 am

Founded from the Capital of Tarkusza before the Altered had began their invasion, Dragon Heart Academy at first helped the humans waged war against the elf dating back 600 years ago. After the inevitable happened however, the Knights from Dragon Heart Academy served as the backbone of Razlarya's main military force. During the event of "The True Face Of War", many famed and legendary figures who were hailed as heroes and the defenders of the realm were from Dragon Heart Academy.

Because of their brave and noble contribution during the war, the Dragon heart Academy was acknowledged by all the 5 kingdoms of Gweralle. When the kingdoms had decided to declare peace among themselves and brought about the Age Of Prosperity, Dragon Heart Academy was chosen to bear witness to the peace treaty.

Although Dragon Heart Academy isn't the ruling organization, it still serves a vital role not only in Tarkusza, but throughout Gweralle as well in terms of both political and military affairs.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:54 am

((Melodia Arwyne))

Soon after she was admitted into the rank of the knights in Dragon Heart Academy, she was trying very hard to hide her enthusiasm. It was expected since serving the realm as one of the famed knights in one of the many old stories that she had heard ever since she was a still a child had always been her lifelong dreams. Still, she figured that as a trainee knight from an elite academy, she would need to keep her composure as well as maintaining her discipline at all times. She stood alongside with the other recruits in the Phoenix Wing's Main Hall while trying to act as composed as possible. The only thing that betrayed her intent on hiding her enthusiasm was the large grin across her face.

While waiting for further instructions from the trainers themselves, she looked around to see if she can recognize any familiar faces among the many recruits that had passed the test.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:54 am

A familiar voice rang out


Mornein rushes up to Melodia across the academy floor, attracting looks from everyone nearby. In his right hand, he was clutching a brown satchel, which contains her lunch in it.

"You forgot this!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:51 pm

((Melodia Arwyne))

No sooner had the trainers were about to say something when suddenly, an unknown intruder had suddenly decided to barge into the hall. Amidst the whispers of the people in the hall due to the sudden disturbance, Melodia just stared at the man known as Mornein, literally awestruck. Shifting uncomfortable due to the stares that she had just received, she walked towards him while grabbing the brown satchel, embarrassed, "U-uhh.. thanks...,"

And she then whispered to Mornein, "What the hell are you doing, barging in like that?!" while being careful that only he can hear it. It's natural really, since she had been concentrating so hard being composed.... until he had suddenly decided to drop by at the worst time possible.

She paused.

".. And how did you get passed the guards?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:04 pm

"I ran very very fast! And you forgot your lunch!" Mornein answered happily, his boots smoking, burnt from the lightning rush he utilized to avoid the guards.

However, no sooner than he had finished his sentence, the sound of guards closing in could be heard.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:08 am

Nobuhara, taking a few days vacation to the Kingdom of Tarkusza. After he got down from the travelling wagon, he and the rider bit farewell to each other. ''Finally, the Kingdom of Tarkusza!'' He said in amazement. ''I wish the cookies I brought from Razlarya won't go spoil''. With cookie on his belt, he walked down the street, Greeting every old friends of his. ''I think this is about the time the recruit test of Dragon Heart Academy end. I better hurry up.'' Hurriedly, he dashed to the location of the Dragon Heart Academy while making sure the bag of cookies didn't fall during his dash.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:33 pm

The sound of the Guards footstep can be heard, getting closer and closer as they are chasing after Mornein.

They were shouting "Stop! Intruder!", while having their halbert in their hands, for intruding into the Academy's ground without any permission.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:45 pm

Mornein turned around, catching a glimpse of the guards pursuing him.

"Gotta go melodia!" Mornein spoke rather quickly, his boots crackling with electricity, he dashed forwards.... into a wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:52 pm

With the Academy's Wall being hard and fortified, Mornein slammed onto the Wall.

As Mornein is lying on the ground, the Guards was utterly speechless for what he was doing.

The Guards used this chance to surround him and capture him before he can use it again. The guards surrounded him with their Halbert around him, ready to strike him if he tries anything unnecessary. To have a safety measure, they placed a pair of legcuff around his leg.
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PostSubject: blablabla   Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:21 pm

Rolando stood in a corner, observing the happenings around him. The sudden intrusion by a certain gentlemen aroused his amusement about the academy and its famed knights . He mumured to himself ''So this is the security of an organization that produces the ''finest'' soldiers in the kingdom....'' He glanced towards the young lady that the Mornein talked to, perhaps the people that are entering the academy aren't actually elitist.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:49 pm

((Melodia Arwyne))

Melodia's reaction to the recent event that had just occurred? She facepalmed.

"... What did I do to deserve these?" she whisper to herself while looking at her idiotic friend who had just bash through a solid wall, hoping that he won't try to do anything funny, both for her and his sake.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:55 pm

"Urgh.. who put that wall in my way...." Mornein mumbled as he recovered slowly from the colision.

He glanced around the guards that surrounded him. "Uh... what's happenin fellas?"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:27 am

One of the guard surrounding Mornein started to question him.

"You have trespassed into the Academy without permission, what do you say in your defense? Depending on your answer, we will decide whether to keep you behind the bars."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:03 pm

"I was just visiting?" Mornein said sheepishly.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:09 pm

((Melodia Arwyne))

Somehow by instinct, she knew that this will not turn out well. He may seem like he has a loose screw in his head sometimes, but at least he meant well. And that was enough for her to help her friend out. An idiot, yes, but a friend nonetheless.

"...If I may intervene, can you please forgive his impudent action just this once? I know that what he had just did is foolish no matter how you look at it, but at least he didn't bore any ill intent towards the Academy," She said, trying to convince the guards.

She also knew that there was also a slight chance that she may lose face due to her actions, but she ignore it as Mornein had probably done so not too long ago. For now, her friend's well-being comes first. And besides, there was always a chance to retain her wounded pride in the near future, right? Or at least, I hope so...
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:23 pm

The guard turned to Melodia, "Although it does seem that he doesn't have any ill intention toward the Academy, he trespassed the Academy nonetheless."

After the guard finished his sentence, the guard surrounding Mornein have released him and returned to their post.

"We will over look your trespassing this time, please watch over your friend carefully next time." With that, the guard too returned to his post, leaving the Hall.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:58 pm

Nobuhara,upon reaching the Dragon Heart Academy,he heard all the talking,whispering and especially the ruckus at the Phoenix Wing's Main hall.So after having permission from the guard,he walked to the place where the incident took place.There he saw guard walking away from the Phoenix Wing's Main hall.So he grabbed a guard on the shoulder and ask:''What was the ruckus just now?''
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:02 pm

[Chat RP Records~]

Ponyo says:
Melodia breathed out in relieved, glad that the current situation is already defused.
Still, that doesn't stop her from glaring at Mornein.

Pirate Puffz says:
Mornein was oblivious to Melodia's glares.

Ghost Nyz says:
The surrounding members of the Phoenix Wing glanced at both of them. Some of them snickers and some are as nervous as ever.

Ponyo says:
Sighing in resignation, she returned to where she last stand along with the other recruits. '..Although I'm partly to blame as well since I forgot about my lunch', she though.

Pirate Puffz says:
Mornein turned to look at melodia "Well, this is a nice place!"

Ponyo says:
She had at least hoped that he had returned home on his own after what just happened.
...But it seems she had hope too much.
"Shouldn't you be returning right about now?"

Pirate Puffz says:
"Is something wrong? i though i would just look around" He seems still quite happy even though the whole thing just happened a few moment ago.

Ponyo says:
Sighing once more, she returned her focus towards the trainers, obviously trying to avoid contact from Mornein as much as possible.

Ghost Nyz says:
Suddenly, 2 guards came back into the Hall and walk towards Mornein. "If you would be so kind, please leave this area at once... It isn't the time for visitors and is the first day of the Academy"

Pirate Puffz says:
Mornein frowned "Ah, if thats the case, i'll go then." He turned back to Melodia and shouted rather loudly "Your mom told me to tell you that she said hi!"
And with that, he walked slowly out of the academy.

Ghost Nyz says:
Once again, the sound of snickers and whispers can be heard within the large group of the members.

Ponyo says:
She then flushed red in embarassment. 'Oh for the love of, seriously?!', she thought to herself while making a mental note to deal with him the next time she met him.

IknowInewb says:
Rolando glanced towards Melodia, noticing her fraustrated and embarassed face which just made his day worthwhile. He wondered to himself whether would she charge towards the man who just left and stranggle him.

Ponyo says:
And now, she felt as timid as a mouse thanks to you-know-who.

Ghost Nyz says:
With the situation calmed down, the Judge have stood up from his chair and spoke
"Now then, we will be guiding you into your desinated Brigades. Please follow the guard with the symbol of your badge on his back and he will guide you"

Ponyo says:
She then proceed to look at her badge again and follow the guard with the same emblem on his back, determined to get this done as quickly as possible to distract her from the humliation that she had just experienced.

Ghost Nyz says:
At the right side door of the main hall, stood a guard with a symbol of a Lion's head with it's mouth opened.

At the left side door of the main hall, stood a guard with a symbol of a Serpent, with it's Tail slightly larger.

At the middle door of the main hall, stood a guard with a symbol of a Phoenix, with it's wing spreading wide open.

IknowInewb says :
After taking a quick check at his badge, Rolando looked around for the guard with the same symbol and realised he belonged to the same Brigade as Melodia.'' Oh great now this will be intresting, maybe her friend will interupt more often.'' Rolando thought to himself while walking towards the guard with a small smile on his face.

Pirate Puffz says:
At the side of the wall, a small metal grate slowly moved open, Mornein peered through the grate, noticing melodia and the others.
"Well... auntie -did- tell me to keep her out of trouble...."

Pirate Puffz says:
Whispering a small cantrip that would render him invisible, mornein sneaked with the group

Ghost Nyz says:
"Now, please follow the guard and proceed into the door. Please follow closely if you don't want to be lost in the Academy for days"
After the Judge spoke, the Guards started walking into the doors and dissapeared like shadows.

Pirate Puffz says:
Mornein followed the group closely, and would go into the portal alongside them.

Ponyo says:
She did as she was told, completely oblivios to the invisible Mornein.

IknowInewb says:
Rolando just followed his guard into the door and felt a slight brush on his shoulders, looking around he saw no one near him and assumed it was the wind

Phantom Nyz says:
Inside the portal, is a path where there is only one way ahead. The guard continue to walk along the path with the other members behind him.
the surrounding area is of total darkness, with a fiery red fire lightning up along the path.

Phantom Nyz says:
At the end of the path is a door, the guard stood beside the door while waiting for the members to gather infront of the door

Ponyo says:
She looked around, intrigued and fascinated at her current surrounding that she nearly forgotten her ealier humiliation back in the hall.
She then stood alongside the other recruits in front of the door.

IknowInewb says (23:20):
''So this is why there were not many guards outside..... the acadamy is a dimensional maze itself''Rolando thought to himself

Phantom Nyz says (23:21):
(mornein no comment? D=)

Pirate Puffz says (23:22):
Mornein was fascinated by his surroundings as well, so much that he accidentally bumped into a recruit and didn't notice, possibly knocking the recruit down.

Phantom Nyz says (23:23):
After the members have gathered infront of the door, the guard opened it with a code. The door opened itself and a light shines brightly. The guard went into the light without hesitation.

IknowInewb says (23:23):
Rolando was suddenly knocked down by a strong ''wind'' he was supprised and...'' What in the name of your mother'f ****************'' softly but loud enought for those close to him to hear

Pirate Puffz says (23:24):
Mornein noticed and backed up... just to hit someone else.

Ponyo says (23:24):
Melodia noticed something bump into her. "What the...,"
But she saw nothing.

Pirate Puffz says (23:25):
Mornein turned and saw melodia, he quickly ran sideways to avoid detection, just to hit another recruit

Phantom Nyz says (23:26):
Recruit: "Hm? What the?... I guess is just the wind?"
Without noticing, the members of the Phoenix wing have already started walking into the light

Ponyo says (23:26):
".... Pleeease tell me it isn't you, Mornein," she whispered, though mostly to herself.

Pirate Puffz says (23:27):
Mornein started to panic, as he kept bumping into people.

Phantom Nyz says (23:28):
While they were still having their suspicions, the guard came back from the door and started to push the left over recruits into the door.

Pirate Puffz says (23:28):
he started to discharge small ammounts of lightning

Ponyo says (23:28):
Seeing that the others are making their way towards the Light, she decided to rush into it as well.

Pirate Puffz says (23:28):
Mornein, seeing that melodia went into the light, walked into it as well

IknowInewb says (23:29):
Rolando quickly regained his composture and noticed some arcs of...Lightning?''What in the world is going on in here'' Rolando said, loud enough for those around him to hear and followed the group.

Ponyo says (23:31):
Melodia heard what Rolando said. "I'm not sure. But I do hope that it isn't what I think it is..," she said, can't denying the possibility that Mornein might have followed them here.

Phantom Nyz says (23:31):
After heading into the Light, they have reached their Brigade's -Home-. It was a Large tower with several other buildings around it.

Ponyo says (23:32):
"... Just how big is this Academy anyway?" She said to herself, astonished.

Phantom Nyz says (23:33):
It is amazingly huge and it have several Phoenix flying around the area.
After the members have reached the Phoenix Wing without any member lost, the light behind them closed.

IknowInewb says (23:35):
Rolando entered the light/portal and was amazed by the tower and its entrance. However that doesn't stop him from asking Melodia about a certain someone. ''I got a feeling someone followed us in here, did you see those arcs of lightning really seemed suspicious in that portal.....''

Pirate Puffz says (23:36):
Mornein, overhearing Rolando talking about him, quickly pushed Rolando, attempting to make him fall and drop the topic.

Phantom Nyz says (23:37):
After a while, some members turned around and was stunned in amaze.

IknowInewb says (23:38):
''What in the world! its the third time I got bumped into. I demand to know who's behind this'' Rolando said as he straighten himself up.

Phantom Nyz says (23:38):
There, you can see the sight of 2 other Tower but with different color and symbol and at some point, you can see the Dragon Heart Academy and the Kingdom of Tarkusza too.

Pirate Puffz says (23:38):
Mornein pushed Rolando again

Ponyo says (23:38):
Hearing his explanation, she had grudgingly knew who exactly fit that description. "I think I exactly know who-," But by then, she noticed Rolando is being pushed by something. "... Mornein, that isn't funny,"

Pirate Puffz says (23:39):
Mornein kept quiet.

IknowInewb says (23:39):
Rolando didn't lose his balance this time as he was ready and instead swung around himself in an arc with his fist

Pirate Puffz says (23:40):
Mornein dropped on the floor, as he was caught off guard by the attack.

Ponyo says (23:41):
She sighed to herself, "Knew it,"

Pirate Puffz says (23:41):
His cantrip of invisibility shimmered for a second.

IknowInewb says (23:42):
Rolando looked supprised as he felt his fist hit something really hard but there was nothing in front of him and glimpsed a man for a second but it was enough for him to reconize him.
He turned to Melodia and '' I believe your friend is a talented mage but terrible at being discreet''

Phantom Nyz says (23:43):
After that, the guard took out a certain thing. After a while, it shoot up a certain light, and the symbol of the Phoenix Wing Brigade with the color of Fiery red can be seen. Where as the other 2 Brigade, the Serpent Tail in Sea blue and the Lion Fang in Sun yellow, can be seen too.

Ponyo says (23:44):
Straightening herself up, she spoke, "Look Mornein, I know your my friend and all. But is following me this far really necessary? You know that I can handle myself well, right?"

Pirate Puffz says (23:44):
Mornein kept quiet

Ponyo says (23:46):
She then decided to give the cold shoulder. "Fine, be that way. But the next time you are caught by the guards, I won't be able to do anything for you now that you've infiltrated this far,"
She then looked around her surrounding once more, ignoring Mornein COMPLETELY.

IknowInewb says (23:47):
Rolando decided to let Melodia straighten things up and proceeded to get closer to the guard while enjoying the magic and view.

Pirate Puffz says (23:49):
Mornein decided to be quiet and let Melodia cool down.

Phantom Nyz says (23:49):
After a while, you can see some other people coming down from the Tower.

Ponyo says (23:50):
She looked at the 'fireworks' produced by the guards, her anger slowly seething as she remembered seeing fireworks back in her village in the past.

Phantom Nyz says (23:51):
The people from the tower surround the new recruits and the guard left the area.
From your point of view, you can see the Symbol of the Phoenix from their uniforms, badge, glove and cape.

Ponyo says (23:53):
'I'm guessing this is just another one of those recruitment ceremony,' she thought to herself.

Phantom Nyz says (23:53):
It seems that the people surrounding the new recruits are members of the Phoenix Wing, which makes them your senior if you count by rank.

IknowInewb says (23:54):
Rolando decided he be better suited at the back of the group of recruits and retreated there

Phantom Nyz says (23:55):
Suddenly, a single man appeared and the members of the Phoenix wing started to make a path for him.
It appears that He is the person in charge of the members of the Phoenix Wing.

Ponyo says (23:57):
Though despite what she said earlier, she looked towards the area where she assumed Mornein would be, worried that he might be discovered by the people surrounding them.

Phantom Nyz says (23:58):
When the man walked towards to the new recruits, he stopped infront of them.
"My name, is Alfred Torres and I am the one incharge of you."

Ponyo says (23:59):
However, her attention was soon diverted towards the apparent leader of Phoenix Wings introducing himself.

IknowInewb says (23:59):
Rolando noticed Melodia looking at a certain place away from the group and decided a chat with a non-existantly existant fellow wouldn't hurt. He walked towards the spot and pretend that he's listening to the man.'' What makes you so persistant to be a total annoyance to your friend...Melodia.''

Phantom Nyz says (Today 00:00):
"Even though I am the one responsible for each and every one of you, I am not your leader. We, from the Phoenix Wing Brigades, doesn't judge a person by his rank or age, but by his or her Heart."

Pirate Puffz says (00:01):
Mornein mumbled quietly "I will do my best to protect her!"

Ponyo says (00:02):
Thinking whether should she make a respond or not, she decided to kept quiet and listened to his speech.

Phantom Nyz says (00:03):
"From here onwards, you are now the Member of the Phoenix Wing. You are one of us now. Rejoice! For today, we are now a family!"
After his sentence, the members surrounding the recruits started to cheer. They can be seen as joyful and cheerful people, where they are already being kind to the new recruits

IknowInewb says (00:03):
''Well a little discreetness from you would be nice especially if you stop bumping into people'' Rolando replied while pretending really well to be paying attention.

Pirate Puffz says (00:03):
Mornein kept quiet

IknowInewb says (00:05):
''Oh common don't ignore me...eventhough I gave you a nice knuckle to chew on.....''
Rolando tried to coax Mormein to talk

Ponyo says (00:06):
Melodia looked towards the experienced members, sharing the joy in their celebration 'Well, at least they're all a lively bunch unlike what I initially thought,' she thought as she chuckled to herself, smiling and her old anger forgotten.

Phantom Nyz says (00:08):
As time passed, the Phoenix Wing have prepared a Night time party barbeque to celebrate the new recruits. Ofcourse, because they are knights, no drinks.

Pirate Puffz says (00:09):
Mornein poked melodia's head

Ponyo says (00:10):
"Hmm?" She stopped drinking a beverage of some sort and looked towards the invisible shaman. "What's wrong?"

Phantom Nyz says (00:11):
The new recruits have already started to get along with the senior members, they were like true brothers and sisters. They laugh, they joke and they talk all night long.
But it seems that the Serpent tail and the Lion Fang Brigades too are celebrating, it was quite a night for all of them.

Pirate Puffz says (00:11):
"Dont eat too much, you might get fat" Mornein whispered into her ear

IknowInewb says (00:12):
Rolando walked around trying to find something amusing and ended up with a plate full of meat and some suspiciously red beverage.

Ponyo says (00:12):
She blushed slightly. "Well, excuse me. At least I don't stalk people and create such a ruckus," She said, half-jokingly. She was in a good mood after all.

Pirate Puffz says (00:13):
"Your mom told me to keep you out of trouble... besides..."

Ponyo says (00:13):
"Besides....?" She repeated, curiously.

Pirate Puffz says (00:13):
Mornein poked her chest "If this keeps on getting bigger... its going to fall off"

IknowInewb says (00:15):
Rolando happens to walk straight into the table Melodia was and noticed her blushing slightly. Knowing that Mornein is probaly behind that he stood nearby for some entertainment.

Ponyo says (00:15):
"Wha-" She blushed when he said that. She then proceeded to smack him HARD on the head with her fist. "Just where the hell do you think you're touching?!"

Pirate Puffz says (00:16):
"Ow!" Mornein's cantrip shimmered slightly "Its not like i'd never seen it before! what are you so worked up about it!"

IknowInewb says (00:16):
Rolando tried very hard to conceal his smile as Melodia shouted out loud. He failed and instead ended up spilling his drink and laughing a bit.

Ponyo says (00:18):
Her reaction to what he just said? Punch him straight in the face while trying to conceal her crimson red cheeks.
'Seriously, what the hell is he saying! she thought to herself.

Pirate Puffz says (00:19):
Mornein fell to the floor, the damage breaking his invisibility cantrip

Ponyo says (00:19):
"Ahh-!" She then noticed what she just did. Crap..., she thought.

Pirate Puffz says (00:19):
"Ow! are you trying to kill me melodia?" Apparently he didn't notice that he wasn't invisible anymore.

IknowInewb says (00:20):
Rolando saw the sudden revealment of Mornein and quickly threw him food at a random recruit/knight

Phantom Nyz says (00:21):
Recruit: "What the!? Who threw the food?!"
Knight: "Beats me, just continue to have your fun"

Ponyo says (00:21):
Melodia then noticed what Rolando was trying to do and grabbed a pie from a random table. "F-Food fight!" she shouted suddenly as she threw it towards Mornein, right in the face.

IknowInewb says (00:21):
Rolando: I threw it you idiot

Pirate Puffz says (00:22):
Mornein got hit in the face with a pie.
"Ow! stop it melodia!"

IknowInewb says (00:22):
Rolando then grabbed as much food and drinks as he could and started running and throwing them

Phantom Nyz says (00:22):
Recruit: "Food fight?! Get the pies!!"
Knight: "I wonder if this is an event too? I'm joining in!!"
And goes the hundreds and hundreds of the member of the Phoenix wing, food fighting

Ponyo says (00:23):
"*Phew* It worked," she said to herself, relieved.

Pirate Puffz says (00:24):
Mornein reached for anything nearby to throw at melodia, and... flung a chair.

IknowInewb says (00:24):
Rolando ran back to Melodia once the knights started throwing food. He was covered in head to toe in mustard, jam, gravy and every flavor of juice you could think of. '' I believe..... someone...needs to''
Rolando managed to run straight into the chair and thus ended his memories for the night

Ponyo says (00:25):
"Yeah, you're.." Suddenly, Rolando was hit by the chair.

Pirate Puffz says (00:26):
".... oops?"

Ponyo says (00:26):
She then quickly grabbed onto Mornein before he could do anything else. "Quick, turn invisible. Now!"

Pirate Puffz says (00:27):
Mornein quickly turned invisible "Okay! now.. can you please.. stop.. holding me.. to your chest? I... can't... breathe!"

Phantom Nyz says (00:28):
Suddenly, Alfred Torres, the man responsible for the member of the Phoenix Wing, stood onto a table and shouted,

"Phoenix Wing!! Stop wasting food and water, also I need to tell you lots about something."

With the loud voice of Alfred, the Member of the Phoenix wing slowly went into a deep silent.

Ponyo says (00:28):
"Wait, wha-" she then noticed where she was holding him. Turning bright red crimson yet again, she smack him on the head HARDER than before. "Where the hell do you think you're touching, you idiot!"

Pirate Puffz says (00:29):
Fortunately, the cantrip did not break "You were the one who held me to your chest! and pay attention, your master is speaking!"

Ponyo says (00:31):
It was then that she noticed the surrounding had been eeriely quiet. She then noticed Alfred stood up onto a table.

Phantom Nyz says (00:32):
"Tomorrow, all of the 3 Brigades of the Academy will be gathered at the Academy's Hall of Knights. It was suppose to be the Academy's Grandmaster to teach us about the ways of the Knight, but because of the Grandmaster leaving the Academy to some apppointed business, the Successor of the Academy will be the one attending after the Grandmaster!"

Phantom Nyz says (00:35):
"if there is any question, don't feel hesitate to ask."

Pirate Puffz says (00:38):
"The sucessor? She's very pretty!" Mornein whispered

Phantom Nyz says (00:41):
"Is there any question you all need to ask?"

Ponyo says (00:42):
"Shh," she hushed Mornein while raising her hand. "Umm, so is this just like some sort of training with the successor?"

Phantom Nyz says (00:43):
"Hm.... you can say yes and no. But the main point of this attending was suppose to let you know who the Grandmaster is, but as he is currently not available, the Successor will be the one."

Pirate Puffz says (00:44):
"She's kind of like an aircraft runway though, not like you."

Ponyo says (00:44):
"I see," she thought to herself, having no more questions on her.

Ponyo says (00:45):
"And just what does that supposed to mean?" she spoke to Mornein, cracking her fist.

Phantom Nyz says (00:46):
"Is there anymore question?... No? Well then, please rest for the day, as we have to be at our best at the Attending tomorrow. Good Night to you all"
With that, Alfred went back to his room to sleep.

Pirate Puffz says (00:46):
"Your chest like two mountains." Mornein said, while eating a pie he picked up nearby.

Ponyo says (00:47):
Before she returned to her room however, she pushed Mornein's head against the pie.

Pirate Puffz says (00:47):

Ponyo says (00:47):
Once done, she went to her sleeping quarters.

Pirate Puffz says (00:47):
Mornein followed

Ponyo says (00:48):
She WAS about to change to her regular sleeping uniform until she remembered something. "..... You're still here?"

Pirate Puffz says (00:49):
Mornein kept very very quiet

Ponyo says (00:50):
"*Sigh* Well, I guess it can't be helped then," She then landed on her bed, trying to get some sleep.

Ponyo says (00:50):
"And DON'T even think about sleeping on the same bed!" she added as a warning.

Pirate Puffz says (00:52):
Mornein ignored the warning and squeezed onto the bed as well.

Pirate Puffz says (00:52):
"Good night Melodia!"

Ponyo says (00:53):
Suddenly, there was a veinpop on head as she quite literally thrown him into one of the walls.

Ponyo says (00:54):
"Nu-UH. You're sleeping on the floor," she said, while giving him a blanket to help keep him warm.

Pirate Puffz says (00:54):

Pirate Puffz says (00:55):
"Im telling your mother!"

Ponyo says (00:56):
She shrugged. "Well, you can. But I'm an independent girl now, remember?" She pointed her tongue out.

Pirate Puffz says (00:57):
Mornein crawled under the blanket "Hmmph! besides, its not like i'd never touched anything before."

Ponyo says (00:57):
And soon enough, exhaustion caught up with her and she then fell asleep.

Pirate Puffz says (00:58):
Mornein crawled up into the bed while Melodia was asleep

Ponyo says (00:58):
Unfortunately, she was too sleepy to notice him.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:55 am

(nobody remembered to carry my charecter......)

If anyone were to look closely to a pile of jam, pies and every single food served previously in the night, one would find the culprit of the food-fight, having a pleasant slumber in the dinning hall, totally forgotten by his two ''friends'' and ignored by the recruits and knights. If he were to look into a mirror he would see a blonde who has just stepped out of a paintball match with a swollen black eye and a slightly larger forehead on the left and next to him, is a chair with one broken leg.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:14 am

[Chat RP Records]

Phantom Nyz said (17:38):
With the Member of the Phoenix Wing asleep, the night was peaceful and went into a deep silent with the tired knight sleeping peacefully as the Night goes by.

IknowInewb said (17:38):

Ponyo said (17:38):
Oh hey Inewb)

Phantom Nyz said (17:38):
(is true! he responded!)

IknowInewb said (17:38):
(nobody pick me up)

Phantom Nyz said (17:38):

Ponyo said (17:39):
Wanna continue Rping your chara on that night?)

IknowInewb said (17:39):
(to day)

Phantom Nyz said (17:39):
(I wonder what is puff doing)
As the sun slowly raises, the Night have passed by without noticing and comes the Morning sun. With some of the Knight of the Academy and members of the Brigades doing morning practice or having their breakfast.
While there is still some of the members of the Brigade sleeping in their own bed.
Around at the time when the Phoenix started to raise up from their sleep, the sound of footstep and knocking can be heard along the hallway of the sleeping quarters

IknowInewb said (17:44):
Rolando woke up alone in the courtyard, covered in food and drinks.''Great....nobody picked me up. This is the last time I let myself do such a thing again.'' Rolando mumbled while wiping some food off him and trying to hide when he heard footsteps.

Ponyo said (17:45):
Melodia grumbled and wakes up, opening her eyes.

Phantom Nyz said (17:45):
It seems like it is time for all the members and knights of the Academy to wake up. The senior members and Knights are making a morning call for everyone.
And suddenly, the sound of the Academy's Bell can be heard.

Pirate Puffz said (17:46):
Mornein's face was buried in Melodia's chest, using it as a pillow.
"Five more minuites mom"

Ponyo said (17:46):
.... Only to see Mornein sleeping on her chest.
As though in instinct, she quickly flung him across the room, slamming him HARD against the hard concrete wall.

Raawrgnya said (17:47):

Phantom Nyz said (17:47):
And the sound of a bump have been heard around the sleeping quarter, which happens to be a good thing for the senior members because it have awaken the other members of the Phoenix Wing

Pirate Puffz said (17:47):
the wall, already weakened from mornein being flung against it yesterday, crumbled.

Phantom Nyz said (17:47):
Suddenly, the door was being knocked with a voice, "Hey, are you alright in there? What was that sound?"
(Knocked and a voice spoke*)
(a voice was heard*)

IknowInewb said (17:48):
Rolando quickly looked for a source of water so that he can wash off the gunk on his clothing
(btw is thr a fountain?)

Ponyo said (17:48):
".... Next time, I'm going to get myself some handcuffs and a few chains as well, for good measures," she reminded herself as she got up from her bed.
"O-oh, it's nothing! I just fell on the floor while sleeping, that's all,"

Phantom Nyz said (17:48):
(nope, not at all)

Ponyo said (17:49):

Pirate Puffz said (17:49):
Mornein let out a whimper "Help"

Phantom Nyz said (17:49):
"If you say so. Also, please be quick as we must hurrey to the Hall of Knight", with that, the sound of footstep can be heard leaving from the door.

IknowInewb said (17:50):
(bondage fetish)

Phantom Nyz said (17:50):
Around that time at Rolando's area, a few members are walking foward and backward. Some of them are practicing their technique at the Courtyard

Ponyo said (17:51):
She then placed her foot on his face, trying to avoid his voice from being heard by the other knight.
Washing her face after that, she went towards the courtyard.

IknowInewb said (17:51):
Rolando tried to stay out of their sight while trying to get to the dorms.

Ponyo said (17:51):
(Btw, has the mess been cleaned up yet?)

Phantom Nyz said (17:52):
(most likely)

Raawrgnya said (17:52):
guess i won't fit in anywhere

Ponyo said (17:52):
(... But the cleaners had somehow ignored Rolando lol XD)

Pirate Puffz said (17:52):
Mornein had been abused quite badly, yet he managed to heal himself and follow Melodia in stealth
(Odin, just suddenly pop up)
(Gag char lol)

Raawrgnya said (17:52):
ok fine

Phantom Nyz said (17:52):
(they thought that he was already asleep, so they don't want to bother)

Ponyo said (17:54):
"Hmm, now where is that knight? I forgotten to thanked him about yesterday," she said as she inspected a surrouding, trying to find someone.
her surroundings*

Phantom Nyz said (17:54):
(knight? what knight?)

Ponyo said (17:54):

Phantom Nyz said (17:54):
At the courtyard of the Phoenix wing, there standing lots of the member of the Brigade, with several Knights at the Portal gate. You can also see the Serpent Tail Brigade and the Lion Fang Brigade gathering at their own courtyard.

Raawrgnya said (17:56):
''GOOD MORNING WORLD!''Nobuhara shout loudly as he wake up from his bed in an inn.

IknowInewb said (17:56):
Rolando reached the dorms and managed to avoid being seen by anyone, he peeked in the keyhole of the first door he saw and was relieved it was empty. He quickly barged in and starting cleaning himself.

Pirate Puffz said (17:56):
(I'll play as a npc cuz mornein should remain hidden)

IknowInewb said (17:56):

Pirate Puffz said (17:56):
(I'll play both)

Phantom Nyz said (17:56):
(puff, go help me with demon at the inn)

Pirate Puffz said (17:56):
(yeah im helping dmeon)
(Demon does nobuhara travel with anyone)

Raawrgnya said (17:57):
hes taking a day off
so yes
wait not a day

Pirate Puffz said (17:57):
(Like, any friends he travel with)

Raawrgnya said (17:57):
He knows alot of guy
just make 1 random npc

Phantom Nyz said (17:57):
At the inn where Nobuhara stayed for the night, the room next to him shouted, "For God sake, Don't go shouting after waking up! There are people asleep here!"

Ponyo said (17:58):
"Ahh, shut ya yapping, ya twerp!" shouted a particularly angry old man as he slammed his fist at the other side of the wall.

Raawrgnya said (17:58):
''My bad''he said softly

Pirate Puffz said (17:58):
The door was kicked open

Ponyo said (17:58):
"I'm complaining to the manager!"

IknowInewb said (17:58):
The cleanner of the inn just shooked his head and proceeded cleaning.''Whats it with people nowadays....''

Pirate Puffz said (17:58):
"Nobuhara, move your ass." A relatively well armored man said.

Phantom Nyz said (17:59):
(LOL, all ganking up on demon)

Ponyo said (17:59):
Well, he IS a gag character for a reason <<)

Raawrgnya said (17:59):
''My cookies,where is it?''said Nobuhara as he tried to search for his bag of cookies.

Pirate Puffz said (18:00):
The man grabbed hold of Nobuhara's wrist and dragged him out of the room "Forget your stupid cookies"

IknowInewb said (18:00):
and to show his displeasure he sweeped all the rubbish of the floor Nobuhara was staying on to in front of his room.

Raawrgnya said (18:00):

Pirate Puffz said (18:00):
The man dragged Nobuhara through the rubbish
and out of the inn

Ponyo said (18:00):

Phantom Nyz said (18:01):
"Have a nice day" the manager of the inn waved goodbye to Nobuhara.

IknowInewb said (18:01):
The cleanner regreted his decision as he was rewarded with a scream louder than a mermaid's song at sea.....

Ponyo said (18:01):
(LOL, I can't.. stop... laughing XD)

Raawrgnya said (18:02):
''Cookies...''said Nobuhara depressingly as he is dragged

Phantom Nyz said (18:02):
"Ah, Cleanner, would you please clean up the room that Nobuhara stayed?" the manager asked.

IknowInewb said (18:02):
''What!?'' the cleaner half shouted as it was a rubbish dump there.''Can't someone else do it....

Phantom Nyz said (18:03):
"If you want your money for the day, get to work!"

Pirate Puffz said (18:03):
The man continued dragging nobuhara through the streets "You have to make an appearance in the academy today, and i wont let you be late."

Ponyo said (18:04):
Then suddenly, another man appeared besides the one who is dragging Nobuhara. "Let me guess, he got into trouble again?"

IknowInewb said (18:04):
''fine fine..'' He grumbled as he moved on to clean the room, finding Nobuhara's cookies in the process.''Hmm, maybe this will teach him a lesson.'' He loaded the bag of cookies with all sorts of trash and threw it out of the window, aiming at Nobuhara.

Phantom Nyz said (18:05):
And with Nobuhara getting dragged across the streets, some of the folks gave him a morning greeting. "Oh Nobuhara! Morning!" "Nobuhara, you got dragged once again *laughs*"

Raawrgnya said (18:05):
''Just let me buy some cookies from nearby pastry shooopp!!''

Pirate Puffz said (18:05):

IknowInewb said (18:06):

Raawrgnya said (18:06):
''Please Im gonna diieeee!''

IknowInewb said (18:06):
(epic no)

Ponyo said (18:07):
"Hey guys look, it's the uncle from before!" said a particularly young boy, who is alongside with the other children around his age.

Pirate Puffz said (18:07):
The man drew his sword with his left hand while his right was still dragging Nobuhara "You're going to die if we dont reach there in time."

Phantom Nyz said (18:07):
"Oh! Masked Uncle! Morning!!"

Raawrgnya said (18:07):
''Im not a uncle!Call me big bro!''said Nobuhara,more depressing than before

Phantom Nyz said (18:08):
"Eh?! But aren't you 30?" Says the kid with a bit of a joking attitude

Ponyo said (18:08):
The boy then inspected Nobuhara carefully. "Yeah, you're waaay too old to be our big bro!"

Raawrgnya said (18:09):
*Did I look that old.....*Think Nobuhara as he getting more depress

Ponyo said (18:09):
"So let us call you uncle instead."

Pirate Puffz said (18:09):
The man stopped for a moment and sheathed his blade. Retireving a pistol from his side he pointed it at the kids "Five seconds to piss off before i shoot."

Phantom Nyz said (18:09):
"OMFG!!! HE HAVE A ******** PISTOL!!! RUUUUN!!!!" the Kid ran away like a mouse

Ponyo said (18:10):
The boy then ran off, shouting "See ya later, Masked Uncle!" while waving towards him.

Phantom Nyz said (18:10):
(i got a feeling that, One is a co-worker and one is a boss attitude)

Ponyo said (18:11):
"Hey hey, aren't you being a little aggressive?" said his companion.

Phantom Nyz said (18:11):
(puff goes dc ~_~)

Ponyo said (18:11):
We'll wait until Puff returned!)

IknowInewb said (18:12):
While the man was scarring away the kids, a man with his face conceal under a straw hat bumped in Nobuhara and hurried off, and with him, goes the last of Nobuhara's cookie monney.

Ponyo said (18:13):
Guess we'll just have to wait for 5 minutes)
If he still isn't online, then I guess we;ll have to continue the Rp later :/)

Phantom Nyz said (18:14):
(should have said the kid ran away with a troll face

Ponyo said (18:14):
Epic XD)

Phantom Nyz said (18:14):
(chain ganking)

IknowInewb said (18:15):
(demon asked for attention ==)

Phantom Nyz said (18:16):
(he is baack)
(i pee)

Ponyo said (18:16):
Ponyo says (18:11):
"Hey hey, aren't you being a little aggressive?" said his companion.

Phantom Nyz says (18:11):
(puff goes dc ~_~)

Ponyo says (18:11):
We'll wait until Puff returned!)

IknowInewb says (18:12):
While the man was scarring away the kids, a man with his face conceal under a straw hat bumped in Nobuhara and hurried off, and with him, goes the last of Nobuhara's cookie monney.

You're still here, Puff?)

Pirate Puffz said (18:17):

Ponyo said (18:17):
See above to see what just happened)

Pirate Puffz said (18:18):
"Its Captain Alexander Donovan to you, and no, i dont think its too agressive."

IknowInewb said (18:19):
another man appeared behind the captain and relieved him of his cash while he was speaking while another bumped into him.

Pirate Puffz said (18:19):
The captain merely turned and shot the man in the back with the pistol.

Phantom Nyz said (18:20):
A peasant saw it and shouted "Oh my Lord! Is a murder!!"

IknowInewb said (18:20):
The man in front ran off while his friend had some extra metal lodged in his head

Ponyo said (18:20):
He shrugged. "Fine, if you say so," He then saw a thief suddenly stealing Nobuhara's money. "... Welp, there goes your money,"
He then saw what his captain just did and whistled, ".. No offense, but are you sure it's a good idea to kill people in broad daylight?"

Raawrgnya said (18:21):

Pirate Puffz said (18:21):
He took his money back, and while he could retrieve nobuhara's money as well, he didn't bother, it was better that he had no money to buy his stupid cookies.
"These "People" are thieves, unworthy of life."
"Now, lets make our way back to the academy, lest we be late."

Ponyo said (18:22):
He snickers, "Welp, better luck nexk time, old man," He said as he slapped Nobuhara's back.

IknowInewb said (18:22):
If someone walked to a nearby corner of the street they would hear this '' What?! this man has less cash on him than a useless peasant.''

Ponyo said (18:23):
"Good for you," said the man to the thief that had stolen Nobuhara's money.

Pirate Puffz said (18:23):
The captain continued dragging nobuhara to the academy

Phantom Nyz said (18:23):
And they arrived at the Bridge to the Academy

IknowInewb said (18:24):
(lets just skip to the part they make the entrance)

Ponyo said (18:24):
(Poor ol' Nobuhara, been inflicted by bad luck everywhere XD)

Phantom Nyz said (18:24):
(back to the member, since they are still at the courtyard?)

Pirate Puffz said (18:24):
(let demon rp too lol)
(Finish this and Nobuhara can rp with the recruits)

Raawrgnya said (18:25):
what im enjoyin
u guys can cont rp
i gonna study later
test comin up

Pirate Puffz said (18:25):
(ok then)

Phantom Nyz said (18:25):
is just tmr for me~_~)
(k, so what part is it now?)

Pirate Puffz said (18:26):

Phantom Nyz said (18:27):
When all of the member of the Brigades have gathered at their Tower's Courtyard, the Knights standing at the portal gate have suddenly turned into a bridge towards another portal. The Knights walked along the bridge towards the portal as the other members followed the knights.

Ponyo said (18:28):
Melodia just followed like the rest of the other knights.

IknowInewb said (18:28):
Rolando arrived very late at the courtyard with a bandana covering his left eye and with his helmet on. He arrived just in time just to see the portal open and followed the knights.

Pirate Puffz said (18:29):
Mornein followed too

Phantom Nyz said (18:29):
After all of the recruits and members went into the Portal with the Knights, they arrived at a huge spaced hall, it was 3 times larger than the Hall of their Brigade.

Ponyo said (18:30):
Now she is seriously wondering on how big is this Academy.

Pirate Puffz said (18:31):
Mornein was instead wondering exacly how big Melodia's chest is.

Phantom Nyz said (18:31):
At the Hall's Left side, middle part and the right side, were the symbol of the Serpent Tail, Phoenix wing and Lion Fang.

IknowInewb said (18:31):
Rolando was amazed with the sheer size of the hall and looked around to find Melodia for a small chat.

Ponyo said (18:33):
A small crack can be heard from Melodia when she put both of her fists together, as though insticvely knew what Mornein is thinking about.
she instictively knew*

Phantom Nyz said (18:33):
At that time, you can see the members of the Serpent Brigade and the Lion brigade. The Knights from the 3 Brigades walked towards their Brigades symbol and stood firmly at the front.
With the recruits and members followed behind and stood at the back.

Pirate Puffz said (18:34):
Mornein whispered to Melodia, oblivious to her cracking her knuckles "Are you a double D, or maybe an E?"

IknowInewb said (18:34):
Following the sound of a sudden crack, Rolando found Melodia with a stern expresion on a face, and of course, a blush while talking to the air.

Ponyo said (18:35):
"Do you have a death wish?" she said as she then grappled his neck, trying to suffocate him.

Pirate Puffz said (18:36):

Ponyo said (18:36):
"S-shut up, you idiot!" she tried to covered his mouth using her hands.

Phantom Nyz said (18:37):
With the loud voice, the members of the Phoenix Brigade turned around to see who shouted

Pirate Puffz said (18:37):
Mornein panicked, unable to breath, he tried to make melodia release him

Phantom Nyz said (18:37):
While you can heard snickers from the Serpent Brigades and the whisper of the Lion Brigades.

Ponyo said (18:37):
"A-ahh," she then removed her grasp from Mornein and looked around awkwardly.

IknowInewb said (18:38):
Rolando saw Melodia streching out her hands in the air and imediately knew what was happening, he barely managed to suppressed his laughter as Mornein started screaming but the looks of the Brigades made him laught a little bit too loud.

Pirate Puffz said (18:38):
Mornein fell on his ass. "Why are you trying to kill me?"

Phantom Nyz said (18:39):
Suddenly, a member from the Serpent Brigade, "Heh, so the recruits of the Phoenix Wing is of such poor quality... too bad..."

Ponyo said (18:39):
She then proceed to land one of her feet on Mornein's face, trying to make sure that he won't shout just like last time.

Phantom Nyz said (18:39):
With the counter of a senior member of the Phoenix Brigade, "Well, we aren't like a certain brigade who only knows how to talk bad about other people.

Raawrgnya said (18:40):
feels like gryffindor and slytherin
serious lol

IknowInewb said (18:40):
Rolando was offended with the comment and walked up to Melodia, whispering to Mornein.''Why don't you do both of us a favor, for example shoving that guy who just insulted us''

Pirate Puffz said (18:40):
The veil of invisibility took too much damage and dispersed.

Phantom Nyz said (18:40):
after that, a member from the Lion Brigade too speak, "Shut your mouth, it isn't time for useless quarrel in the Hall of the Knights..."

IknowInewb said (18:42):
''Holy shit!'' Rolando shouted while he charged towards the Snake Brigade's member, and punched him, hard.

Pirate Puffz said (18:42):
(Rolando keeps taking hte fall lol)

Ponyo said (18:42):
".....," she was utterly speechless as he was revealed, right in front of all the knights and recruits to see.
"Crap....," she thought, unable to think on how to diffuse the current situation... until Rolando tried to provoke a fight.

IknowInewb said (18:42):
(he likes entertainment)
(and hates borderm)

Phantom Nyz said (18:43):
"The hell!?! You can a fight?! You shall get one!" The serpent brigade member slammed him by using his shoulder and flipped him on the ground.
After that, some of the Phoenix senior member have gotten furios and there goes a brawl arena.

IknowInewb said (18:43):
Rolando lashed out with his feet and kicked the member's face

Ponyo said (18:44):
She then shaked Mornein up, "Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!" she shouted on Mornein's ear.

Pirate Puffz said (18:44):
Mornein fainted

Phantom Nyz said (18:44):
You can see the Lion Brigades trying to end the fight but instead, they got punched in the face and stomach. And they too joined the fight.
With the 3 Brigades fighting, it was suprisingly refreshing.
It was a first for the 3 Brigades to go all out in the Hall of the Knights
around at the coner, there is a piece of black cloth lying around there, it is wide enough to hide a corpse

IknowInewb said (18:45):
Rolando can also be witnessed taking a beating from several Snake Brigade members while whispering.''Please remember to pick me up this time...'' and fainted.

Ponyo said (18:46):
"Aha!" She then pulled Mornein towards the black cloth and covered him it.
covered him with it*

Pirate Puffz said (18:46):
Mornein was covered by the cloth

Phantom Nyz said (18:47):
After a while, a portal appeared at the very front of the Hall, up on the stage. It was a Knight in armor.
"....I wonder who caused this rackus...." While watching the Brigades fistfighting each other

Ponyo said (18:48):
"Uh-ohh," she thought insticntively as a young girl in knights armor arrived in the scene.
(The new arrival is Lisa Cortez, right?)

IknowInewb said (18:48):
(supprisingly Melodia never gets involed in fights)

Phantom Nyz said (18:48):
(I was gonna say it isn't Liza Cortez... but nevermind)

Pirate Puffz said (18:49):
Mornein clutched Melodia's leg. "before... i.. die... Double D... or E..."

IknowInewb said (18:50):
Some random spirit who just dissapeared from the world and considered tossing a sword to Melodia before being pulled to heaven

Phantom Nyz said (18:50):
After a while, several portals appeared too and it seems at the very least, 30 knights and more walked out from the portal.

Ponyo said (18:50):
"... How about you have a taste of my kick instead?" she kicked at Mornein so hard that she was sure he would fall unconcious from the sheer force.

Pirate Puffz said (18:51):
melodia underestimated her force, as Mornein was kicked so hard he flew a good distance before landing on the stage

IknowInewb said (18:51):
(how in the world Mornein can take that much abusement and stay alive?)
(he's like a punching bag)

Pirate Puffz said (18:51):
(Lol even if he dies, he can reincarnate anyway)

Phantom Nyz said (18:51):
Suddenly, you can see that the 3 Brigades have stopped their fist fight, it is if as they have paused.

Pirate Puffz said (18:52):
(Assuming his body is not too badly damaged)

Ponyo said (18:52):
(Is wondering what would happen if everyone else pointed that Rolando is the one who started the fist fight XD)

Phantom Nyz said (18:52):
The wind was dead silent, there wasn't any sound at all.

Ponyo said (18:52):
Luckily, she didn't have to worry about concealing him anymore as he was already covered with the black cloth.

Phantom Nyz said (18:52):
But at the center of the stage, there is a young girl with her sword unshealthed and have swung it.
After a while, the 3 Brigades returned to their position, as they were in fear. Rolando was dragged by 3 recruits back to the Phoenix Brigade line.

IknowInewb said (18:54):
(finally he is not forgotten ==)

Ponyo said (18:54):
... But the one thing she didn't anticipate was that the black cloth was placed on the stage, alongside a girl knight.

Phantom Nyz said (18:56):
The 50 knights stood still, and the girl knight shealthed her sword, and kicked the black cloth away, which was send flying to the side of the Hall and slammed hard. The slam made by the girl was loud.

Pirate Puffz said (18:56):
(Did she click the cloth away or mornein alongside it)

IknowInewb said (18:57):
(it slammed)
(I don't think cloth can slam)

Phantom Nyz said (18:57):
(Melodia, have no comment on the slammed mornein =P)

Ponyo said (18:57):
Mornein, who was covered in a black cloth, was thrown on the stage and placed alongside the Knight)

Pirate Puffz said (18:58):
(I can tell you)
(That mornein is going to die lol)
A relatively large hole was made on the wall, and the cloth flew away revealing mornein under it

Ponyo said (18:59):
"...," She really hopes that the others ignored the slamming on the wall... until the cloth was no longer covering Mornein.

IknowInewb said (19:00):
Rolando managed to regain conciousness and saw Mornein.''Crap......I turned myself into a punching bad for nothing?''which was what he managed to say before falling back to dreamland.

Ponyo said (19:00):
She then pinched at the bridge of her nose, thinking that there's no way for them to not notice Mornein now.

Phantom Nyz said (19:00):
The girl in uniform didn't bother about the body, and spoke loudly "You, are Knights of the Dragon Heart Academy. You are members of the Brigades."

Pirate Puffz said (19:01):
A bolt of lightning arced through the air towards Liza

Phantom Nyz said (19:02):
Liza took back a 3 step, as if she was moved by instinct.

Ponyo said (19:03):
"!!!" She was then surprised at what just happened, "Oh c'mon. Seriously, Mornein?!"

Pirate Puffz said (19:03):
The bolt of lighting struck the side of the wall, destroying a small part of it.

Phantom Nyz said (19:04):
"But the way you act is not of a Knight, But of a Child on the street!!" Her voice have spreaded a very serious feeling into the ears of the Knights"

Pirate Puffz said (19:04):
Mornein was standing rather casually, his finger smoking, his eyes filled with lightning, his lips curled into a smirk "Hey, shut up bitch."

IknowInewb said (19:05):
(woah he became farked-up op)

Raawrgnya said (19:05):
that op still ok

Phantom Nyz said (19:05):
Following the voice, Liza turned and looked at Mornein, "And I wonder who is the one that led this man into the Academy, without permission..."

Pirate Puffz said (19:06):
Mornein unleashed another bolt of lightning at Liza "Your mom."

Ponyo said (19:06):
"Wha-," she thought, as she was suddenly surprised at his sudden change in behavior.
.. Until she remembered that he has an alter-ego and knew that shit is about to get real.

IknowInewb said (19:07):
Rolando was unfortunately, not able to witness the transformation.

Phantom Nyz said (19:08):
Liza stepped to her right, avoiding the bolt of Lightning again. "...Who are you?" glancing at Mornein with a suspecious look

Ponyo said (19:08):
Panicked, she rushed towards the Lightning God, trying to restrain him from doing anything stupid. "Mornein, snap out of it!"

Pirate Puffz said (19:09):
Mornein fired another bolt of lightning. "Im the lightning god, bitch."

IknowInewb said (19:09):
(woah...she just punched,kicked,slammed,chocked and threw... a god?)

Raawrgnya said (19:09):
alter ego

Pirate Puffz said (19:09):
(He calls himself the lightning god)
(He isn't really a god)

IknowInewb said (19:09):

Ponyo said (19:10):
Btw, was he directing the lightning towards Liza or Melodia?)

Pirate Puffz said (19:10):

Phantom Nyz said (19:12):
Liza didn't move, and the bolt of lightning vanished right infront of Liza. 7 of the Academy's Guardian appears from several portals and the 50 knights was waiting to strike Mornien from all sides.
(wait a while)

Pirate Puffz said (19:13):
(wait, why did it vanish)

Phantom Nyz said (19:13):
(The Academy's Guardian have the ability to dispell magics)

Ponyo said (19:13):
(I think he's currently explaining it)

Pirate Puffz said (19:14):
ttracted to the sudden spellwork.As his alter ego, magic resistance is all but useless against him, as the lightning is somethining more than magic in nature. )
Just sayin >.>)

Phantom Nyz said (19:14):

Pirate Puffz said (19:14):
(just say she dodged)

Phantom Nyz said (19:15):
(nvm, the Guardians guarded her from it)

Pirate Puffz said (19:15):
(Nyz, you might want to read Mornein's profile lol)

Raawrgnya said (19:15):

Raawrgnya said (19:15):
off to study
back at 9

Ponyo said (19:16):
Melodia, who was trying to think of some way to settle all of this without any bloodshed, then proceeds to bash him using her shield, hoping that he'll fall unconcious by her attack.

Pirate Puffz said (19:16):
It merely made him more angry, he swung a lightning charged punch at Melodia.

IknowInewb said (19:17):
(thats some payback)

Ponyo said (19:17):
She barely managed to avoid the full force of the attack as she raised her shield in time, though it did pushed her back a few feet.

Pirate Puffz said (19:18):
If struck by a lightning bolt while he is in his alter ego, god have mercy upon you as the bolt -will- hurt. It is as powerful, and arguably more powerful than any naturally occuring lightning strike. If struck by it, the impact and the voltage of the bolt -will- stun you, and leave you defenceless. And if his target is carrying any metal or, is soaked in liquid, the voltage and power is amplified significantly.)
(read my profile jeez >.>)

Ponyo said (19:19):
FUUU- Didn't see that D:)

IknowInewb said (19:19):
(I did so I rather let myself faint)

Pirate Puffz said (19:19):
(its ok *hug*

Phantom Nyz said (19:20):
(The guardians of the Academy are like Stone Sentinels with Lance and Shield, they do get destroyed, but they will just get back up with their pieces together again)

Pirate Puffz said (19:20):

Phantom Nyz said (19:21):
(in 5 sec)

Pirate Puffz said (19:21):
powered by what?

Phantom Nyz said (19:21):
(A strange magic, it is around the Academy)

Pirate Puffz said (19:21):
(ok cont)

Ponyo said (19:23):
She barely managed to avoid the full force of the attack as she raised her shield in time. However by doing so, she was instantly electrocuted by the sheer amount of voltage rushing throughtout her entie body thanks to the metal shield and armor that she currently wields. "Ah-Ahhhhh!" she shouted as she is unable to withstand the pain as she staggered back from the assault, her body almost completely numbed as she fell onto her knees.

Phantom Nyz said (19:23):
"Lieutenants, Send the recruits and members back to their Towers, and send a message to the Grandmaster" after saying, Liza took out her sword and ready her stance.
10 Knight Lieutenants guided the recruits and members back to their tower.

Pirate Puffz said (19:24):
Mornein took a moment to look at melodia, and clutched his head, as if he was in pain.

Phantom Nyz said (19:24):
The recruits of the Phoenix Brigade dragged Rolando while going back to their tower

IknowInewb said (19:25):
(nobody mind to carry him?!?!?!)

Phantom Nyz said (19:25):
When Mornein clutched his head, Liza used this opening to strike in quick and fierce.

IknowInewb said (19:25):
(that was twice he was dragged)

Phantom Nyz said (19:25):
(they were like, "Oh shit, just drag him!!)

Ponyo said (19:25):
Unable to bear the massive amount of pain anymore, she fainted on the stone floor, her entire body shaking due to the after effects of the lightning attack while still barely alive.

Pirate Puffz said (19:26):
The sword tore through Mornein's shoulder, imbedding itself through it.

Ponyo said (19:26):
barely breathing*

Pirate Puffz said (19:26):
Arcs of electricity flowed through the blade and into Liza
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:45 am

((Melodia Arwyne))

Melodia was still on the cold hard floor, not moving but was still very much alive. However if she didn't receive any medical attention soon, it would be unlikely that she would be able to last very long.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Heart Academy   Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:28 pm

Ponyo said (16:40):
Elene, worried about what Vaerina might be planning to do, decided to follow her towards the thief just in case.

Puffzorz said (16:40):
(She swapped the shadow of the Thief and her though >.>)
with her*

Ponyo said (16:40):
... Oh FUUU-)
Forget my last statement DX)

Puffzorz said (16:41):
(Lawl Razz)
(Wait till nyz returns)
(Nobuhara Eleanor and Inewb can rp)

Raawrgnya said (16:41):
Tired,Nobuhara lies down in the carrier

Ponyo said (16:41):
Elene, worried about what Vaerina might be planning to do, tapped her feet on the cobblestone worriedly.

Raawrgnya said (16:41):
''I'm not gonna do that ever.Again''

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:42):
(....I need go toilet........ brb....*holds stomach*)

Ponyo said (16:43):
Looking towards the Masked Uncle, she just state, "Well, serves you right for being a glutton,"

IknowInewb said (16:43):
(masked uncle lol)

Raawrgnya said (16:43):
''My stomach,Damnit.''He said as he hold his stomach.

IknowInewb said (16:43):
(whr are they anyway)

Ponyo said (16:43):
"Well, at least you paid for the shop repair maintenance and the cookies.... right?"

Puffzorz said (16:44):
(ON their way to dragon's heart)

Raawrgnya said (16:44):

Puffzorz said (16:44):
Fluffy happily walks out of the Mostly destroyed pastry shop, his belly full.

Ponyo said (16:44):
Casually points towards the almost destroyed pastry shop.

Puffzorz said (16:45):
Then suddenly an explosion destroys the whole thing
The building crumbles into the ground

Raawrgnya said (16:45):
''Oh that.''He then took out a piece of paper and wrote.''Here,give it to the shop keeper''

IknowInewb said (16:45):

IknowInewb said (16:46):
(I.O.U your shop ur living and ur cookies)

Puffzorz said (16:46):

IknowInewb said (16:46):
(and I will pay you back by...... the next time i pass by

Raawrgnya said (16:46):
(He got high salary,he just donate em all)

Ponyo said (16:46):
"Why don't you give it to them yourself?"

IknowInewb said (16:46):

Puffzorz said (16:47):
Fluffy eats the IOU
he looks to nobuhara, hoping for more, happily wagging his tail

Raawrgnya said (16:48):
''Well lets just run before the angry fat momma come out alright?''He said that again,tiredly

Ponyo said (16:48):
With a sigh, she said, "We're seriously need to leash that pet of hers,"

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:48):
(....where did we stopped...)

Ponyo said (16:49):

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:49):
(...any idea where did we stopped?...)

Puffzorz said (16:49):
(There was a chag log right)

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:49):
(oh right, brb)

Ponyo said (16:50):
Suddenly, sounds of footsteps can be heard as a few patrol guards had suddenly appeared.

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:51):
(oh, we stopped at the Shadow gay me part)

Puffzorz said (16:51):

IknowInewb said (16:52):
while a certain uncle who lacks brain-matter decides to settle his bill...A man was running desperately from a village nearby, clutching his chest as he ran, one can see crimson streaks dripping down from his hands.

Ponyo said (16:52):
They then stopped right in front of Nobuhara, "Sir, do you have any idea who destroyed that pastry shop? We're currently on a lookout to arrest the culprit that had done such a thing!"

IknowInewb said (16:52):
''Shit, I gotta get as far as possible from everyone before its too late''

Raawrgnya said (16:53):
He took out a piece of paper again and wrote,then he gave the paper to the shopkeeper.''Here''

IknowInewb said (16:53):
were his last words before falling unconcious on the main road, a stone's throw away from the pastry shop.

Puffzorz said (16:53):
(Well nyz?)

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:53):
(thinking of the sentence..)

Ponyo said (16:53):
It was then that Elene noticed the seriously injured man, "Wait, is he... bleeding?!" She then proceed to walk towards him.
What does the paper say?)

IknowInewb said (16:54):

Ponyo said (16:54):
Alarmed, she then check his pulse while trying to wake him up, "Sir, are you okay?!"

IknowInewb said (16:55):
Randall remained unconcious

Ponyo said (16:55):
".... *sigh* Seriously, Nobuhara?" said one of the guards. "See? I TOLD you it's him!"

Nyz Shadowfang said (16:56):
Puffzorz said (23:28):
"He is you, and he wants to take your place darling." ))))
The boy continue to struggle, "Take my place?.. what are you babbling about..."

Raawrgnya said (16:57):
''No time to talk alright.Less talking more doing!''He urged all the guard.

Ponyo said (16:57):
Seeing that he won't be waking up anytime soon, she decided to use whatever she learns in the arts of healing to heal, or at least reduce the wounds on his body.
She placed her hands on his chest, and then it began to glow.

Raawrgnya said (16:58):
''Don't waste your time on dying man.I didn't see you use that on me when im dying.''State Nobuhara

Puffzorz said (16:58):
"Shadows want to take the place of their "Owners" kid."

Ponyo said (16:59):
"Hey, I know you for a long time now so I don't expect you to die from such a wound, all right?" she said as a matter of factly.
to Nobuhara*

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:01):
"I have no idea what are you talking about nor do I want to know. Let me go already!!" The boy continues to stuggle even though the efforts were useless.

Raawrgnya said (17:01):
''Just make it quick,im going to be late and colonel gonna rip me apart if he found out that im missing in Tarkusza.''

Puffzorz said (17:01):
"Mmm, where is the gold you stolen?"

Ponyo said (17:01):
One of the guards noticed the injured man and approached him, "Hey, is he all right?!"
"Yeah, sure. Riiight after we go through the list of property damage that you've commited," he said, as he pulled out a rather looooooong list.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:03):
"Search it for yourself, old lady" the boy stopped to struggle.

Raawrgnya said (17:03):
''Deduct it from my next salary.''he said that like tnohing happen.

Puffzorz said (17:03):
"Oh, you wound me."

Ponyo said (17:04):
"Now this have been, what, the 46th time you've ransacked a pastry shop? Tsk tsk,"

Puffzorz said (17:04):
Vaerina snapped her fingers, causing the shadows in the boy's body to cut one of the minor ateries in half.

Ponyo said (17:05):
"Odd? I thought you made a contract of giving away 98% of your salary to charity?"

Raawrgnya said (17:06):
''No worry.Even if i left a penny I will still donate.''

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:07):
"AArrrgghh!!!!" the boy was crying in pain, the sound of pain can be heard around the Wanders District where the Pantry shop is.

Puffzorz said (17:07):
"Now sweetie, the gold?"

Ponyo said (17:07):
"... Seriously, Nobuhara. You now have a debt of up to 800,000 gold alone. And that's not counting-!!!" the guards then heard the shout. "What was that?!"
800,000 gold on that pastry shop alone*

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:08):
*pant, pant* "...left side... the cloak's pocket..."

Raawrgnya said (17:08):
''You think how much is my salary.''

Puffzorz said (17:08):
"Thank you honey."
She casually picked up the money

Raawrgnya said (17:08):
''After all im the land most intelligent strategist.''

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:09):
(wait, she use the shadow... or she come near him to get it?)

Ponyo said (17:09):
Elene facepalmed, "... I knew something will happened evetually,"

Puffzorz said (17:09):
(She picked it up)

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:09):
(is he near the boy?o_O)

Puffzorz said (17:09):

Ponyo said (17:10):
She then rushed towards the source where the sound came from, with the patrol guards also running towards it as well including the ones around Nobuhara.
patrol guards around the Wanders District*

IknowInewb said (17:12):
(I am)

Puffzorz said (17:12):
"Seems we have some company. This way." She snapped her fingers, whisking them both into the shadow realm.
"Now, i have an offer to make you..."

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:12):

Ponyo said (17:13):
Soon, they were about to surround them... only to find nothing but thin air.

Puffzorz said (17:13):
"You have skills little boy, and i like that."

IknowInewb said (17:14):

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:14):
"What are you implying?.."
( my sentence wrong?... I got a feeling I typed wrong....)

Ponyo said (17:15):
"Huh, now where did that shout came from?" said the guards as they slowly returned to their post, finding nothing noteworthy in the scene.

Puffzorz said (17:16):
"I have a gift for you."
"My mark. Choose to serve me, and its yours."

Ponyo said (17:17):
As for Elene, she returned towards the carriage, relieved that her 'bodyguard' hadn't tried to cause a huge ruckus.
... All the while forgetting about one important thing.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:18):
(5 min... give me 5 min ==)

Ponyo said (17:18):
'Ahh, the man!' she instinctively thought as she looked at the man, still injured and lying on the ground.

IknowInewb said (17:18):
Randall wakes up, supprised that he was alive, and there was no marks of his ressurection around him. Checking his chest he was even more supprised to have been heal, eventhough the healer must have been bad.

Puffzorz said (17:19):

Raawrgnya said (17:19):

IknowInewb said (17:20):
''Huh....who healed me.''

Ponyo said (17:20):
"Ahh...," she sighed in relieved as the man already seemed alive and well. Then she heard Nobuhara's shout, "Just be patient, will you?!"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:20):

IknowInewb said (17:20):
''I am on the main road?''

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:22):
"And Why should I , a thief, serve you? What does the mark have any use to me?"

Ponyo said (17:22):
"Yeah, you're currently in the main road,"

Puffzorz said (17:22):
"Because i like thieves sweetie."
She gently patted his head
"Dont you ever wished you could turn invisible?"

IknowInewb said (17:22):
''Then I have to go...'' The man struggles to walk but ended stumbling over a rock.
*up stumbling over a rock*

Ponyo said (17:23):
Annoyed, she said towards Nobuhara, "Well, just tell him that I'll be taking responsibilities of your puntuality,"
full responsibilities*
"Ahh..," she then quickly managed to take him just in time before he fell on the ground, "Geez, you're still injured, you know...,"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:25):
The boy was thinking, he was in a deep thought, "...Sounds fun, I will take that offer. But I need a few moment of time, there is something I must do"

Puffzorz said (17:25):
"And that is?"

Ponyo said (17:25):
"Guards, take this man to my carriage," "Yes, milady," the guards complied as they helped him move inside the carriage.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:26):
"The Orphanage is where I grew up, and where I started... I need to leave them at least a message, or they will be worried sick."

IknowInewb said (17:26):
''Let me go, you don't know what you are dealing with and even worse you are not a very competent healler'' the man brushes off her hands and attempts to walk again.

Puffzorz said (17:26):
"Go ahead honey."
The thief's hand begin to burn into a mark
"Return to Elene when your buisness is concluded."
She snapped her fingers, returning them to the real world.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:28):
"I will return soon, thank you." The boy covers his mark and head towards the Orphanage Direction

Ponyo said (17:28):
She pouts, "Hey, at least I healed that wound for you! And besides, there's no way I would let an injured man walk away on my watch, Guards!" she ordered.

Raawrgnya said (17:28):
''You guys suuuuuure take your own damn time didn't you.''

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:28):
(pee first, brb)

Puffzorz said (17:29):
Vaerina simply translated herself behind elene, hugging her from the back "Did you miss me honey?"

Ponyo said (17:29):
"Take this man to the carriage. And if he refuses, force him!" the guards then comply.

IknowInewb said (17:29):
After some consideration, the man decides to comply to Elene's ''goodwill''.''Fine.... I'll go, but don't say I didnt warn you''

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:30):
(back, btw)
(is the mark at the palm of his hand, or at the back of his hand?)

Puffzorz said (17:31):
Back of his hand

Ponyo said (17:31):
"Wha-?!" she was then surprised by her 'bodyguard's sudden appearance, "Don't scare me like that!" She said, though somewhat a bit glad that she didn't get into any trouble.

Puffzorz said (17:31):
"You are a little flat for your age aren't you?"

IknowInewb said (17:31):
''I think I shud change my char pic''

Raawrgnya said (17:32):
''Come on people,colonel won't wait for us.''

Ponyo said (17:32):
"Wha-!" she was taken aback by her comment. "I-it's none of you business, hmph!" she state, blushing slightly.

Puffzorz said (17:32):
"So, who is this boy? Your boyfriend?"

IknowInewb said (17:33):
(maybe I shud keep it)

Ponyo said (17:33):
"A-anyways, since we're all here, let's continue our journey towards Tarkusza,"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:34):
Suddenly, the shout of Thievery can be heard.

IknowInewb said (17:34):
Randall was completely unfazed by her sudden appearance and instead flashed her a cold stare.

Puffzorz said (17:34):
"Oh he's here."

Ponyo said (17:34):
"Wha-NO!" she said as she get on the carriage. "Huh, who's here?"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:34):
And it seems that a boy in long cloak can be seen walking towards them

Puffzorz said (17:34):
"Come on the Carriage sweetie!"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:34):
The boy nodded and climb onto the Carriage.

Ponyo said (17:35):
"Friend of yours?" she asked to Vaerina.

Puffzorz said (17:35):
She patted his head "My new toy. Dont get jealous Elene."

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:35):
He then took off his hood, and surprisingly for Elene, it was the Thief boy before who stoled her money.

Raawrgnya said (17:35):
''Stop carrying some dead guy on the carriage.Its getting cramped.''he said frustratedly

IknowInewb said (17:36):
''If I were dead this carriage woudn't even exist boy''

Ponyo said (17:36):
As he get on, the carriage soon resumed its journey towards Tarkusza.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:36):
(lahihu lahihu lahi lahi lahihu~~~)

Raawrgnya said (17:37):
''I don't trust you.And all the cookie is mine.''

Ponyo said (17:37):
Unfortunately for Elene, she didn't get to see the thief just in time back then and had no idea who he was.
"Now why would I be jealous of becoming your toy anyway?" she said, rather annoyed.

IknowInewb said (17:38):
As Randall settled down on one of the seats, he started to inspect his chest with his hands, and seemingly heal them.

Puffzorz said (17:38):
"dont act like you dont love me!"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:39):
"The boy poked Vaerina's shoulder, "..I have a question... Do I call you master?... or?"

Puffzorz said (17:39):
"Nope, you can call me whatever you want sweetie."

Ponyo said (17:40):
To Nobuhara, "Nu-uh, we're dropping this man on the hospital in Tarkusza. I mean, just look at his... wounds," she saw him healing them.

Raawrgnya said (17:41):
''He smell like dead man anyway''

Ponyo said (17:41):
She twitched, "Yeah? Then what will you do when you were the one dying on the street?"

Puffzorz said (17:41):
"He's kind of cute" She patted Randall's head.

IknowInewb said (17:41):
''You have a good nose, pity I can't say the same for your head''

Raawrgnya said (17:42):
''You picking for a fight shorty?''

IknowInewb said (17:42):
Randall ignored Vaerina's petting
''I just came out of one''

Puffzorz said (17:42):
"He looks like some kind of mutant blue lizard pup!"

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:43):
Without noticing, the boy's hand was holding a pouch of gold.

IknowInewb said (17:43):
''And believe me when I say you don't wanna kill me''

Puffzorz said (17:43):
Vaerina started screwing around with Randall's hair, playing with it and patting his head.

Ponyo said (17:44):
She sighed. She thought that this was supposed to be a fairly quiet and calm experience for her when traveling to Tarkusza.

IknowInewb said (17:44):
Randall moved to another seat, right in front of Vaerina

Ponyo said (17:44):
Still, she has to admit that the lively atmosphere emitted by this weird bunch isn't too bad.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:45):
The boy was looking at Elene, "...I wonder....."

Puffzorz said (17:45):
"Hey, lizard boy, do you have a name?"

Raawrgnya said (17:45):
''I blame you for not making it a quiet and calming experience.''Nobuhara said that to Elene

IknowInewb said (17:45):
''Call me Rand''

Raawrgnya said (17:46):
''Sound like dead people''

Puffzorz said (17:46):
"What a cute name!"

Ponyo said (17:46):
"... And how did you manage to read my mind, ohh Masked Uncle?"

Raawrgnya said (17:47):
''People did call me the mindreader Stephano when im small.''

IknowInewb said (17:48):
Randall was feeling like slitting his throat and dooming everyone in the carriage

Ponyo said (17:48):
"And just where the hell did the people come up with the name 'Stephano' for you?"-.-

Raawrgnya said (17:49):
''Hmm wait.''Nobuhara begin to search his pocket and take out a name card and said''Here's my buisness card.''

Puffzorz said (17:49):
Vaerina hugged Randal and took out a comb, starting to comb his hair like a doll.

IknowInewb said (17:49):
''What in the...''

Raawrgnya said (17:49):
''I should change my name to Stephano.''

IknowInewb said (17:50):
''(next time I revive I better come back as a old man.)''

Puffzorz said (17:50):
"So, are we there yet?"

IknowInewb said (17:51):
''Where are we heading''

Ponyo said (17:51):
She then stared Vaerina, surprised, "At one moment, you're a cold-blooded assassin, then the next you've turned into a nine-year old girl playing with her dolls,"
And finally, they arrived at Tarkusza.
"We're here," she said as she looked around the carriage.

Puffzorz said (17:52):
"Finally! Tarkusza!"

IknowInewb said (17:52):
Randal was wide-eyed.''Why did you not tell me we were heading towards TARKUSZA?!

Puffzorz said (17:53):
She turned to her little theif "Go ahead and steal all you want! Have fun testing your new abilities!"

Raawrgnya said (17:53):

Ponyo said (17:53):
"Soo, I guess this is where our little contract ends, right?" she spoke to Vaerina.

Puffzorz said (17:53):
"Not really."

Raawrgnya said (17:53):
''Colonel gonna kill me when we don't reach there in time.''

Puffzorz said (17:54):
Vaerina leaned back "Your dad really wants to keep you safe."

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:54):
"...I wonder why is she so optimic..." The boy gets off the Carriage.

Ponyo said (17:54):
"To be fair, I did said that I'll drop you to one of the hospits in Tarkusza just now," @Randal.

Raawrgnya said (17:54):
''Now all of you.''he dragged Elene with his arm.''Let's go!''

Puffzorz said (17:54):
"But... He is very certant you can be safe around here."

Raawrgnya said (17:55):
''Off you go with me missy.''

Puffzorz said (17:55):
"Our contract continues when you get out of here sweetie."
And with that, she disapeared.

Ponyo said (17:55):
"Wha-" was the only thing she managed to say as she was suddenly dragged by Nobuhara.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:55):
"..I wonder what this mark do..."

Ponyo said (17:56):
(Is now waiting for Randall's response)

IknowInewb said (17:56):
Randal breathed a sight of relief. Quickly he started to climb out of the carriage
and headed towards the gate

Raawrgnya said (17:56):
''Dead man you too!''he said

Ponyo said (17:56):
(Soo, should I skip it to DH Academy?

Puffzorz said (17:56):
(It turns you invisible, allow you to project shadow bolts, create shadow shields. All at the cost of mana)

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:56):

Raawrgnya said (17:56):
And so he grabbed Randall by the neck and drag him to DRAGON HEART ACADEMY.

IknowInewb said (17:56):
''WHaat?!'' was all Randal managed to say before getting draged like a sack of potatoes, by Nobuhara...

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:57):
(yay, dragging)
(Randall been Dragged)

Ponyo said (17:57):
Soon, the three of them arrived at DH Academy, with the two of them being forcibly dragged.

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:57):
(Rolando too been Dragged)

Raawrgnya said (17:57):

IknowInewb said (17:57):
''You dumb, idiotic nincompop, do you know what disservice you have done to this city and its residents??''

Raawrgnya said (17:58):
(what happen to the lightning god)

IknowInewb said (17:58):
''Now let me go..''

Puffzorz said (17:58):
(still fighting)

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:58):
(currently, fighting with Liza, the part when Liza was gonna be electrocuted because she was holding her blade)
(I mean sword)

Ponyo said (17:58):
"*huff* *puff* So... where's this Colonel that you're so afraid of?"

Raawrgnya said (17:58):
''Not before we talked to the Colonel''

IknowInewb said (17:58):

Nyz Shadowfang said (17:59):

Ponyo said (17:59):
(Puff, here's your cue)

Puffzorz said (17:59):
A lightning bolt arced through the sky and exploded near the group.

Raawrgnya said (17:59):
''Took you long enough Nobuhara.How long do we need to wait for your ass to move here?''
Said a tall man with uniform.

IknowInewb said (17:59):
Randal was just speachless

Ponyo said (17:59):
Wait, I thought Puff is the Colonel? O_o)

Puffzorz said (17:59):

Raawrgnya said (18:00):
(He is

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:00):
(wooow.. the power to ignore the lightning bolt)

Puffzorz said (18:00):
(Wait, you mean the captain?)

Ponyo said (18:00):
Oh XD)
Yep ^^)

Raawrgnya said (18:00):
(Cause he shot a man who try to steal cookie

Puffzorz said (18:00):
Okay, redo)

Raawrgnya said (18:00):
pfuf first

Puffzorz said (18:00):
(Lightning bolt did -not- happen)

IknowInewb said (18:00):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:00):
(Lightning bolt, Lightning bolt, LIGHTNING BOLT!!!, =D)

Puffzorz said (18:00):
"That took you long enough, i was thinking of going to drag you back."

Raawrgnya said (18:01):
''My bad,these kids took thier time so Im late.''

IknowInewb said (18:01):
(he flew to another city)
(and the colonel was gonna drag him back)

Puffzorz said (18:02):
"We have a situation in the Academy."

Ponyo said (18:02):
"Ahh..," she managed to stand up upright despite being dragged by Nobuhara to a very long distance. "Pleasure meeting with you, Mr..?"

Puffzorz said (18:02):
"I recomend -not- going in."

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:02):

Raawrgnya said (18:02):
''I got super resilence so Im fine.''

Ponyo said (18:02):
"Why, What's wrong?" o_o

Raawrgnya said (18:02):

IknowInewb said (18:03):

Puffzorz said (18:03):
"Dont go in."

Raawrgnya said (18:03):
''Seriously,whats going on?''

IknowInewb said (18:03):
''If its something that can kill I recomend not taking me in)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:03):
(pistol, threaten, warning, error, danger, threat detected)

Puffzorz said (18:03):
(wait brb)
"There is a situation."

Raawrgnya said (18:06):
''I think it's not that serious that I can't handle

Puffzorz said (18:06):
"We have sixteen people dead and twenty three injured."
My orders are to keep all civiilans out, and thats what im going to do.

IknowInewb said (18:07):
Randal attempts to creep away

Ponyo said (18:07):
Suddenly, a man was rushing at his side,"Captain! We don't know how long will we be able to handle that madman in that room. We're running out of options and we don't have much time!"

IknowInewb said (18:08):
But at the wrong direction

Raawrgnya said (18:08):
''I think I should check this out.You kids go somewhere like playground or something''he said that to Elene

IknowInewb said (18:08):
instead he walked towards the accadamy

Ponyo said (18:08):
"I.. I... I can provide support to the injured," she said as she raised her hand timidly.
healing support*

Puffzorz said (18:09):
Alexander turned to the man "Isn't the *sarcastic* Great Liza Cortez on the job?"

IknowInewb said (18:09):
and enters in, to get rid of Nobuhara

Puffzorz said (18:10):
The gate is locked btw)

IknowInewb said (18:10):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:10):
(what have I ever done to you =/)

Puffzorz said (18:10):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:10):
(why are you sarcastic to my Liza =/)

Puffzorz said (18:10):

IknowInewb said (18:10):
and hid in a bush near it

Ponyo said (18:10):
Dude, it's only his Rp character. Relax XD)

IknowInewb said (18:10):
(my char got treated like a doll)

Raawrgnya said (18:10):
''You won't do a thing princess.''Nobuhara turned down her offer.

IknowInewb said (18:11):
(when he's a 500 year old man)
(by the same person)

Puffzorz said (18:11):
(Well, in Vaerina's eyes, you are kind of young)

Raawrgnya said (18:11):
''Now im going in!''

Puffzorz said (18:11):
"I said no."

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:11):
(Vaerina is 600+ years old, if i'm not wrong)

Puffzorz said (18:11):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:11):

Raawrgnya said (18:11):
''Aw comon.You can just shoot the damn guy with your gun.''

IknowInewb said (18:11):
(our rp is full of centurians)

Puffzorz said (18:12):
"Leave security to us, and continue with your life Nobuhara."

Ponyo said (18:12):
"But.. I can't just leave them behind while they clearly needed help!" she retorts to nobuhara.

Puffzorz said (18:12):
He quickly turned to the man "Send word to the Grandmaster, tell him his presence is needed."

Raawrgnya said (18:13):
''Urgh this is gonna be bored.''Nobuhara said

Puffzorz said (18:13):
"And tell him that his precious Liza Cortez is heavily wounded, that will make him come."

IknowInewb said (18:13):
(Randal is ignored and forgoten)

Raawrgnya said (18:13):
''Come on lets go to the pastry shop Elene.''

Ponyo said (18:13):
"R-right away, sir!" he then rushed away to send his message.

Puffzorz said (18:13):

Raawrgnya said (18:13):
''Damnit even she got to play a part in this incident.''

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:13):
A cloud of storm is surrounding the Academy, it seems unnatural as the storm only surrounds the academy but not Tarkusza.

IknowInewb said (18:14):
Randal was amazed by the sight of the clouds

Raawrgnya said (18:14):
'I guess I will eat at the pastry shop,alone,again.''He said depressedly

Puffzorz said (18:15):
Captain Alexander looked up at the sky "Damnit, YOU! SOLDIER! COME HERE!"

Ponyo said (18:15):
"W-w-w-what is it, sir?!"

Puffzorz said (18:15):
"Send word to the guards, evacuate all civilans around the academy."

Raawrgnya said (18:15):
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Then he started to sing.
''Im so lonely.''He sang as he walked down the street sadly

Ponyo said (18:17):
"But...," she then gritted her teeth as she found herself powerless at trying to help people that needed help the most. "...Tch, fine," she followed Nobuhara, still staring at the Academy.

Puffzorz said (18:17):
"You, noble, get out of the area. i won't be held liable if you die."
(you guys should sneak in lolol)

IknowInewb said (18:18):
(I am trying to...)

Raawrgnya said (18:18):
Then he realized how he got launched into the sky.

IknowInewb said (18:18):

Raawrgnya said (18:18):

Ponyo said (18:18):
"All right, all right, I get it!" she sulks as she followed Nobuhara.

IknowInewb said (18:18):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:18):
Suddenly, A hooded boy went pass Elene

Raawrgnya said (18:19):
And he saw Elene walking toward him.
''Princess,we're going inside.''

Ponyo said (18:19):
The soldier then send words to everyone in the vicinity of the Academy to evacuate all of the present civilians away from the Academy immediately.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:20):
Suddenly, the sound of Lightning strike and Rumble can be heard

Ponyo said (18:20):
"Wha-," she was surprised at his rather abrubt announcement. "... But the Colonel won't let us in,"

Raawrgnya said (18:20):
''Come on before is too late.''He then grabbed Elene's body and run towards a path that the guard don't usually know.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:20):
(pee once again)

Raawrgnya said (18:20):
And so he ran and ran avoiding all the guard.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:21):

Raawrgnya said (18:22):
while holding Elene's small body.

IknowInewb said (18:22):

Ponyo said (18:22):
"Waa-" she blushed furiously as she was suddenly carried like a princess while flailing her arms around. "H-hey!"

Raawrgnya said (18:22):
''Now im serious.GRAB TIGHT!''

Ponyo said (18:23):
"Ahh- Okay!"

Raawrgnya said (18:23):
HE then jump and grab onto a pipe and climb it.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:23):

Raawrgnya said (18:23):
Like water thing shet
on the roof 1

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:24):

Ponyo said (18:24):
She then cling tightly onto Nobuhara, suddenly afraid that she might off once she removed her grip from him while still incredibly embarassed at the whole ordeal.

Raawrgnya said (18:24):
''This is a massive flaw for making this pipe!''

Ponyo said (18:24):
fall off*

Raawrgnya said (18:25):
After a few minutes they reached the rooftop of Academy.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:25):
The sound of a heavy object hitting the Ground can be heard several times

Raawrgnya said (18:25):
''See that hole over there?''
As he point a large hole on the roof.

Ponyo said (18:25):
She was then dropped onto the roof. "Y-yeah...,"

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:26):
(Melodia, is gonna die)

IknowInewb said (18:26):
Rondal was speachless after seeing the sight..

Raawrgnya said (18:26):
''That is where I launched into the sky''

IknowInewb said (18:26):
''Ok you old slimy excuse of a priest''
''this is the last time you ever do something like what you are going to do''
With that, Randal blew a hole in the wall

Raawrgnya said (18:27):
''Lets jump in and help them!This is gonna be one hell of a adventure!''

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:27):
(My academy... *heart broken*)

IknowInewb said (18:27):
using his magic

Raawrgnya said (18:27):
And so he jump into the giant hole.

Ponyo said (18:27):
"Y-yeah, let's!" she jumped into the hole, forgetting almost one thing.....

IknowInewb said (18:28):
Randal entered the academy

Ponyo said (18:28):
(How high is the roof of the ceiling of the room where Mornein is at?)

Raawrgnya said (18:28):
''DO NOT FEAR!YOUR SAVIOUR HAS COME!''He declared as he jump and landed with a pose.

IknowInewb said (18:28):
leaving a smoking pile of rubble behind him

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:28):
( can't reach the roof top of the academy.... but there is portals that leads you to the room)
(well, just say a portal)

Raawrgnya said (18:28):
you want us redo the whole shet?

IknowInewb said (18:29):
(just say you saw me remodeling the walls)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:29):
(no, cont)

IknowInewb said (18:29):
(nvm then)

Puffzorz said (18:29):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:29):
(I'm just saying is all)

Puffzorz said (18:29):

IknowInewb said (18:29):

Raawrgnya said (18:29):
Then big bang happened

Puffzorz said (18:29):
(just let them find a portal)

Raawrgnya said (18:29):
i eat first
brb in like 5-10

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:30):
(if you say that you fell from the roof top, it is ..... well, as high as.....
(I don't know how to describe it..=-=)

IknowInewb said (18:31):
Rondal kept entering every first door he saw, which lead him to the door Rolando entered

Ponyo said (18:31):
"AHHHH!" she said as she was suddenly falling very fast towards the ground, forgetting that she couldn't soften her descent at all.

IknowInewb said (18:31):
(KL twin tower?)

Puffzorz said (18:31):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:31):
(tall enough to rip you limb from limb

Ponyo said (18:32):
.... And my character just fell to her death)

Puffzorz said (18:32):
(There is a magic field or whatever)
(or someone cast magic)
(Maybe inewb?)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:32):
(Mornein's magic)

IknowInewb said (18:32):
(the best death)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:32):
(mornein did cast a barrier right?o_O)

Puffzorz said (18:33):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:33):
(well, nvm ~_~)
(just say...)

Puffzorz said (18:33):
(He was dueling with Liza)

Ponyo said (18:33):
Well, I certainly hoped someone saved me from the fall <<)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:33):
(no...we can't use her body... it will 100 percent kill her ==)

IknowInewb said (18:34):
After entering door after door and running into portal after portal, Randal finally made it to the (man hall?)

Puffzorz said (18:34):
(Lol, then Elene fall onto randal)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:34):
(Hall of Knights, not main, but Large enough to say it is main)

IknowInewb said (18:34):
*i keep typo...main*

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:35):
(The Hall of man!!! damn gay club)

IknowInewb said (18:35):
''I wonder how would they defend this place if it was inflitrated''

Ponyo said (18:35):
... And then she fell onto Randal, reducing her impact significantly.

IknowInewb said (18:35):
''tsk tsk tsk...just too many portals''

Ponyo said (18:35):
"O-oww, my head," It still hurt, though.

IknowInewb said (18:36):
Randal's back would have been broken if it wasn't for his sudden immersion in the holy arts at the wall

Ponyo said (18:36):
She then looked at where she landed, "O-oh, I'm sorry!" she stand up. "Are you okay?"

Puffzorz said (18:36):
Meanwhile, Mornein stood opposite Liza Cortez.

IknowInewb said (18:36):
''Would you mind to stop appearing everywhere I go..''

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:37):
*pant , pant* "Tch, Why won't he go down..."

Puffzorz said (18:37):
"Eat lightning bitch!" he fires another chain of lightning at Liza.

IknowInewb said (18:38):
And after that, he saw a lightning shaman and the famed Liza Cortez

Ponyo said (18:38):
"Uhh.. sorry?" However in the corner of her eyes, she spotted both the Lightning God and the Chevalier dueling each other.

IknowInewb said (18:39):
But his gazed wandered to a cetain unconcious girl

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:39):
(oh shit, damnit)
(how the hell)

Ponyo said (18:39):
"!!! We have to help her!" she said suddenly, though is wondering on how to get close to her as well.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:39):
(nvm... i'll think of it..)

Puffzorz said (18:39):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:39):
(was thinking how the fck can I dodge a chain of Lightning --)

Puffzorz said (18:40):
(lol... think of a way)

Ponyo said (18:40):
But her eyes also fell onto one certain girl, seemingly unconcious but still alive.

Puffzorz said (18:40):
(Maybe magic shield?)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:40):
(hm... oooo)

Ponyo said (18:41):
Thinking on what is the most suitable course of action, she asked Randal, "You, helped Liza Cortez while I'll try to heal her!"
Not waiting for an answer, she approached Melodia and began her healing process.

IknowInewb said (18:41):
Randal immeadiately sobered up and shook his head.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:41):
"Damn you and your lightning!" she slammed the ground with her sword and a wall of rock appeared. (possible?o_O is a type of spell)

IknowInewb said (18:42):
''I got a better idea''
''Get everyone out of here''

Puffzorz said (18:43):
(yeah of course possible)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:43):
(should have made a specific weapon... so that I can -hit- lightning ==)

Ponyo said (18:43):
"Ahh!" She inspects her surrounding to see if there was any survivors left other than Liza and the girl that she's holding.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:43):
(well, more like block than hit)

Puffzorz said (18:43):
Mornein summons several lightning to strike from the sky.

IknowInewb said (18:45):
Randal tried to recall any spell that could act as a barrier
and fail

Ponyo said (18:45):
She then shielded her eyes from the blinding light caused by the lightning while trying to get Melodia outside of the room and at the same time, heal her as well.
Though Elene's less-than average healing spell is not really that effective, it at least got Melodia out of her critical condition, ensuring her survivability.

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:48):
"This is not good.." Liza casted a barrier while trying to cast a second layer

IknowInewb said (18:48):
Angered by his own suppressing of his memories.
Randal charged towards Mornein and casted every single spell that came to his mind

Puffzorz said (18:49):
The massive buildup of spellwork attracted a massive ammount of lightning to surge towards Randal...

IknowInewb said (18:49):
Luckily for him, rapid-healing spells were casted too

Ponyo said (18:49):
Elene managed to get themselves outside of the room where the battle still raged on, landing Melodia gently on the floor while checking her pulse.

Puffzorz said (18:50):
Massive ammounts of magical energy resulted from the clash of Randal and Mornein's magic, propelling them both backwards.

IknowInewb said (18:50):
Randal was knocked back and given a strong electric shock but was able to continue blasting
and healing

Puffzorz said (18:51):
Mornein shrugged of the wounds and fired a devastating chain of energy that would cripple and stun whoever was unlucky enough to be struck by it.

Raawrgnya said (18:51):
ok bak

Ponyo said (18:51):
She sigh a breath of relief, "Good, at least she's still breathing," she then walked back towards the room, try to get as much survivor away from the ensuing battle as possible.

Raawrgnya said (18:51):
where are we
summary pl0x

IknowInewb said (18:52):
Realizing what was happening Randal tried to move as close to Mornein as possible before being struck by the bolt while shouting.''EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE NOW''
(we all get into the accadamy)
(I fight a shaman)

Raawrgnya said (18:52):

Ponyo said (18:52):
(I'm trying to save the survivors)

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:53):
(I'm fighting Mornein ofcourse)

IknowInewb said (18:53):
(Flat girl help moutain girl)

Ponyo said (18:53):
(Melodia is still alive)

Puffzorz said (18:53):
Mornein clutched his arm, such a massive discharge had drained him considerably. If he did not replenish himself, he would be reverted in a few moments.

Raawrgnya said (18:53):
''Now now you youngster step back.''

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:53):
(wait... is the spell gone? or is it still there?)

Puffzorz said (18:53):
Mornein decided that there was only one course of action. He begun draining the dying guards of their lifeforce.

Raawrgnya said (18:54):
He drew his Iron Fan

IknowInewb said (18:54):
Randal was struck by the attack, crippling him and soon killing him.

Raawrgnya said (18:54):
''Knock him unconcious will do the trick.''

IknowInewb said (18:54):
(btw I shouted for every1 to gtfo)

Ponyo said (18:54):
" Call me crazy, but I wish that the assassin is here," she said as all hope seems to be lost.

Raawrgnya said (18:54):
''I've seen someone with the same condition.''

Ponyo said (18:55):
While she was safely away a few distance from the room.

IknowInewb said (18:55):
As soon as his heart started beating

Puffzorz said (18:55):
(Would be hilarious of nobuhara keeps talking and suddenly get hits by lightning)

Ponyo said (18:55):
away from the room*

IknowInewb said (18:55):

Puffzorz said (18:55):
He turns his attention back to Liza. "You're not dead yet?"

IknowInewb said (18:55):
everyone in the room felt that their life was being stripped away from them

Raawrgnya said (18:56):
''lemme see if I remember the spell.''

Puffzorz said (18:56):
(Everyone is being screwed lol, both mornein and randal are sucking people's life out of them)

IknowInewb said (18:56):

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:56):

Raawrgnya said (18:56):
He chanted

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:56):
(wow... nobuhara is.... immune O_o...)

Raawrgnya said (18:56):
And his Iron Fan begun to glow.

Puffzorz said (18:56):
(he is immune to EVERYTHING)

Ponyo said (18:56):
Luckily, some survivors, Melodia and Elene is already away from the life-sucking room.

Puffzorz said (18:56):
(Drop a nuke and he will survive lol)

IknowInewb said (18:57):
Soon, Randal stood back up a little younger, albit like a kid in purberty.

Raawrgnya said (18:57):
''Its done.''

IknowInewb said (18:58):
''What?? nobody was hurt?!''

Puffzorz said (18:58):
"No matter, you'll die soon." Mornein fired a salvo of ball lightnings at Liza.

IknowInewb said (18:58):
''But I remembered having huge chunks of life from...'' Randal looked to Nobuhara

Raawrgnya said (18:58):

Puffzorz said (18:59):
(Nobuhara's hp = 9999999999999 armor = 99999999999 regen = 999999999 magic resist = 99999999999)

IknowInewb said (18:59):
Randal again started his chant of random spells

Raawrgnya said (18:59):
Nobuhara dashed and dispell the balls of lightning

Nyz Shadowfang said (18:59):

IknowInewb said (18:59):

Raawrgnya said (18:59):

Puffzorz said (19:00):
Mornein merely fired another salvo

Raawrgnya said (19:00):
''Nope can't hit me.You have to do better than that.''

Puffzorz said (19:00):
(Odin dont do that lol)
(You can can't die, but dont be like imba shield)

Raawrgnya said (19:00):

Puffzorz said (19:00):
(And brb)

Nyz Shadowfang said (19:00):
(i'm feeling very fcking useless here =/)

Raawrgnya said (19:00):
(You are

IknowInewb said (19:01):
(why don't your char communicate)

Ponyo said (19:01):
Naah, don't worry)

Nyz Shadowfang said (19:01):
(CAUSE I have a hard time trying to come up with a sentence)

Ponyo said (19:01):
Both of my characters can't even fight XD)

Raawrgnya said (19:01):
I think i'll change

Nyz Shadowfang said (19:01):

IknowInewb said (19:01):
(go ahead and come up of one)

Ponyo said (19:01):
Well, one can but she's already hurt <<)

Raawrgnya said (19:02):
Nobuhara,hit by a lightning and said''OOOOFFFFTTT!!Im alright...Im alright..''

IknowInewb said (19:02):

Nyz Shadowfang said (19:02):
(I am the successor of the academy, yet I'm being a weakling =/)
(having such a high position isn't too good)

Raawrgnya said (19:03):
''If he launch another lightning ball at me,I don't know if I will make it.''

IknowInewb said (19:03):
Randal casted a healing spell that was meant for operation tables, knocking out whoever it is casted on and heals the inner organs on Nobuhara

Ponyo said (19:03):
Melodia then slowly regain her conciousness and stood up, though it requires extreme condition to do so, and noticed the bandages around her body. "Where... am I?"

Nyz Shadowfang said (19:03):
(k, I go tuition, bye)

Raawrgnya said (19:04):
''Woah,I feel...refreshed.''

IknowInewb said (19:04):
(tution at Cool

Ponyo said (19:04):
... FUUU- So fast o_o)

Raawrgnya said (19:04):
i got no tuition betch

Ponyo said (19:04):

Puffzorz said (19:04):
Mornein realised that his body's molecular structure was quickly degrading. If he kept utilizing his powers, he would, well, explode.

IknowInewb said (19:04):
Randal managed to remember a barrier spell

Puffzorz said (19:05):
Realising the best course of action is to return to return control of the body back to his mortal body. He had no choice but to do so.

IknowInewb said (19:05):
and casted it on Mornein

Raawrgnya said (19:05):
''Calm down before you cause anymore casualties.We don't need to do this.''He said that to Mornein

Puffzorz said (19:05):
Mornein crumpled into the ground, drained.

IknowInewb said (19:05):
''Wha..? you are still standing even after I ''heal you?!?!?'')

Raawrgnya said (19:06):
''You never know.''

IknowInewb said (19:06):
''you know what, nevermind.''
''I'll go help that man''

Puffzorz said (19:06):
Mornein was in a heap on the floor, not moving.

IknowInewb said (19:06):
''but first..''
Randal took a huge metal thinggy liying on the ground

Ponyo said (19:07):
Them she remembered, "Mornein!" Gritting her teeth while holding a sword, she then struggled to make her way into the room, trying to stop whatever carnage that he had unnecessarily caused.

IknowInewb said (19:07):
and hit Nobuhara on his head, hard.

Ponyo said (19:07):
Only to find that her assistance isn't needed.

Raawrgnya said (19:07):
''What you do that for?!Seriously?''

IknowInewb said (19:07):
''Wow, you really are formidable''

Puffzorz said (19:07):
There however, was twenty plus corpses and many other wounded.

IknowInewb said (19:07):
''just testing your endurance''
''and checking your sanity
Randal then proceeded to inspect Mornein

Raawrgnya said (19:09):
''He needs instant treatment.''

Ponyo said (19:09):
Elene, noticed that the sound of battle was no longer present, stepped into the room and tried to heal the wounded as much as she can, beginning with Mornein.

IknowInewb said (19:09):
Randall used the last of his mana to cast the same spell he casted on Nobuhara on Mornein

Raawrgnya said (19:10):
''You ok princess?''Nobuhara said to Elene.

IknowInewb said (19:10):
''By the way boy, whats your name''

Puffzorz said (19:10):
(Who are you asking lol)

IknowInewb said (19:10):

Puffzorz said (19:10):
(Damn! call him uncle!)

IknowInewb said (19:10):
(my char is 500 years old ==)

Ponyo said (19:11):
However, since her spell is only designed to heal light wounds, it is somewhat ineffective against Mornein's serious wounds.
Luckily, Randall is there to assisst her. "I'm fine, Nobuhara,"

Raawrgnya said (19:11):
''My name is not important.''Nobuhara tried to talk like a hero.

IknowInewb said (19:11):
''Fine, tell me your name or I'll..''

Ponyo said (19:12):
"Just call him the Masked Uncle," she told Randall jokingly.

Puffzorz said (19:12):
Mornein's eyes slowly fluttered open. "Owwie, my head"

Raawrgnya said (19:12):
''Damnit princess.''

IknowInewb said (19:12):
ok,''tell me your name or i'll call you uncle''

Raawrgnya said (19:13):
'Fine you lil brat.Nobuhara is my name.''He said frustratedly

Ponyo said (19:13):
"Hey, he's already concious," she told to the other two, though it's intended as a warning or not remains to be seen.

IknowInewb said (19:13):
''Ok Nobuhara, by the way, I prefer you call me uncle, uncle.''

Ponyo said (19:14):
whether it's*

IknowInewb said (19:14):
Randall looked towards Mornein and dispelled his barrier

Puffzorz said (19:15):
"Who are you guys?"

IknowInewb said (19:15):
''hell, you have quite a fight in you my friend.''

Raawrgnya said (19:15):
Like a arrow pierce his heart,he said''Ahem,I'll call still call you dead man.''

IknowInewb said (19:15):
''I am Ran...'' call me ''Rand''

Puffzorz said (19:15):
"Huh? Fight?"

IknowInewb said (19:15):
''you blew this place skyhigh and killed me''

Ponyo said (19:15):
Melodia, relieved that he was already back to his old self, fell on the ground with a clang, her wound already began to open itself up once more.

IknowInewb said (19:16):
''and a bunch of other people''

Puffzorz said (19:16):
"Melodia!" Mornein ignored everyone and went to heal Melodia.

IknowInewb said (19:16):
''By the way you pissed off the Grandmaster's brat''
Randall was astonished by the strenght Mornein still had after such a transformation.

Puffzorz said (19:17):
After healing melodia, he looked around at the destroyed hall "What happened here? Who did this?"

IknowInewb said (19:17):
(actually Melodia is partially to blame as she screwed up with the big black blanket throwing kicking part)

Ponyo said (19:17):
"Ughh..," she began to feel a bit better after Mornein's healing. But when the question was directed at her, she doesn't know what to answer," Ahh, well.... that's.....,"

Puffzorz said (19:18):

Raawrgnya said (19:18):
''Control your temper well young one.It won't be so lucky the next time.''He said to Mornein

Puffzorz said (19:18):
He looked blankly at everyone "I dont understand!"

IknowInewb said (19:18):
''You know, calling someone young implies you're old, Uncle Nobuhara)

Raawrgnya said (19:18):
''You'll eventually understand.''

Ponyo said (19:19):
She just sighed as she placed her hands on his shoulder, "It's okay, Mornein. This is entirely my fault,"

IknowInewb said (19:19):
''Alright uncle''

Ponyo said (19:19):
"How about calling him Uncle Hara?"

IknowInewb said (19:19):
''Great idea''

Ponyo said (19:20):
(Uncle + Nobuhara = Uncle Hara XD)

IknowInewb said (19:20):
''Uncle Hara can you please accept the fact you are an uncle?''

Puffzorz said (19:20):
"Then.. who caused this?"
Mornein pointed at the devastation.

Raawrgnya said (19:20):
''Nope.I prefer people to call me big brother.''
fag seriously
still need study

IknowInewb said (19:21):
(your char can faint)

Raawrgnya said (19:21):
son of a

Ponyo said (19:21):
... Damn, soory guys I gtg now :p

Raawrgnya said (19:21):
meh u guys can rp

Ponyo said (19:21):
Very Happy
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Dragon Heart Academy
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