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 The Free Cities

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PostSubject: The Free Cities   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:34 am

The capital town of Razlarya, where every races are welcomed with open arms by the residents. Hence the name "Free Cities". It is also the capital town of Razlarya, where the king stood on the seat of power with his councillors and discussed about the affairs of the kingdom.

It is also known as "The Merchant's Paradise" due to its strategic location. Many traders from all over the world had come all the way to Razlarya just to sell their exotic wares. One can also expect to find many accommodations there that can suit the needs of tired travellers and merchants alike.
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PostSubject: Re: The Free Cities   Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:57 am

((Eleanor A. Aurelia))

"Make way for Lady Eleanor!"

A carriage can be found supported by the driver holding onto the horses's reins whilst the horsemen rode in two rows, flanking the sides of the carriage. Anyone who were in the street just now, be it citizens and foreigners alike, soon attempted to get out of the way to allow clear passage for the carriage. Clearly, the shout from before and the decorated transport were enough to tell them that a noble of some renown was passing through.

Peering outside of the carriage, Elene noticed that the people around her were either whispering or trying to get a clear view of its owner. Sighing herself, she wondered, This is why I don't like to make a grand entrance. I'm attracting way too much attention. Still, the prospect of venturing into an entirely new environment of another kingdom compelled her much more than just visiting the street of the Free Cities, so she let it be for now. And besides, she can always do that another time after returning home from her father's important errand, right? Right.

As soon as the grand gate leading outside of the Free Cities was within sight, the carriage steadily made its way there.
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PostSubject: Re: The Free Cities   Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:57 am

Chat RP Records~

Ponyo said (20:35):
Elene looked outside of the carriage while being escorted by her guards, watcching the crowds around her do their regular routines)
Wait, which part now? O_o)

IknowInewb said (20:36):
(I am totally confused)

Ponyo said (20:37):
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
(I thought it was this one... ._.)

IknowInewb said (20:37):

Ponyo said (20:38):
Soo, continue or just drop this? O_o)

IknowInewb said (20:38):
While most of the citizens stayed clear of the carriage's path

Raawrgnya said (20:39):
(Ah just continue)

IknowInewb said (20:39):
a man with blue hair and pale-blue skin continued walking like it was nobody's bussniess

Ponyo said (20:40):
Hmm, who wants to take the role as one of my guards during this Rp?)

Puffzorz said (20:40):
meanwhile, on the rooftops, a single figure observed the carriage silently.

Raawrgnya said (20:40):

Puffzorz said (20:40):

Raawrgnya said (20:40):

IknowInewb said (20:40):
(If i gtg just say the man walked out of the path soon)

Raawrgnya said (20:40):
he do guard

Phantom Nyz said (20:40):
why must I do guard... daaaamn)

Ponyo said (20:40):
"Hmm?" said Elene curiously as she noticed the carriage suddenly stopped.

Raawrgnya said (20:40):

Phantom Nyz said (20:41):
(I'm not good at guard sentence)

Raawrgnya said (20:41):
(i teach you)

Puffzorz said (20:41):
A tendril with a demonic visage extended from the dark shadows around her. She petted it as if it was a puppy.

Raawrgnya said (20:42):
(Petted it)

Puffzorz said (20:42):
"I dont like to do this either.... but that little girl's old man can move quite a lot of gold."

Ponyo said (20:42):
".. Why are we stopping?" Elene spoken out to her nearby guards, seemingly worried.

IknowInewb said (20:42):
The man was carrying some flowers and was obviously heading towards south of the town, crossing and blocking the carriage's path to the cemetry
here he comes
trolled him

Ponyo said (20:43):
When will you be back?)

Raawrgnya said (20:43):

Ponyo said (20:43):
Lol, why? O_o)

Raawrgnya said (20:44):

Ponyo said (20:44):
Soo, there's only me, nyz and odin now?)

Raawrgnya said (20:44):
and puff

Phantom Nyz said (20:45):
"I'm sorry, Milady. But there is this man who is blocking the carriage's path... Please wait in the carriage while we chase him off."

Puffzorz said (20:46):
Meanwhile, inside the carriage, Elene's shadow started moving.

Ponyo said (20:46):
"Oh, sure... Just in case though, don't try to treat him harshly,"
Despite not wanting to stall her 'adventure' any moment now, she also doesn't want anybody to get hurt due to her action.

Puffzorz said (20:48):
(Your shadow is moving)

Ponyo said (20:48):
(I know)

Puffzorz said (20:48):
And suddenly, Elene's shadow disapeared.
She does not have a shadow anymore, for some reason.

Ponyo said (20:49):
"... Huh?" It was then that she suddenly realized that there was something wrong.
Odin, you can join in too XD)

Raawrgnya said (20:50):
(So i teleport back

Ponyo said (20:50):
I mean using NPCs <<)

Puffzorz said (20:50):
(You get hit into sky)
(the land nearby)

Raawrgnya said (20:50):
(by who
(Oh i knw)

Puffzorz said (20:50):
(You are caught in the crossfire)
(Then like team rocket)

Ponyo said (20:51):

Raawrgnya said (20:51):
(Of the lightning god?

Ponyo said (20:51):
(Then there's a star in the sky XD)

Phantom Nyz said (20:51):
"Is something wrong Milady?" the guard beside the carriage asked

Ponyo said (20:52):
".. No, it's nothing," she said, her unease reduced by the presence of the guard. "Maybe it's just my imagination," she rubbed her head.
While still didn't noticing that her shadow was missing.

Puffzorz said (20:53):
Shadows from everyone nearby begun slowly moving towards the carriage, engulfing it.

Raawrgnya said (20:53):

Puffzorz said (20:54):
(And you get team rocket-ed

Raawrgnya said (20:54):

Ponyo said (20:55):
If he had someone who has the same attitude as Melodia towards Mornein, that'll be even funnier XD)

Raawrgnya said (20:55):
In the sky,there is something like a shooting star,decend toward the city of Razlarya.

Phantom Nyz said (20:56):
CItizen C: NO, ITS SHACO!!!

Puffzorz said (20:56):
Shaco stabs Citizen C and decieves away.

Raawrgnya said (20:56):
Citizen C:NO,Its.....uh..oh S**t RUN!!

Ponyo said (20:56):
Random Kid: "... Hey, isn't that the masked uncle!"

Phantom Nyz said (20:57):
Having a flu kid: "*sniff* "Yeah... I think it is..." *sniff*

Raawrgnya said (20:57):
Nobuhara:Urrgh my head...
''Hey,my cookie!Wheres my cookie!''

Ponyo said (20:58):
"Wh-wha?!" she shouted, as the entire carriage was engulfed by an unknown darkness.

Raawrgnya said (20:58):
''Aw damn it got burned to crisp.''
Nobuhara threw his bag of crisp into a nearby rubbish bin.
''Now where am I?''He wondered

Phantom Nyz said (20:59):
The surrounding guards were alerted, and they ready their weapons. "Milady!" A guard rushed towards the carriage, trying to bash down the door.

Puffzorz said (20:59):
Try as they might, the shadow absorbs most of the impact.

Raawrgnya said (21:00):
''*Sniff* *Sniff* I smelled my favourite pastry shop.Here must be Razlarya.''

Ponyo said (21:00):
(LOL, Nobuhara is being totally carefree while my character is in danger XD)

Raawrgnya said (21:01):
''Well off to the pastry shop!''

Puffzorz said (21:01):
Suddenly, A beautiful half elf appeared by Elene's side, although dressed in fine clothes, she had her legs put up on the table while leaning back on the seat.

Raawrgnya said (21:01):
Without noticing the eye of everyone,he then proceed to his favourite pastry shop

Phantom Nyz said (21:02):
The guards continue to bash the carriage door, "Milady!! Damn this thing, What the hell is it?!?!"

Ponyo said (21:02):
"Wha-who, who are you?!" she said as she leaned on the door of the carriage.
All the while trying to see of she can open it as well.

Puffzorz said (21:04):
(any food in teh carriage?)

Phantom Nyz said (21:04):
(don't ask meh, ask the one who owns it)

Ponyo said (21:04):
(A teaset and some biscuits on the table)
(Typical noble-like snack)

Raawrgnya said (21:05):

Puffzorz said (21:06):
She casually picked up the teapot and started drinking from it. After taking a swig, she tossed the teapot casually to the side. "Disgusting drink, And... dont try it, it wont work."

Raawrgnya said (21:07):
Nobuhara,heard the guard shouting and stopped halfway.
''I heard some familiar voice.''he said
He then walked to the place where the incident took place.

Ponyo said (21:09):
While all of this is happening, she mentally said to herself, 'Calm down, calm down! Is this how a lady of high standing suposed to act in front of danger? You're from the Aurelia family, for divine's sake!'
Soon, she managed to calm herself down and sat down on one of the seat, her demeanor completely composed despite her mind was trying to think on how to handle this situation.

Phantom Nyz said (21:09):
A bunch of guards are seen trying to bash down a carriage which was covered in shadow.

Raawrgnya said (21:09):
He stopped and started to sniff.
''*Sniff*Is this what im thinking?The super rare biscuit that only appear once every few years?!''

Ponyo said (21:10):
"... So, what do you want from me?" she said as she took her unfinished teacup and sipped it, awaiting a response.

Raawrgnya said (21:11):
He then dash toward the carriage,only the legendary biscuit in his mind.

Puffzorz said (21:11):
Vaerina chuckled, picking up the plate of cookies and eating them all, extremely unladylike-ish. "Dont worry kid, im not here to kill you."

Raawrgnya said (21:12):
''LEGENDARY BISCUIT!!!''He shouted and dash.
(Can i ram your character puff?

Puffzorz said (21:13):
(You can try)

Phantom Nyz said (21:13):
"Huh... who is that.." A guard notice Nobuhara. A guard beside him answered: "...I don't know? But he -is- dashing towards the carriage right?.."

Raawrgnya said (21:13):
''LEGENDARY BISCUIT!!!!!!''Nobuhara ignore and rammed a few guards into the air.

Ponyo said (21:14):
She doesn't want to appear cowardly in front of an enemy despite feeling so, since she didn't want to tarnish her family's pride.
So she spoke out to Vaerina, seemingly unfazed by her previous comment, "You still didn't answer my question. What do you want from me?"

Phantom Nyz said (21:15):
"Stop that guy!!" Several guards armed themself and is ready to engage Nobuhara if needed

Puffzorz said (21:16):
Vaerina rolled her eyes and leaned back "What makes you think i'll answer you?"

Raawrgnya said (21:16):
Nobuhara proceeds by ramming more guard

Phantom Nyz said (21:16):
"What the!? Who the hell is he?!"
(I thought puff ate the cookies?)

Raawrgnya said (21:17):
(he drank the tea
(not teh cookie

(...Stabby Puffy says (21:11):
Vaerina chuckled, picking up the plate of cookies and eating them all, extremely unladylike-ish. "Dont worry kid, im not here to kill you."

Puffzorz said (21:17):
(I cant eat them all in that fast lol_

Ponyo said (21:17):
She crossed her arm, "Well, your target is me, right? Else you wouldn't be here talking to me at all. So it's only fair to let your target to know what you want to do with them, is it not?"

Puffzorz said (21:17):
(What you think she is)

Phantom Nyz said (21:18):
(you did say extremely unladylike-ish ._....)

Ponyo said (21:18):
talking to me at all so casually*

Phantom Nyz said (21:18):
(meaning, you're eating quite fast)

Raawrgnya said (21:18):
Nobuhara dashed towards Vaerina

Phantom Nyz said (21:19):
(isn't there the shadowy thinggy?)

Puffzorz said (21:19):
Vaerina flung the plate of cookies into Nobuhara's face when he burst into the Carraige,unfazed and stared at Elene "You? Target? if you were my target, you'd be already dead and you wouldn't know it."

Phantom Nyz said (21:19):
(you gonna dash through it?)

Puffzorz said (21:19):

Phantom Nyz said (21:19):

Puffzorz said (21:19):
(Too powerful)

Phantom Nyz said (21:19):
(damn man, super saiyan!)

Raawrgnya said (21:19):
''DECIMATE PAUNCH!!''He flew his fist towards Vaerina's face.

Ponyo said (21:20):
'... What on earth is happening?' she stared as the unknown intruder is attacking her 'assassin'.

Raawrgnya said (21:20):

Ponyo said (21:21):
she stared, dumbfounded*

Raawrgnya said (21:21):
(i don't think i can hit her)
(I just flew my fist toward her)

Phantom Nyz said (21:21):
(let me sum all it up)
(is the carriage broken?)
(or is there just a large fcking hole)
(and is the shadow thinggy gone?)

Raawrgnya said (21:22):
(shadow gone

Phantom Nyz said (21:22):

Raawrgnya said (21:22):
(Large hole somewhre in razlarya

Puffzorz said (21:22):
A blade tore through nobuhara's fist, slicing it in half and sending him flying backwards. To everyone, It is as if Vaerina had not moved.
(Just a hole in carraige)

Phantom Nyz said (21:22):
(a fcking large hole in carraige....)

Raawrgnya said (21:23):
'' cut my hand...''
''I mean''

Ponyo said (21:23):
Still, that didn't stop her from continuing her discussion, "You do know that 'target' doesn't only mean assassination target. They can also be applied to many things as well, such as kidnapping, blackmailing and the like,"

Raawrgnya said (21:24):
''FOR MY COOKIES I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP!!!''Nobuhara declared

Ponyo said (21:24):
She attempted to provoke her, "And I almost thought you're a professional," she said cooly.

Phantom Nyz said (21:25):
The guard surrounding the carriage started to engage Vaerina, "Saving our Lady is our first priority!!" The guards started charging towards Vaerina and several other guard starting to save their milady

Raawrgnya said (21:25):
''FOR COOKIES!!!''He then flew another fist towards Vaerina

Puffzorz said (21:25):
"True, im not a professional." She spoke while she pointed her finger at the guards and nobuhara , causing several tendrils to appear from the shadows surrounding Vaerina and impale them. Well, everyone but Nobuhara, he was just thrown backwards.
(Nobuhara can even survive a thousand NUKES)

Phantom Nyz said (21:26):
"What the f- AAUUGGHh!!!" screams of pain and death can be heard, while the guards are being killed by the tendrils

Raawrgnya said (21:26):
''I see....I must do this the hard way then''
Nobuhara make a pose

Raawrgnya said (21:28):
Then,theres strong light emitting from Nobuhara's body

Puffzorz said (21:29):
Vaerina pointed at Nobuhara's balls "Fluffy, attack."

Raawrgnya said (21:29):
''I will forgive you if you.....BLARGH''

Puffzorz said (21:29):
A large shadow creature dashed towards Nobuhara's genitals....

Raawrgnya said (21:29):

Ponyo said (21:30):
Seeing that this was her very first time seeing somebody died right in front of her, you can pretty much guess what her expressions are.

Raawrgnya said (21:31):
With a painful look,Nobuhara gave up and went unconcious

Puffzorz said (21:32):
Vaerina glanced at The Noble and rolled her eyes, with a flick of her fingers, she undid the wounds she had caused.
Well, most of them, most of the guards were still unconcious
Only the strong willed would be left standing

Ponyo said (21:32):
(Wait, did they died yet?)

Puffzorz said (21:32):
(Nearly dead)

Phantom Nyz said (21:32):
(no, they -think- they died)
(oh well, nvm)(

Puffzorz said (21:33):
(actually they think they die sounds better)

Raawrgnya said (21:33):
''Legendary cookies....''
Nobuhara talked in his sleep

Ponyo said (21:33):
Despite seeing that they were already recovered, she couldn't possibly remove the scene from her head now, right after she witnessed it.
Still, she steeled her expression in a few moment and sat on the chair once more.
"... Are they....?"

Puffzorz said (21:35):
She moved her hand to pet Fluffy "But if you want them to be disposed of"
"They were very incompetent."

Ponyo said (21:35):
"Wha-NO, DON'T!"
"Err, I mean..," she thought to herself, as she revealed her weakness to her enemy yet again.

Puffzorz said (21:36):
Vaerina shrugs "Oh well."

Ponyo said (21:36):
she said*

Puffzorz said (21:38):
"I'll answer your question now my dear. Im here to protect, and, or to train you. Lets just say your old man can move quite a lot of money."

Ponyo said (21:39):
She was listening quite intently towards her response, though there were some part that she's still confused. "Wait, train and protect me?"

Puffzorz said (21:40):
"Did i stutter?"
She picked up a cookie and fed it to fluffy, who ate it happily and rolled on his back, like a dog.

Raawrgnya said (21:41):

Ponyo said (21:41):
"... Are you trying to say that my father hired an assassin to protect me?"
(Wait, am I wrong?)

Puffzorz said (21:42):
"Who better to protect you from assassins than the best assassin to ever walk this land?" Vaerina said while she held the tip of Elene's nose.

Ponyo said (21:43):
"Funny, seeing that assassins were supposed to kill VIPs, not protect them,"

Raawrgnya said (21:44):
''Urrrgh....wait...''Nobuhara said softly as he woke up from his utterly painful dream.

Puffzorz said (21:44):
"I can kill you now if you want."

Raawrgnya said (21:45):
''No....If you are heading toTarkusza.Mind take me with you?I was a little overboard just now you see.''

Ponyo said (21:45):
"But then, you'll lost the money, am I right?" she tried to fight with her words.
fight back*

Puffzorz said (21:46):
"But i get to have fun"
"I wonder how much you can scream"

Phantom Nyz said (21:47):
Suddenly, A guard grabbed Vaerina's leg, "I won't... let you...", He was crawling on the ground towards Vaerina.

Puffzorz said (21:47):
Before he could grab Vaerina's leg, Fluffy pounced on him skilfully, knocking him out but not killing him

Ponyo said (21:48):
She then saw a guard making an effort to protect her till the very end. "... Huush, you've done all you can,"
... Until she saw that Vaerina's 'pet' take care of him.
".. Did you seriously have to do that?"

Puffzorz said (21:48):
"He's not dead, relax sweetie."

Raawrgnya said (21:49):
''Am I being ignored?''Nobuhara said depressedly

Puffzorz said (21:49):
(Lol nobuhara)

Raawrgnya said (21:50):
''I thought you might remember me from my mask.''

Phantom Nyz said (21:50):
(tch, looks like my thief will only come by time..)

Raawrgnya said (21:50):
''And I used to take care of you.''

Ponyo said (21:51):
"Hmm...," she takes a careful look at him. "... Wait, aren't you Nobuhara, the masked uncle?!"

Raawrgnya said (21:51):
''IM NOT A UNCLE!''Nobuhara said as he about to cry

Phantom Nyz said (21:51):
(uncle...uncle....uncle.....uncle... The sound of uncle achors in the mind of Nobuhara~~)

Puffzorz said (21:52):
"Now, lets wait for your new guards to show up."
Vaerina walked past Nobuhara "And, nice try kid."

Raawrgnya said (21:52):
''I hate you..''

Ponyo said (21:52):
Though it's not apparent, she blushed slightly at his earlier statement, "H-Hey, that was supposed to be a looong time ago, you know!"

Puffzorz said (21:52):
(aww, but Vaerina called nobuhara a kid!)

Phantom Nyz said (21:53):

Raawrgnya said (21:53):
''And by the way,do you have that biscuit left?''Nobuhara asked

Ponyo said (21:54):
".... As long as the guards aren't just like you, I think I'm perfectly content," she spoke to Vaerina.

Puffzorz said (21:54):
Vaerina tossed a biscuit at Nobuhara "I might or might not had laced that with cyanide."

Raawrgnya said (21:54):
''Aah thanks..''Still laying on the ground,he ate the biscuit.

Puffzorz said (21:54):
Then she walked away, to call Elene's new guards.

Phantom Nyz said (21:55):
( I the new guards, again?-.-)

Raawrgnya said (21:55):

Ponyo said (21:55):
She just sighed, "If you really are paid to be my guard, then what was the point of your earlier -dramatic- entrance?" she snickers.

Raawrgnya said (21:56):
After he ate the biscuit,he stand up again,firmer than ever.

Puffzorz said (21:56):
She suddenly appeared beside Elene "To test your guards, if i ever had to kill you, and, prove my abilities."
"Your new guards will arrive shortly, i notified them with the ring i stolen from you."
"They think you're in danger and will come rushing to your aid, i trust you will explain the situation? or do i have to knock them out too?"

Raawrgnya said (21:58):
Then he climbed into the carriage without anyone permission.

Ponyo said (21:58):
She just facepalmed at Nobuhara's statement, "Yep, he's the same as always,"
Towards Vaerina, "... No, that won't be necessary,"

Raawrgnya said (21:59):

Ponyo said (22:00):
At her earlier statement, "... You know Vaerina, have you ever been told that you contradict yourself?"
have anyone ever told you that you*

Phantom Nyz said (22:00):
(skip the new guards coming towards the carriage...)

Ponyo said (22:01):

Puffzorz said (22:01):
"Many many times sweetie."

Phantom Nyz said (22:01):
With the new guards being assigned to ascord Young Mistress Eleanor and the situation being explained, they continue their tour in the free cities
With a new carriage

Raawrgnya said (22:02):
''How bout I bring you to my favourite pastry shop?''He suggested the idea to Elene.

Ponyo said (22:03):
"*sigh* Nobuhara, how many times do I have to say to myself? We're currently in a hurry here!"

Puffzorz said (22:04):
Vaerina was leaning sideways on a couch, her left hand petting fluffy. "Hurry hurry hurry, thats all you nobles do, makes it so easy for me to kill you people too."

Raawrgnya said (22:04):
''Aww that's ashame''He said dissapointedly

Ponyo said (22:04):
"Especially since the travelling got interrupted by you-know-who just now,"

Phantom Nyz said (22:05):
(isn't this just a tour at the free cities?)

Ponyo said (22:05):
".. Somehow, your presence only endangers me rather than giving me comfort of security,"
*sigh* "... Fine, we'll drop by in the pastry shop if you really insist,"

Puffzorz said (22:06):
"You should feel that, after all, what's keeping me from slitting your throat right now is the fact that no one had outbid your father.
... Yet."

Phantom Nyz said (22:06):
(....the free city... is it a district?)

Ponyo said (22:06):
More like the capital town)

Raawrgnya said (22:06):
''Feel like a cookie miss assasin?''

Ponyo said (22:07):
(The upper class district is a -part- of the free cities)

Puffzorz said (22:07):
"Wouldn't you fluffy?"
With that, Fluffy happily barked and drooled

Ponyo said (22:08):
"Of course, you'll have to pay for your own snack if you want to buy one, that is,"

Raawrgnya said (22:08):
Then Nobuhara took out his waller

Puffzorz said (22:09):
It was empty

Raawrgnya said (22:09):
What he saw inside was nothing but dust
He took out a paper and write
And gave it to Elene
Here's my payment.
he said casually

Phantom Nyz said (22:10):
(I O U?...)

Ponyo said (22:10):

Phantom Nyz said (22:10):

Ponyo said (22:10):
".... You still haven't paid my debt the last time, haven't you?"

Phantom Nyz said (22:11):
(I should make my informant =/)

Raawrgnya said (22:11):
''Nooo....I didn't owe you anything''
''I didn't owe you 5 bag of cookies and 10 meal.''

Ponyo said (22:12):
Sighing, she added "Not to mention that I think I'd given about..... 10,000 gold on that one occasion just so you can purchase a rare type of cookie,"

Raawrgnya said (22:12):
''Yeah you must be mistaken''

Puffzorz said (22:13):
"Oh hey, a few crime lords just paid me enough for me to kidnap you!"
Vaerina stood up

Ponyo said (22:13):
"And, worst of all, you didn't even realized that that was all a scam," she facepalmed as she remembered the events that transpired.

Phantom Nyz said (22:13):
(....I was about to use my Informant's pet to give you information Q_Q...)
(well, nvm
(cont cont ~_~)

Raawrgnya said (22:13):
Scared he said''S**T NOT THEM''

Puffzorz said (22:14):
(Nyz, vaerina doesn't need information)
(The shadows are her spies)

Ponyo said (22:14):
(Wait, are they outside or inside the carriage?)

Puffzorz said (22:14):
(Who is?)

Ponyo said (22:14):

Phantom Nyz said (22:14):
(I think outside)

Ponyo said (22:15):
"... We just got ouside, and yet you already know some crimelord wants to kidnap me just a few moments ago while accompanying us?"

Puffzorz said (22:16):
"Yes, and no hard feelings ki-"
"Nevermind, your dad just paid more."
She sat down.
She shrugged and turned back to lazing on the couch "Carry on."

Ponyo said (22:17):
".... Yep, I'm definitely feeling insecured,"
"Oh and by the way, try to ask from miss assassin there for some money on a few cookies,"
"You already owe me by a large margin,"

Raawrgnya said (22:18):
After walking a few moments,he saw bunch of barrels.

Puffzorz said (22:19):
(wait, we're not on a carriage?)

Raawrgnya said (22:19):

Puffzorz said (22:19):
(What the hell)

Raawrgnya said (22:19):
(Still can see barrels

Ponyo said (22:19):
Phantom Nyz says (22:14):
(I think outside)

Raawrgnya said (22:19):

Puffzorz said (22:19):
(How the hell can i sit back down if i we're not in the carraige)

Raawrgnya said (22:19):
Inside the carriage

Raawrgnya said (22:19):
carry on

Ponyo said (22:19):
Nyz, you should also Rp as the guards as well!)

Phantom Nyz said (22:19):

Ponyo said (22:19):
(You're awfully quiet)
... Let me guess, thief?)

Phantom Nyz said (22:20):

Puffzorz said (22:20):
"Take off your pants and dance around and i'll consider"
(Omg nyz play your thief!)

Phantom Nyz said (22:20):
(no way)

Ponyo said (22:20):
"Pfft- There's no way that he's stupid enough to-"
(And here's your cue, Odin XD)

Phantom Nyz said (22:21):
(i go poop)

Raawrgnya said (22:21):
He then rip his clothes off like nothing happen

Ponyo said (22:22):
Suddenly, a loud bang can be heard as she hit her head against the 'wall' of the carriage.
"... I'm surrounded by an idiot,"

Puffzorz said (22:23):
"I think you earned this" Vaerina tossed Nobuhara a bag of gold she had stolen from his charity.

Raawrgnya said (22:23):
''Gold for more cookies'' he said while naked.

Ponyo said (22:24):
She kept banging her head continuously at the wall while saying, "For the love of-, at least put some clothes on!"

Puffzorz said (22:25):
"Dance harder and i'll toss in extra"

Ponyo said (22:25):
(Nyz, what are you doing?)

Raawrgnya said (22:25):
''I had enough cookie for a day''

Ponyo said (22:26):
She glanced towards Vaerina, ".. You enjoying this, aren't you?"

Puffzorz said (22:26):

Raawrgnya said (22:26):
He then dress himself up and said ''Sorry for my indecent act.I kindly ask you for your forgiveness''
''Im not usually like that.''

Puffzorz said (22:27):
"Oh damn!"

Ponyo said (22:27):
"Let me guess, raise in funds of someone wanted me kidnapped?"
she said half-jokingly.

Phantom Nyz said (22:30):

Raawrgnya said (22:30):
''Are we there yet?''

Puffzorz said (22:31):
"No hard feelings my dear."

Ponyo said (22:31):
Her expression stiffens. "Wait, I'm only joking,"
Driver: "Nope," he said at Nobuhara.
All the while the other guards are being wary towards Vaerina's movements.

Puffzorz said (22:33):
"I know." She pets fluffy. "Besides, your father is a extremely generous person."
Fluffy looked to elene and woofs at her

Raawrgnya said (22:34):
Feeling bored,Nobuhara tries to find something that can ease his boringness.

Ponyo said (22:34):
She still wasn't sure whether she could trust her yet or not.
.... And then, they arrived at the Pastry shop.

Phantom Nyz said (22:35):
(wads a pastry shop again?)

Raawrgnya said (22:35):
(sell cookies cake and shet

Phantom Nyz said (22:35):

Ponyo said (22:35):
Like, you know, a bakery)

Raawrgnya said (22:35):
''Wait here.I will get free cookies here''

Puffzorz said (22:35):
Vaernia stretches her limbs "Fluffy, go in and eat what you want, if they deny you your goodies, i'll take them out."
Fluffy barks happily and charges inside the pastry shop

Raawrgnya said (22:36):

Raawrgnya said (22:36):

Ponyo said (22:36):
"... I'm pretty sure the owners won't be appreciating this,"

Puffzorz said (22:37):
Vaerina chuckled "but i will"

Raawrgnya said (22:37):
He then quickly stuff his mouth with cookies and put the remaining cookies he can get his hand on in a bag.

Puffzorz said (22:37):
She turned to the guards "Any of you have any beer?"

Ponyo said (22:38):
The guards snickered, "And what's it t'ya if we do, huh?"

Raawrgnya said (22:38):
A fat,angry woman came out and suprised by the scene.
She took a broom from somewhere and trying to smack Nobuhara.

Ponyo said (22:39):
" 'Sides, I'm pretty sure that all that gimmicks you did just now was a fluke,"

Raawrgnya said (22:39):
''NOT THIS TIME ANNE!AH HAHAHAHA!!''He laughed maniacally

Puffzorz said (22:40):
"Well, the boss said not to harm the kid, but you people, i can harm, and im really thirsty now. So.."
She snapped a fingers, causing a massive psychic assault on one of the Guards that would mentally cripple him

Ponyo said (22:41):
The guard suddenly fell down on his knee, still holding a bottle of booze in his right hand.

Puffzorz said (22:41):
She picked it up casually "Thank you"

Ponyo said (22:43):
She then stared at assassin, "... What did I tell you about not harming the guards?"
at the assassin*

Phantom Nyz said (22:44):
(....the pantry store is at what district?)

Raawrgnya said (22:44):
pantie store

Ponyo said (22:44):
Free Cities?)

Phantom Nyz said (22:44):
(District... not town =-=)

Ponyo said (22:45):
*shrugs* I don't know, just make it up I guess)

Puffzorz said (22:45):
"Relax, he's just mentally retarded for a while."

Phantom Nyz said (22:45):

Ponyo said (22:46):
She then decided to just give up and sat on her chair, too tired to lecture her for now.
(And now, for Fluffy and Nobuhara's debut!)
(I'm afking in 2-3 minutes or so, will be back)

Puffzorz said (22:47):
Fluffy attacked the pastry with extreme prejudice, eating most of the bastry extremely quickly"

Raawrgnya said (22:48):
''Damnit that pest ate most of my precious treasure!''
Then he started wrestling with Fluffy.

Phantom Nyz said (22:49):
(sigh.... wait... next thursday is holiday for us students right?...)

Puffzorz said (22:49):
Fluffy though Nobuhara was playing with him, so he played with him too, he hugged him happly and rolled around with him

Raawrgnya said (22:50):
''I shall teach you the skill of wrestling!Eat that!DECIMATE PAUNCH!''

Puffzorz said (22:51):
Fluffy got hit by the punch, and he though it was a new fun game! He struck back at nobuhara at the same force

Phantom Nyz said (22:52):
( does fluffy look like physically?)

Ponyo said (22:53):
"... They sure take their time in the pastry shop," she ask, a bit concerned.

Puffzorz said (22:53):
(A massive dog/wolf like creatures with powerful muscles and cloaked in a shadow that dances around his body)

Raawrgnya said (22:53):
''You got the skill I see!Well then lets take this seriously''He then begin to stranggle him.

Phantom Nyz said (22:54):
Whie Nobuhara and Fluffy are having their -new game- in the Pantry store. A boy wearing a long cloak is moving among the crowd in the -East District-.

Ponyo said (22:54):
"Maaybe I should see what's going on inside, just to be sure,"
She did.
(Wait, nvm)

Raawrgnya said (22:55):
''HA HA HA take that!''

Puffzorz said (22:55):
Nobuhara's hands start to corrode
While fluffy barks happily

Raawrgnya said (22:55):

Ponyo said (22:55):
She was walking towards the entrance of the Pastry shop, forgotten to bring her guards to escort her.

Phantom Nyz said (22:55):
Normally, people would think he is just a 18 years old boy walking among the crowds. But if people look closely, he was pick pocketing while walking among the crowd.

Raawrgnya said (22:56):
He let go of Fluffy.

Phantom Nyz said (22:57):
Moving in like a shadow and slipping past as the wind itself, his skill was of a Master thief.

Raawrgnya said (22:57):
''This is a bad wound.''

Ponyo said (22:57):
(Master Thief meets Master Assassin XD)

Puffzorz said (22:57):

Phantom Nyz said (22:58):
As the boy moved out from the crowds, both of his pockets was filled with at the very least, 56 people's pouches.

Ponyo said (22:58):
When she peered inside however, she saw that the shop.... was not in a very good condition, to say the least.
"... I knew that this was a bad idea from the beginning," she facepalmed.

Raawrgnya said (22:59):
''Ok im done with this game.BACK TO THE CARRIAGE

Ponyo said (23:00):
She then walked out of the store, not wanting to have anything to do with it while returning to the carriage.
... While walking pass the boy as well.

Phantom Nyz said (23:02):
When Elene went pass the boy, he smirked and whispered at her ear, "It seems that you are short on gold...".

Puffzorz said (23:02):
Vaerina was looking at the whole scene with amusement, yet she did not do anything.

Ponyo said (23:03):
Her only response was only a sudden "Eh?" when she heard that unknown voice.
She looked around to identify that someone who just talked to her while searching at her purse and, indeed, it really was short on gold.

Phantom Nyz said (23:04):
Suddenly, a folk among the crowd shouted, "Is gone! My pouch is gone!"
And after a while, half of the crowd was shouting that their money was gone

Puffzorz said (23:05):
She turned to Elene "Do you want me to go after him? Or are you content with losing your gold?"

Phantom Nyz said (23:06):
(their money was gone as well*)

Raawrgnya said (23:06):
''You know with those cash we can get more cookie''

Ponyo said (23:07):
When she heard someone said that, she only sighed. "Thieves...,"
Upon hearing Vaerina, she just said, "Well, I don't really mind that much... though I would appreciate that you would get it back for me,"

Puffzorz said (23:07):
Vaerina giggled happily
She snapped her fingers, allowing her to instantaneously replace herself with the boy's shadow.

Phantom Nyz said (23:08):
"Let's see... Is it Aunt Merilla or was it Uncle Izru who needed these gold...." he was walking along an alley while thinking

Puffzorz said (23:09):

Phantom Nyz said (23:09):
"!?" the boy turned around and notice Vaerina, "Who the hell-, wait... How the hell did you get here?!"

Puffzorz said (23:10):
She smiled "I wouldn't be the best if i divulge my secrets would i?"

Ponyo said (23:10):
'And besides, I already have too much gold on the carriage (and hidden as well)... But I don't think I'll reveal that to her juuuust yet,' she thought to herself.

Phantom Nyz said (23:10):
"...Are you an Assassin?" the boy asked with curiosity.

Puffzorz said (23:11):
"The best."

Raawrgnya said (23:11):
''I guess I will go to sleep then.''Nobuhara said tiredly because of the wrestling and robbin at the pastry shop.

Phantom Nyz said (23:11):
"The best assassin?... I thought the Best assassin was just a tale...."

Puffzorz said (23:12):
"Well, whoever told you that is an idiot."

Ponyo said (23:13):
'Still, I can't deny the fact that Vaerina might also be causing unnecessary troubles along the way though,'
(And I was just about to send Nobuhara)

Phantom Nyz said (23:13):
"Since you are the best... You are quick in foot.. am I right?" The boy went pass Vaerina, with his hand slipping like the wind trying to reach to her pouch.

Puffzorz said (23:15):
Vaerina did not even move, yet the boy's fingers were all sliced in half horizontally and his body was thrown into the side of a wall.

Phantom Nyz said (23:17):
"AARRggghh!!" the boy was holding his hand with his finger bleeding.

Puffzorz said (23:18):
"Dont touch what you cant afford sweetie."

Phantom Nyz said (23:19):
"You... when did you..." the boy was standing after being thrown. "..Were you sent by that rich girl?.."

Puffzorz said (23:20):
"Mmm, yes and no."

Phantom Nyz said (23:24):
The boy looks at his surrounding, "So you -were- after me..." He threw a grappling hook up towards the roof, and pulled himself up with his leg kicking the wall at the same time he jumped.

Puffzorz said (23:25):
Vaerina was on top of the roof when he got up. "Greetings!"

Phantom Nyz said (23:26):
"What the-, When did you!?"

Puffzorz said (23:27):
"Your shadows betray you sweetie."
When she said that
The boy's shadow came to life, restraining him.

Phantom Nyz said (23:27):
"Ugh! Damnit! What the hell is this?!" the boy struggled

Puffzorz said (23:28):
"He is you, and he wants to take your place darling."

Phantom Nyz said (23:28):
(stop at here first =/ got to sleep cause of father's absolute bitching)

Puffzorz said (23:28):

Phantom Nyz said (23:28):
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The Free Cities
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