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 Notable Heroes and Villains (Will Update)

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PostSubject: Notable Heroes and Villains (Will Update)   Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:09 am

Sol Brightlance
"What is better? To be born good, or to change your nature through hard work?"
Sol Brightlance (True name Jarith Tilaras) is a 35 year old Lawful Good Viszer-Human Hybrid Paladin affiliated with Cythain. Sol bears a soft edged, yet weathered face, with a slight golden hued skin that is common for Viszers. His deep blue eyes exude a sense of tranquility to those looking at into them. Once a Viszer mage lord, he turned to walk the path of good after his sister was taken from him by an accident. Now a blessed chosen of Cythain, he is Kind, brave and honest in all of his dealings, in addition for his feat of defeating the dread dragon Zszany and distrupting their plans on unleashing Tiamat, the dragon god of destruction, he is widely hailed as one of the most popular and famous hero in the modern era. He is commonly seen wearing his unique golden paladin armor adorned with fine purple finery, and bearing proudly a tabard of Cythain. In combat, he wields both a sword and a shield, both bearing multiple marks and sigils of Cythain, to allow him to project his eldritch magic easier. He is equally skilled in both martial and magical pursuits, no small feat considering he is a master at both, and capable of dueling a dragon for more than 3 minutes. His unique magical ability is called The beauty of Tartarus, a large scale supression magic, designed to incapacitate and weaken enemies in an medium boundary field, via channeling Cythain's majesty through him, causing those to gaze at him with unshielded eyes to be stunned by Cythain's beauty, and quite literally lose their will to fight. Foes are unable to leave or enter the boundary field when it is completed, and the boundary field only ends if Sol falls unconscious, or when he runs out of mana.

Camile Vars
“Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save the world? I am."
Camile Vars is a 230 year old Chaotic Neutral Ex-Vampire human Assassin-Necromancer not affiliated with any gods. Camile constantly bears a sardonic smirk on her deathly pale, gaunt, yet strangely attractive face, a side effect from her past vampirism. Her eyes shine a grim dark red, perhaps an indication that something dark lurks deep inside of her. She keeps the fact that she is the daughter of the lich Mordant, who conquered the entirety of Zenth, secret, not because she fears reprisal, but to protect the reputation of her associates. She is willing to do anything to get the job done, from anything from torture, kidnapping, or using her "gift", but her incredible deeds cause people to turn something of a blind eye to her methods. renowned for assisting Sol brightlance on his adventures, and defeating a large invasion of northeners alone, she is perhaps known as something of a dark protector of the world. She commonly wears a suit of tough leather armor adorned with bones of extinct races and creatures, while keeping vials of blood and other necromancery items on her belt pouches. In combat, she wields the twin butterfly knives, the bones of the forgotten, two knives carved from the bones of extinct creatures. She is more skilled in her knives more so than her necromancy, but that doesn't mean she's a slouch in that department either, she is a master in Vitae magic, and is augmented by her vampirism. Her unique ability is Blood Swap, which allows her to take the place of any piece of material that has her blood on it.

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Notable Heroes and Villains (Will Update)
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