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 Introduction - Magic

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PostSubject: Introduction - Magic   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:38 pm

Mana is the energy that allows Magi to utilize different forms of magic. Mana exists in all forms of life , not just magi, although they are the only ones who are able to draw upon it's power and use it as a catalyst for magic spells or "Science" abilities. Mana also serves as a parallel to Vitae, as a force of metaphysical, and ubiquitous power, that has no physical presence, but exists like Vitae. Magical creatures like unicorns, or faeries die when their mana is depleted. There is 'natural' mana that exists within Gweralle itself, which can be drawn upon when a magi does certain rituals, or by artifacts, or constructions that have certain qualities on a "leyline". "Leylines" provide about a limitless source of mana for spellcasting, however, leylines are extremely rare, and hard to detect. Mana is calculated in Units, and an average mage possesses 30,000 units of mana for spellcasting, and regenerates 5 units per second while performing physical and mental exertion, 10 per second when not performing physical and mental exertion, and 30 per second while meditating. More skilled magi can increase their mana regeneration, and Mana capacity.


Eldritch Magic - Magic is performed by utilizing rituals and incantations, and with the assistance of mana, The user draws upon another being's power, and utilize his body as a channel, Utilizing another's power for your own. The source of power can come from divine entities, a source of power that is foreign, such as the essence of a demon that is imprisoned in a gem, or a staff. Eldritch magi usually have unique abilities, and must prepare the spells that he wish to utilize and can only use a spell a certain amount every day, however their mana costs are quite low. Examples of Eldritch Magic : Mass Death, Power Word: Pain, Chastise.

Pure Sorcery - Magic is performed by a combination of Will and Thought, and using mana as a fuel. By visualizing the intended effect in the mind of the Caster, a basic framework for this magic is formed. Then utilizing mana as a fuel, the core of the magic is created, and with the proper emotions and restraint, as well as the will to perform something, the spell is then unleashed. Pure Sorcery have differing mana costs and maginitude, from the high magnitude high cost of the Lightning Blade, to the Low Cost but unpredictability of a Rock Slide. Generally, Pure Sorcery have higher costs than other kinds of Magic, Utilize Elemental Abilities to Cause Damage, and Illusions to Obscure the perception of others. Examples of Pure Sorcery: Fireball, Lightning Blade, Charm.

Evocation - Magic is performed by invoking certain words, and phrases, as well as utilizing a combination of reagents,ingredients and mana. Accomplished Evocators are able to summon magical beings, elementals, Demons into the world, and bind their soul to the Caster's, forcing them to fight for them. On their own, Evocators are generally weaker than other magi, but evocators can make "deals" with otherworldy beings, allowing them access to unique powers. Examples of Magic : Golems, Demons and Elementals.

Vitae Magic - Magic is performed not using mana, but Vitae. Pracitioners of this magic usually carry a blade of sorts to cut open sources of their own vitae, in order to perform their magics. There had been arguments whether Vitae Magic should be another magic altogether, or a sub-division beneath Pure sorcery as their spells are almost completely the same to Pure sorcery, but with a lot more magnitude. Vitae Magi are only able to utilize their own Vitae, as Vitae are "imprinted" to each individual, but there are cases where brothers are able to manipulate each others' blood. Vitae magic, however possesses several unique abilities, such as : Blood Haze, Sanguine Pool, Bleeding Portal.

Magecraft - A colloquial term for magics such as Alchemy, Enchanting, Artificing, Gemcraft and such, magic is performed by inering the mana of the caster into an inanimate object, for various effects, such as the classic turning lead into gold, storing mana in gems for use later, enchanting a item with a magical effect, creating golems for evocation by evocators. Practitioners of this magic are ruled by a single rule, that what you ask for must be of equal value of what you give, which is compensated in mana or other objects, however the more experienced the Magecrafter is, the more "shortcuts" he will discover. Magecrafters are rare, as this magic is one of the most difficult magics to master.

True Speech - While not strictly "magic", This is performed by merely issuing orders with the name of an individual that is given by the creator himself. There is no "Practitioners" of this magic, as even a name of a single individual is extremely difficult to discover.


Primal Magic - Magic is performed by recalling an mystical mathemathical, Pseudo-Science diagrams that influence the material world, then activating it with a small sum of mana. These diagrams are complex and very difficult to commit to memory, so a primal magic user can only remember so many around in his/her memory at one time, most can recall from 2 to 3 and they are immediately forgotten upon use. Primal magic grimoires are extremely thick, consisting anywhere from 3000, to 6000 pages. Primal Magic spells are often extremely powerful. Primal Magic users are extremely rare, mostly due to the loss of knowledge. Examples of Primal Magic spells are : Vortex, Mana Clash, and Kill Curse.

Runic Magic - Magic is Performed by pouring mana into certain runes or carvings, invoking the power slumbering within these intricate mathemathicaly perfect carvings. Runic magic is poorly understood by the magi of Gweralle, as only a limited amount of people, other than the northeners are able to perform this magic. Even the northeners, do not understand the technicallities of this magic, only how to carve wood, stone and other materials into runes. Each rune "resonates" to the carver, therefore, other magi can not manipulate this magic. Examples of Magic : Dark Swarm, Plague, Sonic Boom.

Tech-Magic - Pioneered by the ilcrus, most of a time, a "mana battery" is implanted into the caster's body, providing an artificial source of mana, making non-magical talented beings into magi. With the assistance of grafts and other implants, A tech-mage is able to replicate the spells of other types of magic. Tech-magi spells do not have the potential of other magics, but due to the power not drawn from the caster's body, It is difficult, if not impossible to outlast a tech-magi. There are several spells unique to a tech-mage, most of which are technology combined with magic such as : Gauss Blast, Holographic Phantom, Fission Blast

Psionics - magic is performed by focusing the mind, more so than Pure Sorcerers, and condense it into a single thought. Psychics do not use mana in their "spells", nor do Silence affect them, in fact, it actually allows them to utilize their abilities easier. It requires an extremely disciplined mind and several years of training in order to even lift small objects such as Apples. There are several types of Psionic abilities, such as Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and so on. Psionics are perhaps the most powerful conventional "magic" on Gweralle, as a mid tier Class - 5 psionic lash is capable of felling even dragons. Examples of this magic is : Pisonic Lash, Feedback, Velocitas Eradico.

Axiom Magic - Magic is performed by manipulating the Axioms of the universe, to perform abilities that none can replicate, or oppose. There is no defence to axiom magic, only by plugging loopholes with Axiom magic, a practitioner is able to prevent another from exploting that route. Examples of Axiom magic are: Eradicate, Kill, Live.

Manipulation Magic - Magic is performed by altering the elemental composition of an object with the use of mana to make up for any deficits. Manipulation magic is frequently confused with Pure Sorcery, but there are many diffrences. Manipulation magic cannot create something from nothingness, unlike Pure Sorcery. Technically, Manipulation mages can replicate the works of most magi, but they require the complete knowledge of a spell's workings to replicate it. Manipulation magi frequently use spells from Pure Sorcery such as Lightning Blade, or Firebolt as their main attack. Manipulation magi cannot manipulate objects containing vitae. Examples of their unique powers are : Phosphor Bomb, Mercury Javelin, Thunderbolt.
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Introduction - Magic
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