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 The Ilcrus

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Aproximately 20,000 Years before the Altered's invasion of Gweralle, The entirety of the Realm of Gweralle was united under one banner. The Calyxian Theocracy spanned the entire realm, united under the worship of the god Calyx. Under the rule of the Theocracy, harsh rules and regulations were imposed upon the citizens, in a mix of fear, discipline, and blind loyalty, the Calyxian theocracy more or less reduced crime rates, dissention, and other unfavourable aspects of civilization to near zero. Of course, there was a tradeoff. Creativity, curiosity and ingenuity were stifled, and there was little to no advancement in technology or magical research for almost a hundred thousand years. Only one place resisted their efforts, Tharexia, or what is now known as The isle of Arsurian.

The isle was largely left untouched when the Theocracy was rising to power, due to some kind of storm tearing apart ships, aircraft and barring any sort of teleportation. The storm finally receded after 10 whole years, and when the forces of the theocracy finally arrived, they found the inhabitants of the isle bearing strange symbols of which that had never been seen before, a phoenix crafted from the most exquisite black metal that seems to absorb all light around it.

The vanguard who first discovered the inhabitants were disgusted by how they had lived. A life of being mindlessly loyal towards the Theocracy had taught them to abhor all those who did not follow the code of laws. On that day, those who did not submit to the theocracy, twenty thousand men, women and children were put to the sword by the theocracy. Still, the island possesses valuble resources. The Theocracy spent no time recolonizing the isle, this time, with obedient citizens plucked from their cities, and closely watched by the soldiers. However tightly the soldiers would watch the colonists, There was always a few that would be discovered to cling onto these strange symbols.

The Theocracy was prepared to abandon the isles due to the suspected innate corruption of the isles, more specifically, the tall looming dark tower in the distance. Whenever they were to launch an attack, it was always repelled by dark creatures from the tower. One of the more idealistic knight commanders of the Chivalrious Knighthood, Knight Commander Merian Larrote decided to launch a massive expedition to purge the tower once and for all. On that day, Three hundred thousand men and women stormed the Tower. Less than quarter survived the frontal assault, but they finally managed to pierce into the doors of the dark towers. The darkened hallways hid more terrors. Whispers penetrates the mind of every member of the assault team, every step they took, more and more fell to the dark whispers.

Finally, they reached the dark heart of the foul tower. Knight commander Merian, the leader of the expedition begun to power up her abilities, with the express intent to shatter the foundation of the tower once and for all. She ordered her men to escape the radius of the looming destructive power. Most of the men managed to escape the tower unharmed as Merian's ability was fully charged up. However, one group did not. The battlemage Eirean, who was in a relationship with Merian and the leader of team 5. Eirean and her team's progress was bogged down due to attacks from monsters after their invisibility spell had ran out. Merian's invisiblity also had ran out, endangering her, as thousands of monsters were sharply approaching her position. Although Team 5 had not escaped the radius of the blast, Eirean arbitrary informed Merian that they had escaped.

Merian unleashed her power, destroying the tower and slaughtering the monsters, but the lingering dark energies of the tower warped Merian's power, severely injuring Team 5. Eventually, Merian managed to locate team 5, most of them mortally wounded, but not dead. Merian utilized the rest of her power to teleport Team 5 away from the tower, back into the order's stronghold. Upon reaching the city, she passed out from over exhaustion from the strain of transporting so many such a distance away.

Meanwhile, Praetor Declan was ordered by The Emperor to subject all the survivors of the operation to a oblivisci spell as he wanted to keep the fate of the isles secret. The survivors were wiped, but the injured Team 5 members was not subjected to the process. Instead, Declan told Merian that Eirean was suffering from "delusions" from an accident in battle. Merian was concerned about Eirean, and met her at the infirmary as soon as possible. While holding a normal conversation, they also telepathically discussed the battle of the isle. However, Merian could not remember it and believed it was just a delusion she was having. Eirean said that everything would "never be like before... as if nothing ever happened".

As a result of Merian Larrote's energy pulse, Eirean and her team was altered. she and her team was immune to the memory wipe procedure (when the Theocracy eventually tried it on them) and could hide her thoughts from mind-readers, such as the oracles. Their eyes turned a brilliant violet... eyes that had been 'opened' to the nature of the Theocracy. They became disillusioned with the Theocracy and the Chivalrious Knighthood, and felt that that the situation had to change.

Eventually Eirean and Team 5's secret was discovered after many, many subversive activities. They faked their deaths in one of their missions. Her friends, including Merian and even The Emperor believed that they were dead. Team 5 found themselves in hiding, commiting petty crimes to survive. Eventually, they came to the attention of a mind-expanding substance called Hyrcon. They spent months seeking it. They eventually discovered it leaking out of a rift on the continent of Altara.

As Eirean and Team 5 approached the rift, dark whispers, like those they had experienced in the tower pierced their mind. It invited them to partake in the substance, promising them the power they needed to destroy the theocracy, and that to further open their eyes. Team 5 did as they were asked to, and partook in the substance. as the black liquid invaded their blood veins, they experienced powers as they had never felt before. They were instructed to prepare... and to bide their time for the storm that is about to arrive...


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"I am a servant of a far greater power. A power that has slept for countless ages. And is reflected in the creature within that cell."

-Eirean Sirroce discussing Merian Larrote's discoveries.

The Ilcrus are an absolutely ancient race, hailing from almost a billion years ago. They had now ascended to more of a immaterial empire rather than a material one due to their master's apotheosis to a divine being. The Ilcrusians on Gweralle hails from a effort by the ilcrusians to seed worlds that were not yet ready for invasion, to serve as a vanguard. Compared to the other dominant factions, The Ilcrusians are a united effort, focusing their efforts outwards rather than bickering among themselves. The Ilcrusians are considered a "warrior race", although they were not constantly at war. They trained incessantly for combat.


The ilcrusians arrived on Gweralle via Astral Ships a few million years before any semblance of civilization was created, landing on most, if not all of the major landmasses, constructing underground bunkers out of a material called Gyrol, or "Black Metal", as it was commonly known. A massive citidael was constructed on a remote island that would be known as the Raven's Hold, both serving as a stronghold, and as a portal if reinforcements were needed when the invasion was starting.

Prior to the Calyxian Theocracy's rise to power, The Ilcrusians had sealed themselves inside stasis sarcophagi, with only a few remaining without cryo sleep in order to observe the realm and guard the bunkers if any was foolish enough to invade it. Even with the black blood of Ilcrus coursing through their veins, they would still eventually age and die, therefore, the sentries had to be cycled repeatedly.

During the Calyxian Theocracy's golden age, One of the Ilcrus's bunkers that had been opened prematurely, and had begun to bend the populace to their will,This foolish endeavour costed the ilcrus a large amount of Slkrhrei, and a few Ilcrusians. However, Elyssa Ilcrus's machinations had managed to bend some of the Theocracy to side with them.

Eirean Sirroce managed to convince, via fear, and charm, persuade a sum of men to assist in her endeavours in destroying the Theocracy, they eventually suceeded, by planting explosive charges beneath the capital city of the Theocracy, causing it to cave in, killing most of the officers in the theocracy. After defeating the rest of the Theocracy with ease, it was determined that the world was not yet prepared for domination. With a single order, the large army of Slkrhrei and Ilcrusians returned to their stasis sarcophagi.

Awakening a few thousand years later, the Ilcrus would remain silent through the Altered invasions, the Great War, The Second Great war and the Dragonian Wars, just to name a few. through all that, they were spreading operatives, seeding spies. Now, Eirean Sirroce leads the Vanguards, collecting information, and perhaps prepare the world for an invasion.


The average Ilcrus is 2 Meters tall. Maximum Ilcrusian life expectancy is at least 3000 years, without any mental degradation, though those that are favoured by the Master and/or have excellent compatibility with the black blood have been known to achieve immortality. Ilcrusians over the age of 2000 are considered old. Blonde hair and blue eyes occur naturally in Ilcrusians though these traits (and others) can be altered by gene therapy and/or augmentic surgery.

Physically, terrans are vastly superior to species such as the Human or the Dwarf. and for all intents and purposes, mentally as well, as their Cryptics and Warlocks vastly surpass the prowess of those of the elven. Ilcrusians are known for their tenacity and ability to adapt to harsh circumstances. Ilcrusians are a suspicious species by nature, and their inner thoughts rarely correspond to how they present themselves to others.


Before the unification of the ilcrusians, ilcrusians possessed a diversity of beliefs; beliefs that were subsequently repressed. As they only worship the their master. Despite fragments of Ilcrusian history being absent from Gweralle Ilcrusian records, some ancient mythologies are still remembered. These include tales of various afterlifes and their dark alternatives.

Most ilcrusians believe in honor and valor, as they are still a warrior race, no matter how powerful their technology and magical abilities are. They understand the purity of melee combat and train constantly in melee, achieving as such a mastery over it. even their magi are a force to be reckoned with in melee combat, at times taking on upwards to thirty combatants and emerging unscathed.

One belief that has remained more-or-less constant for the ilcrus is a fascination with the existence of other sapient life. Many spend thousands of years weaving a web of intrigue and lies to play with the lives of the other races. watching as they scurry along their path.If one takes an outsider's view on the ilcrus, then the ilcrus possesses a puzzling spectrum of morality. When compared to the other species, such as the humans, Ilcrusians are far more obsessed with the notion of unity, sharing their minds with each other in a psychic gesalt when needed.

Combat Doctrine

The Ilcrusians revere the purity of melee combat, however they too understand the wisdom of ranged combat, demolishing opponents with magical bolts and tearing through ranks with plasma fire, or whichever ranged weapons they are ordered to utilize. They usually restrict themselves from engaging in melee, knowing that they would perform their task with the same efficiency, if not better when engaging in ranged combat, and allowing the Slkrhrei to tie the enemy up in Melee combat.The Ilcrusians have many more wonderous mechanisms, such as the Rift ships, or the Doomsday Barges that could easily reduce a city to slag. However, they usually refuse to utilize them unless the need arises, such as their stronghold is under attack.

Many times, they are restricted from utilizing their advanced weaponary against other races, partly as a challenge, and partly as amusement. After all, there would be no force that could challenge the Ilcrus if they were to unleash their full weaponary. For example, The Gweralle Vanguard are issued weapons that adhere to the timeline.


The Ilcrusian are an extremely technologically advanced race, their technology a combination of magic and technology, and had shown themselves as the dominant technological powerhouse, with them capable of easily creating massive warships of which some even dwarfs planets, advanced powered combat exoskeletons, anti-grav tanks, plasma weaponry, and even trans-dimensional portals.

On the battlefield Ilcrusian warriors are known to fight with tremendous power and grace, but despite the chaos they inflict on their enemies they are capable of being mortally wounded. When a ilcrusian nears death, their foes often bear witness to a startling flash of bright light as the Ilcrusian warrior seemingly disappears. Primitive races are known to quail in superstitious fear upon seeing this, but it is actually another aspect of Ilcrusian technology at work rather than any sort of supernatural feat.

Ilcrusian armor contains teleportation technology which whisks the warrior away to safety when they are injured to the point of death, in order for cybernetic reconstruction, or medical treatment, however, depending on the mood of the commander in charge, this feature of the armor is usually disabled, as perhaps a punishment.

The Ilcrusians developed powerful plasma technology and incredibly powerful weapons of war, such as the Doomsday Barge and the Avatar, and could develop more powerful technology if they wished.The Ilcrus limit their use of technology, Not because they fear what it could do, but out of entertainment, as a pair of tanks demolishing a world is hardly entertaining.

Mental Abilities

Ilcrusians had been described as "Devastatingly Intelligent", as they are natural magi, to the point of which even a child would be able to conjure a fireball easily. Their mental abilities are unmatched, their warlock's magical abilities easily extend past the powerful elven magi. The Ilcrusian brain is similar in structure to a human brain. The most noticeable differences lie in the cerebellum, primarily in its size — it is elongated in comparison to humans.

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The Ilcrus
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