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 Tvarn, the Frozen Death.

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PostSubject: Tvarn, the Frozen Death.   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:52 am

"I shall challenge god with my knowledge and break the chain of fate."
Personal Information
Name: Tvarn

Alias: Van

Title: Raziel

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Sorcerer

Job: Scholar

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 168cm

Weight: 67kg

Hair Color: Silver blue

Eye Color: Sky blue

Skin color: Bleached Blonde


Strenght: 3
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 3
Luck: 3

Attribute Breakdown
    Strenght: The strenght of a normal 23 years old human.

    Perception: As Tvarn is traveling around the world to obtain the absolute knowledge, he have survived all by himself for 11 years. With the experience and knowledge he have obtain, his perception towards his surrounding have improved.

    Endurance: Tvarn have started walking down the path to obtain absolute knowledge at the age of 12 and started traveling over the land to obtain knowledge across the world. In return for enduring his hardship for knowledge, his endurance improved quite a bit although not at the warrior level.

    Charisma: Tvarn doesn't have the time to bother about social or politics, but his silver hair is what makes him stands out. A silver-haired boy with sky blue eyes is rare around the world.

    Intelligence: Tvarn was a natural born mage. He started learning at the age of 4 and was able to cast both Modern and Primal magic at the age of 7. At the age of 9, the God toyed his fate and now he travel across the land in search for absolute knowledge. By the time he was 13, he was able to memorise 2 different Primal Magic while having the capability to remember every Modern spell he casted.

    Agility: Tvarn isn't really good at physical activity. When he was small, he was the slowest of the children in his hometown. Although having to travel across the land have recovered his agility to those of normal humans.

    Luck: The luck of an average human, kind of sad but is better than 1.

Basic Spells


Frozen Spear

Tvarn will freeze the air within his palm, creating a medium-sized cube and send it flying towards enemy in a quick speed. During that time, the ice cube will transform into a Frozen Spear and pierce through the enemy.
Cost: Below Average - Mana spirit
Effect: Wounded by an ice shard will slowly freeze up the wound and into the wound.

Ice bolt

By freezing the air around the size of his palm, Tvarn will create an Ice bolt which will explode into small ice shard fragments on impact, sending them to scatter around in a small radius before evaporating.
Cost: Below Average - Mana Spirit


Vampiric Bolt

Tvarn will focus and maintain a decent amount of blood, circling around his hand. During this time, he can cast out a sharp vampiric bolt towards the enemy anytime he wants.
Cost: Below Average - Blood
Effect: Boiling blood which burns.

Blood Vapor

Tvarn will erupt the blood on the ground, creating blood vapor to appear and absorbing them to recover his health.
Cost: Average - Mana Spirit
Effect: Heal Tvarn for 3% for every blood vapor absorbed.

Adept Spells


Frozen Pillar

Tvarn can conjure a pillar from the frozen ground. He can change the pillar shape according to his will, either be it Blunt or Sharp. Requires Frozen Ground.
Cost: Above Average - Mana spirit
Effect: If pierced by a Pillar of Frost, the target will be frozen. For the effect to be taken, the Pillar of Frost must pierce through the target's vital spot instead of merely scratching him.

Ice Wall

Tvarn summon a wall of ice which can endure even a golem punch, blocking off either friends or foe.
Cost: Above Average - Mana spirit

Frozen Impale

Tvarn places both of his hand on the ground, summoning a line of ice spike in front of him, impaling anything in its way. Requires Frozen Ground.
Cost: High - Mana spirit


Reverse Osmosis

Tvarn must concentrate on his enemy, by making his blood rate to rise and reverse the blood flow into the head, causing it to explode on the inside. During this time, Tvarn is completely vulnerable. Requires Blood mix
Cost: High - Mana Spirit

Vampiric Horrors

Tvarn will focus his mind onto a pool of blood, conjuring minor minions of blood to aid him in battle.
Cost: Above Average - Blood

Burning Agony

Instead of using his own blood, Tvarn can boil his enemies' blood in their veins, leading to a very messy death. Requires Blood mix
Cost: Very High - Mana spirit



Hailing Shards

Tvarn freeze the air around him, creating multiple ice shards which fly towards the target continuously.


Brain Expulsion

Tvarn forces the muscles of the heart to contract in an instant, forcing the blood rate to rush and rise. Causing blood to overflow and explode in the head. Requires Blood Mix

Ultimate Spells


Glacius's Wrath

Tvarn freeze the sky above him in a 30m radius. When this spell is used, the weather will change to snow and numerous amount of freezing spears will start hailing down upon the enemies within the area. Struck by a freezing spear will freeze the wound completely, rendering healing spell useless. If struck by 5, the limb will freeze up. If struck by 8, Half of your body will be frozen. If struck by 10, your body will stop functioning, completely frozen up into your body internal parts, including your blood.



Tvarn unleashes a fog of blood red gas around 20m radius around him. The gas will corrupts the blood of those who inhaled it, turning it into corrosive boiling blood which burns the enemy from the inside. Inhale too much and the body shall explode into blood spores.
Effect: The blood spores will continue to expend the gas radius and continue infecting those who inhale it. The gas last for 60 second.

Terrain Spells


Ground Zero

Tvarn will freeze the ground around 15m radius around him, creating his own battlefield terrain for the use of his ice magic.
Cost: Average - Mana Spirit
Effect: Allowing ice magic which requires Frozen Ground to be cast.


Blood Bath

Tvarn will release a pool of blood 10m radius on the ground around him, creating his own blood pool for his blood magic.
Cost: High - Blood
Effect: Allowing blood magic to cost less than what they use to be.

Character Traits

Crystallized Blood

"With both blood and ice, what will be the fate of one?" - Tvarn
Tvarn is a master in both ice and blood magic, causing his blood to be a weapon at any time.

Voice of Sindri

"All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power." - Sindri Myr
Tvarn is able to charm any opposite gender with the Voice of Sindri

Blood Mix

"What is the differents between our blood? One is curious to find out." - Tvarn
Mastering the magic of blood, Tvarn's blood is able to mix with all kinds of blood, even if it is Dragon's Blood.

Absolute Zero

"If winter is known for being the coldest weather, am i the coldest human on the land?" - Tvarn
Mastering the magic of ice, Tvarn's temperature have been near 0 degree ever since. Just by holding onto his hand, you'll feel the shivering cold flowing into your body.

Mage Born

"Being born with magic doesn't makes you strong, only through learning and knowledge shall one knows what it means to be truly powerful." - Tvarn
Having born with a massive amount of magicka, Tvarn is able to learn spells and knowledge much faster than what mages can do.

Signature Equipment
Sanguine - The Frozen Blood
Weapon Variety: Rare

Sanguine is a scythe created with the blood of Tvarn himself. The process for creating such a powerful scythe with blood was not known until Tvarn himself did it. With his knowledge, he crafted a blood frozen scythe. How he did it is not known at all, not even in the World Biggest Library have records of Blood Crafted weapon.


    Before he started seeking knowledge, he was what you call a happy-go-lucky boy. Ever since he started walking down the path, he have tossed his happiness aside as he was pursuing knowledge. You can judge him however you want, whether by his way of talking or by the way he acts. But seeking out and obtaining the absolute knowledge is now his top priority, nothing else matters to him.

    His personality is serious when it comes to knowledge. He always take the burden all by himself, never letting anyone into his heart, never to show weakness. To prevent God for ever using what he fear and what he love once again.


    Rose in a small town, a Mage Born boy who started magic since 2 and learned magic since 4. He started casting simple magic ever since reaching year 5 and continue onwards. Until the day when he was toyed by fate at the age of 9, where he swore to challenge God and went seeking out the absolute knowledge.

    That is all we know about Tvarn, who abandoned his happiness and hometown, to seek out knowledge over the land, to obtain the absolute knowledge and challenge God, to break the chain of fate which binds them to God's Will. Seeking revenge against God, Tvarn have gained the knowledge of Blood magic and mastered the element of ice.

    From time to time, people will often saw a silver-haired mage, who cast ice magic and sell knowledge for money across the land. Undoubtedly, that is Tvarn. Rumors about Tvarn are still at large, especially the Arch mages of the land wanting to recruit a valuable mage like him. What will be the fate of Tvarn? Will he succeed in breaking the chain of fate or will he be banished by the Gods once again. We shall find out soon enough...

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Tvarn, the Frozen Death.
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