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 Light, the Noble Lupine.

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PostSubject: Light, the Noble Lupine.   Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:17 pm

"Shattered Memories"

True Name : Unknown

Alias : Light

Age : Unknown, Has the lifespan of a human.

Species : Canis Lupus

Gender : Male

Class : BattleMage

Alignment :True Neutral

Height : 0.5 Meters

Length : 1.2 Meters

Weight : 70kg

Fur Colour : Snowy White

Eye Colour : Teal

Strength : 4

Perception : 8

Endurance : 6

Charisma : 6

Intelligence : 7

Agility : 8

Luck : 3

Personality : Having no memories, Light mostly stays silent, deep in thought. He is always calm and will speak only when asked to or asked by Vaerina. Having a calm personality, Light's facial expression almost never changes.

-Abilities(These Abilities are only usable once Light regains his memories, however, certain parts of his memories are unable to be regained.)-

-Arcanical Weapons-

Able to summon weapons from another location (known only by Light himself). Summoned weapons gain random enchantments for a random duration of not more than 5 minutes. These weapons may not be held by other people but may be held by certain people IF Light allows them to. The current weapons that Light knows of are those crafted by the finest blacksmith and thus, the weapons are better than any others. The weapons are controlled through telekinesis by Light and if other people were to use it, they would have full control over the weapons. These weapons have a limited duration before they are sent back to where they were originally. Light can also send the weapons back at will.

-Will of the Wind-

Having high agility, Light is able to dash around the battlefield silently and vanishes for a short duration. During this duration, Light cannot attack and cannot be attacked. Using his arcane abilities, he can block off any skills that allow other people to detect him.

-Arcanical Weapon Mastery-

Having used the Arcane Weapons for a long time, Light fully understands how to use the weapons using telekinesis. This increases Light's ability to block off certain attacks and increases the agility stat by 1 per blocked attack for a short duration.

-Hidden Ability- (For Now?)

-Blade of the Wind-

Light conjures up the Blade of the Wind. The Blade of the Wind emits an aura that increases Light's agility by 2 and his allies, if he chooses to, by one. However, the aura only lasts five seconds within the initial conjuring of the weapon. After the five seconds, Light's agility is then reduced by 3 for the whole of the battle.

-Arcane Armor Mastery-

Having the knowledge of his armor back, Light is able to increase either his strength or luck through immense usage of his arcane powers. This will decrease Light's agility by 2 and raise either his strength or luck stat by 2 the effect lasts the remaining battle and all stat changes will be reverted. When not in use, add one to endurance. Addition endurance by this skill is removed on use of stat shift.

Background Story : Vaerina was relaxing in a bikini on a beach by the coast of the Tarkusza, when a ball of fur washes up to the beach. Vaerina then investigates and helps the said ball of fur.The ball of fur, a wolf, wakes up and having no memories, but able to understand
completely what Vaerina was talking about. The wolf replies Vaerina. "I am Light, a noble wolf and I have no memories of anything but I do understand exactly what
you are saying." While chatting, Light sees a rather large shadow hound and tries to kill it,acting purely by instincts. Vaerina, impressed by the potential of the wolf, she takes the wolf in knowing that it doesn't have any memories left and possibly no other place to go.
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Light, the Noble Lupine.
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