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 Lyria Frostlyre, The Infinite Archon

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PostSubject: Lyria Frostlyre, The Infinite Archon    Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:05 am

"I'll show you what it means to wield real power."
Basic Profile

Real Name: Lyria Frostlyre

Age: 1859 Years Old

Race: Elf/Human Hybrid

Gender: Female

Class: Archon

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair color: Raven Black

Eye color Gleaming Blue

Skin color: Midtone Caucasian

Blood type: AB-


Strength: 3
Perception: 4
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 10
Agility: 3
Luck: 3

Attribute Breakdown

Strength: Without utilizing any strenth enchantments, Lyria possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise, and is barely able to lift her own weight.

Perception: Lyria is frequently engrossed in studying her grimoire or other mystical artifacts while traveling, and does not pay much attention to anyone, she usually relies on her travel companions to tell her where to blow up.

Endurance: Lyria's body is not especially durable, because of her over reliance on her travel companions to protect her, and her so called mastery of magical barriers and shields.

Charisma: Lyria has no interest in socializing with others and isn't exactly the most sociable or friendly person around, mostly due to her extreme anger issues and her obsession of surpassing her mother's legacy. To anger her, is to court death itself due to her powerful abilities.

Intelligence: Lyria is the daughter of one of the most powerful mages in existence, and by studying her mother's legacy, she is an accomplished mage by her own right, even capable of utilizing both primal, and modern magic. Although, she is only able to recall no more than three spells, and is required to consult her grimoire after casting one of them.

Agility: Lyria dislikes physical combat, and would prefer to stay far far away from the frontlines. Therefore, there would be little to no use for her to train herself to be more agile. If needed however, She is easily able to utilize her abilities to enchant her agility.

Luck: Lyria has the luck of an average individual.

Basic Attack
Psionic Shock
Lyria charges up an orb of psionic energy in her palms for approximately 1 second before unleashing it, blasting a medium powered psionic based electrical shock that deals approximately 30% extra damage to biological beings. This ability is not considered a spell, only requiring Lyria's concentration to be utilized.
Signature Abilities

  • Primal Magic Adept
    Lyria's is capable of utilizing complex primal memory based magic spells, but her memory is only able to recalling three of these spells at any time. Once she casts one of them, it disapears from her memory entirely, forcing her to consult her grimoire if she wishes to cast the spell again. At this time, she possesses knowledge of six spells that she inscribed in her grimoire.
    • Psionic Storm

      Powerful psychics have the potential to send out psychic "ripples" that are disruptive to other life forms. Lyria is able to recall a complex magical formulae which to allow her to open her powerful mind to manipulate these ripples. Lyria is then able to focus these ripples into a Storm of raw psychic energy that is capable of literally tearing apart the minds of lesser species.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: After 0.5 seconds, A column of Psionic energy slams into the ground, before unleashing the Psionic storm. First impact deals high damage, then very high damage over 10 seconds.

    • Feedback

      In order to utilize this ability, much concentration is needed, due to the power of this ability stemming from the manipulation of psychic energies by sheer force of mind alone. By recalling a complex magical formulae, Lyria is able to affect the energies of other beings. Creating a forceful whiplash effect, Lyria turns the power of its enemies against themselves.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: Creates a forceful whiplash effect that affects magical energy in a being, causing damage equal to amount of magical energy destroyed.

    • Heartbreaker

      Lyria is known as something of a heartbreaker, Both metaphorically and Literally. By recalling a complex mystical formulae, Lyria is able to slow down the heart rates of anyone nearby to nearly a crawl. With the assistance of a little frost enchantment, Hypothermia easily sets in on the invidvidual, gripping the individual in a sheet of frost before causing the heart to slowly crack apart.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: Slows down reaction time, and deal light damage every second over time for 5 minutes.

    • Twin Fangs

      As Lyria likes to put it, No kill like overkill. By retrieving an intricate mystical formulae from the depths of her mind, Lyria conjures a pair of flaming wyverns composed of pure flame and unleashes them at her enemies. The wyverns blasts enemies that stand in their path with gouts of flame, before crashing through them with their bodies, leaving a trail of lava in their wake.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: The wyvern's flames does light damage, while their bodies do heavy damage when they crash into their enemies. The aftermath deals medium damage and lasts for 7 seconds.

    • Mortal Coil

      Lyria loves the feel of massive power at your fingertips, and nothing says power more than sundering the link of a soul from it's own body. Lyria is able to activate her impressive latent necromancy abilities by evoking the memories of it's elaborate magical formulae. With that, Lyria is able to temporarily able rip the soul out of an being and rejuvenate herself in the process. The out of body experience weights heavily on the being's mind, and upon the soul's return, would cause them immense fear.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: Heals moderate damage, and causes enemy to run in fear for every second the soul is out of the body.

    • Vortex

      The world is held firmly together by the fabric of reality. And to manipulate this fabric would require insane amounts of power to even tear it apart a little. However, utilizing a shortcut discovered by her mother, Lyria is able to tap into the specific mental formulae to temporarily tear a rift in the fabric of reality, sucking in anyone nearby into the rift, incapacitating them and removing them from the battle.
      Spell Cost: None
      Spell Effect: Sucks anyone in an area of effect into a vortex, trapping them for 20 seconds.

  • Arcane Gash

    One of the simplest spells in her arsenal, Lyria conjures a blade constructed of pure mana and slashes it at her foe, Each cast of this spell creates several slashes in the air in front of Lyria. These overlap and intersect, potentially striking multiple enemies multiple times. The skill is more effective the closer the target is, with three hits per enemy almost guaranteed at melee range.
    Spell Cost: Very low
    Spell Effect: Deals low damage for every slash. Each blade causes severe bleeding due to the nature of the blades.

  • Mystic Shock

    Lyria opens up a rift between the physical and ethereal realms, and calls forth lightning arcs that grips an enemy and scorches it until it dies, or Lyria releases her grip on the ethereal realm. When Lyria releases her grip on her enemy, or when her enemy dies, their essence returns to Lyria, rejuvenating her.
    Spell Cost: Low per Second
    Spell Effect: Deals Moderate Damage every 0.5 seconds. When enemy dies, Lyria regains a percentage of magical energy equal to the endurance of her enemy.

  • Bolt of Annihilation

    Lyria projects a bolt of pure chaos energy, and contains it in a ball of arcane energy in the palm of her hands before hurling it at her enemies. The Bolt of annihilation explodes into a nova of destruction upon contact with a surface when it's protective ball of arcane energy shatters, or when the protective ball of arcane energy decays when it travels for approximately 10 yards.
    Spell Cost: High
    Spell Effect: Deals Heavy Damage upon impact, then Heavy damage when the nova explodes.

  • Starshards

    Lyria calls down a shower of arcane energy, bombarding her enemies wherever she chooses. She fires several blueish/teal filaments at a targeted location, bombarding any enemies in the vicinity. It can be cast to any specific spot in range, and will not hit enemies between the Lyria and the location; only those in the firing zone are affected. The Volatile nature of the shards distrupts the very being of the individual, causing other magical attacks to deal extra damage.
    Spell Cost: Medium per second
    Spell Effects: Fires 4 Bolts per second, Each bolt deals Low-Moderate Damage. Causes 15% vulnerabilty to magical attacks.

  • Time Warp

    Messing with the space time continuum is something not even the most reckless of magus would dare to do any more. And is considered one of the most dangerous, if not powerful form of magic. Lyria doesn't seem to care about the ramifications of recklessly utilizing this ability. By creating a bubble of arcane energy, Lyria manipulates the space time continuum in the bubble so that time flows slower for her opponents when they reside in the bubble.
    Spell Cost: High per second
    Spell Effects: Slows time by 50-80%, the slower time is, the more mana it takes.

  • Blink

    The Blink skill is a way for trained magic users to traverse the Ether - and with the speed of thought - materialize in another location a short distance from the entry point. This skill works without the aid of external gateways like the Portal spell, but uses similar techniques. The Blink spell is only reliable over short to medium distances, to jump gaps, or to escape immediate danger. The further the distance, the more mana it takes to prevent complete molecular dispersion.
    Spell Cost: Very Low to Very High
    Spell Effects: Transports Caster to a Distance, uses more mana the further it is.

  • Blazing Meteorite

    Calling upon the elements, Lyria unleashes a fiery meteor that plummets from the sky which crushes anything unfortunate enough to be in the way when it hits. Setting to all enemies it crashes into ablaze as the ground it hits is scorched with molten fire. This skill is among the Lyria's most damaging, if not the one that causes the most collateral damage.
    Spell Cost: High
    Spell Effects: High Damage on first impact, then Low damage for the aftermath.

  • Rune Skin

    Rune Skin is one of the Lyria's most powerful defensive skills. Drawing from long forgotten texts, this Abilty absorbs harmful attacks through a combination of energy resonance and warding runes. Enabling this ability absorbs a great deal of damage for a short duration, making it something of a panic button skill, but one that will save Lyria's life against pretty much everything. Upon expiry of this ability, or when it is destroyed, shards of power scatters everywhere.
    Spell Cost: Medium
    Spell Effects: Prevents Extremely High Amount of Damage. Upon destruction or 30 seconds, it deals 80% of the damage taken in an AOE.

  • War Illusions

    This skill creates three duplicates of Lyria that uses her spells to ferociously attack enemies the instant it appears. Each illusion is more ike a tool or a gun that fights along beside Lyria rather than a creature or a fairy or anything with personality or identity. Each Illusion has their own magical energy pool and health pool, and can not use primal magic.
    Spell Cost: Low
    Spell Effects: Creates 3 Illusions that deal 30% of her damage, and has 30% of her magical energy and health pool.

  • Scatter The Weak

    Whenever Lyria has to fight someone who is too weak to be an entertainment to kill, She simply sweeps her hand, creating a force wave from Lyria, forcefully knocking weak enemies away and repelling projectiles back to their casters.
    Spell Cost: Very low
    Spell Effects: Deals light damage and knocks enemies away, and reflects projectiles.

Character Traits

"So long have you focused on twisting reality to your will that time itself seeks to appease you."
Lyria is not restricted by cooldowns, but when she casts the spell whist it is supposed to be on cooldown, it uses double the magical energy.

Glass Cannon

"How will I survive? I don't intend to get hit in the first place. If you even touch me, it's because I allowed it." - Lyria Frostlyre
Lyria trades her health for more arcane power. She deals 30% more damage, but she takes 15% more damage.

Unstable Energies

"It takes perfect concentration for a Wizard to dance on the edge of infinity. Never be the one to break that concentration."
When Lyria takes too much punishment, a massive spike of magical energy lashes out and deals extremely high damage to the one who dealt the last blow.

Power Hungry

"It just doesn't sit right with me. Some of the things these archons do... They border on necromancy. Or worse! It's just not proper magic." - Anonymous Archmage
Lyria can devour souls or flesh to increase the potency of her magical powers.

Living Pyre

"The red hot armor seared their flesh and boiled their blood as they tried desperately to pry it from smoldering bodies. We finished the defenseless creatures as an act of mercy." - Gallen Marris
Lyria is able to consume a small amount of magical energy to immolate her enemies whenever they get hit by any of her abilities.

Signature Equipment
Staff Of Justified Sins

Lyria discovered this mystical staff constructed of obsidian and precious platinum in her mother's cache of magical artifacts. Apparently, her mother had prepared this staff for her use. According to her mother's instructions, this stave possesses thousand and thousands of different abilities and effects. However, she had only untill now discovered one unique ability.


Prideful, Arrogant, and willing to do anything to achieve power, Lyria would seem like something of a villain to observers. But that couldn't be further from the truth. She considers herself something of a victim of circumstance, and blames her mother for abandoning her when she was an infant in the institute of magic. Ever since young, she was regaled with tales of her mother's brilliant exploits, and that slowly but surely shaped her into a bitter and vengeful person with anger issues. She wishes to surpass every single of her mother's achivements, to be more powerful than her.

Even when that is all said, there is still a sliver of goodness in Lyria's heart. Something that gives her a reason to follow Terith and the others on their journey. On the surface, she claims to be seeking for her mother, and best her in combat, but in truth, she still sticks around because of the Knights of Solace is the only home that she ever knew.


Lyria's mother was one of the most powerful magus to have ever existed. But, Lyria had never had the chance to know her, or had even seen her before. Only a few moments after when she was born, her mother gave her to the magical institute, and instructed the mages to raise her as one of their own, and to school her in the schools of magic, with specific instructions that to prevent her from treading the same path as her.

Lyria knew of her heritage when she was at the young age of 13, and she seethed with bitter resentment as her instructors compared her to her mother all the time, stating that their grasp of magic was similar. And Lyria hated to be compared to her mother. She had only one thing on her mind, to surpass her mother.

She forced herself to study, even when her mind was at the verge of collapsing, she continued to practice, She ate little, and had little entertainment, but all of it paid off. In the short time span of 8 years, Lyria grew from a mediocre wizard, to one of the most powerful magus in the institute, yet, she still wanted more power.

Following a trail of clues, She managed to find her mother's hidden cache, where magical artifacts and equipment were there, all for her. She spend three years in the cave, gleaning knowledge from every possible avenue. After hundred and hundreds year of searching for ways to defeat her mother, and, searching for her mother. She eventually joined the Knights of Solace, and never looked back.
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Lyria Frostlyre, The Infinite Archon
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