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 Ro, the Shape Shifter

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PostSubject: Ro, the Shape Shifter   Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:05 am

"My true identity? *snickers* I don't even have a name to begin with....,"

Name: Ro

Age: Several centuries old (though, he can't exactly remember when)

Race: Altered

Gender: Unknown (Possibly genderless)

Class: Trickster

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: Varies (2 and a half inches)

Weight: Varies (150 gram)

Hair Color: Varies (None)

Eye Color: Varies (Black)

Skin Color: Varies (Dark Green)

Blood Type: Varies (Unknown)

'Regular' Attributes:

Strength: ??
Perception: 5
Endurance: ??
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 8
Agility: ??
Luck: 5

(The ?? will be explained further into the ability section)

True Attributes:

Strength: 0
Perception: 5
Endurance: 1
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 1
Luck: 5


  • Psychic: The ability to read through other people's mind. Passively, it allows him to read through the minds of other people if they thought about it loud enough(Example: 'Man, that guy looks weird,' thought Man X). If used actively, he'll force himself to read through others' minds, whether they thought about it aloud or not. Doesn't work on individuals who have a high enough mental fortitude(Active =/= 6+ int , Passive =/= 8+ int). He can also communicate with others telepathically through this.

  • Mystic Touch: Requires Lo to make contact towards his target via touch to activate. Once active, all of the information regarding about the target's physical appearances are revealed to him, along with their memories and personality... to a certain degree, of course. Memories hidden or locked away deep enough cannot be traced by Ro. And even then, he sometimes only gain a vague and blurry recollection of his target's memories, enough for him to know his target but not enough to understand them completely. (This is to prevent massive OP caused by this ability. As for how much will he know about his target's memories and personality, is entirely up to the said target's players (Unless they're NPCs :p)) This ability is also crucial for him to use his Shape Shifting ability.

  • Shape Shifter: Ro changes his physical appearance into any body of a person/animal/other beings as he wishes, provided that he had made contact to them via Mystic Touch. However, what makes this ability special is that not only will he be able to disguise himself, but he can also 'copy' the physical attributes(STR, END and AGI) of the form he is within, provided that they're not too strong, tough or fast.(5 or less) If it is(6 and above), then the said physical attribute which exceeds the limit will be halved. (For example, let's say, he copied the form of a character that has 4 STR, then he'll also have the same exact 4 STR. On the other hand, if the said character also has 6 agility, then he'll receive a small penalty. So when the agility is halved, it becomes like this. 6/2 = 3 AGI. Note that this only counts towards the target character's 'original' attributes, NOT the transformed/'true'/super saiyan-like form of the characters) He can even 'cheat' an injury as well by shape shifting. For example, if one of his arm got torn up while he is in Form A, he shape shifts himself into Form B, transforming the 'arm' as well. The downside to this is that he'll experience an excruciating amount of pain while he is 'recovering' his injury, and also has a possibility of turning him into his true form if he simply can't withstand the pain.

    Additional Note: When he change into a new form for the first time, he can use that form again for only 3 days, whether he still remains in that form within the time limit or not. Once the duration ran out, he'll be unable to transform into them again and will need to 'Mystic Touch' the same target again to use it and the process is repeated. Oh, he also can't shape shift himself into something FREAKISHLY HUGE such as a dragon and a Devastator.

  • Presence Adaption: With his high charisma, flawless disguise and information about the said 'disguise', he can easily fit himself into any situation, area, important meetings and facility whatsoever. Also, while not in his 'true' form, every single scent and aura of him being an altered seemed as though they completely vanish(literally), making him completely undetectable(as an altered) by high-ranking mages, altered-tracking devices/mechanisms and other means, both magical and physical. He can be a knight, a peasant, a noble, a farmer, a waitress, a prince and even a king without anyone noticing what's wrong.(Provided that the 'original' disguise is not around while not causing international trouble at the same time, which is one of the reasons why he didn't do it)

  • Projection: Is also somewhat important for his Shape Shifting ability, for without it, he'll have to transform himself naked and attracts many unnecessary attention. Allows him to 'create' any items whatsoever, provided that he at least saw them beforehand. This includes clothes, armors, weapons, shields, accessories, etcetera etcetera. So whenever he transforms into a new form, he can use this to cover up himself using the memories or by seeing the equipment wore by his 'form'. However, all of the items projected, no matter what it is, can only last for approximately about six hours. Also, he CAN 'copy' legendary items... only for them to be degraded to a normal one. For example, weapons crafted from an extremely rare and unknown materials will be projected into a weapon that has the same exact design, but instead of that said material, it is replaced to being made out of folded steel instead. Also, every abilities and enhancements within the said equipment are completely removed in its projected version. So for example, even if he projected a type of sword which is more than capable to kill even the GODS THEMSELVES, in its projected version it can only be used as just that, a regular sword with the same cool(or not) appearances but nothing else.

  • I am You: This ability, if used properly, is easily one of his most reliable triumph card. However in order to use it, three certain conditions must be met. 1. He must have 'Mystic Touch'-ed his opponent beforehand. 2. He must be in the exact SAME form as his opponent. 3. If he's fighting one on one against the said opponent. If, and only if, all these three conditions are met, can this ability be activated to the fullest. Information about the target's physical weak spots is instantly revealed to him by digging through the information about his target(again, based on how much information did he gain when he 'Mystic Touch' them before) along with their combat/fighting/casting style and techniques as well. His 'Psychic' is enhanced as well(though only towards the said target), meaning that he'll be able to read the minds of his opponent far more easily and efficiently... that is, unless they have far more tougher mental barrier(Active =/= 8 Int, Passive =/= 9 Int). Combining all of this, he can somewhat 'predict' his opponent's next move based on the information he gained, meaning that he'll be able to dodge and land blows easier than when he is in a different form. And, if all of the target's physical attributes are 5 and below, the opponent will feel as though they're fighting against a parallel mirror of themselves.

  • Copy Cat: His ace up his sleeve. Naturally, he can't mimic the techniques used by his 'form' due to lack of experiences, limited knowledge on magecraft and whatnot. But by using this ability, he can surpass that limit by dwelling deep within his 'form''s memory banks, stored knowledge regarding about magic, years of experiences of training, etc. etc. By 'adapting' himself with the said knowledge/experiences, he can literally copy his 'form's abilities, though only temporarily and the range of the technique/spell/tricks gained is extremely limited(3 normal abilities or 1 extremely powerful ability). However, this ability of his also comes with a price. He'll be stuck in his current form and can't transformed back for one whole day. His Shape Shifting '3-day limit' also comes in play so when he last used his form 2 days ago and used this, he'll no doubt be turned into his true self once the time limit is up. Also, the restriction of this is that it cannot mimic abilities that requires a certain catalyst(legendary weapons, items, familiars, etc.) in order to be used.

Theme Song:

He mostly doesn't revealed his true personality much as he usually depended on his 'form's personality to do the acting for him.

However, if you want to describe his entire being into one word, then it'll be apathetic. What makes him different from the regular Altered is that he doesn't share the same intimacy towards the other races unlike his kin. Just as long as they don't bother him, he won't bother them. And even if they did, he'll try not to use force as a resort to solving it unless he deems it extremely necessary. He also apparently doesn't have any fixed goal or anything in particular, particularly 'content' with his life... as if he can even feel content, that is. Because of his lack of both emotions and drive in life, he often felt a... void within himself, as though he feels himself as nothing more than an 'empty husk of a living being'. Due to this fact, he often yearns something, anything at all, to fulfill his unknown desires yet at the same time, he can't even feel 'fulfillment' itself. To fill up the 'void' within him and not disrupting the contradictions at the same time, he distracts himself by leading a 'false life' which is made possible thanks to his special traits in hopes that it'll be enough to satisfy his feeling of 'emptiness'. Yet even so, he knows it himself that he can never truly be fulfilled and often questioned himself regarding about the meaning of his existence.

Ro was, truth be told, just a mere insect back before his so-called 'exile'. While he was still an Altered, a race whose name had once spread terror throughout the other races, to his kin, he was regarded as nothing more than an ant, ready to be stepped upon by his larger kind without even being spared a second glance. Such was the fate of his subspecies, which was the Altered equivalent of a bug. Ro, seeing many of his fellow kinsmen both old and young died before him, decided to just give up his pitiful life and embrace himself up to the cruel destiiny that befall upon his entire subspecies. However, like what they all say, the Mistress of Fate had another plan for him... a plan that will change him entirely.

One day while crawling away miserably onto the dirt of the Volcanic Lands under the scorching sun, he knew that he wouldn't last for long now. With no energy left to even move a muscle, he waited and anticipated for somebody, anybody at all, Altered be damned, to swiftly put an end to his insignificant and meaningless existence. Or maybe he'll die due to the extreme heat and exhaustion or whatever, not caring for the method of his death and only his death. However no sooner had he about to collapse from lack of water in his mouth, he found himself being lifted up by two tiny little things the bigger beings' called 'fingers'. Curious as to why the being even bothered to pick him up, he looked upon his would-be executioner only to find that his vision was getting blurry. "My my, well aren't you a unique specimen?" Was the last thing he ever heard before he became completely unconscious.

As for the rest of the story, it still remains a mystery, as though there's large gap in his memory up till this day. He's not sure why he can't remember them though. Maybe it is a side-effect to his supposed 'experimentation' or maybe he had been blessed by a very powerful warlock. There's still so many questions that remained unanswered in his head. However one thing for sure was that, he was no longer in the Volcanic Lands anymore... and he can actually feel his hands and feet. Normally, someone of his stature would've been awe-struck and rejoiced himself now that he escaped his supposed fate befallen upon his kin... except that he can't. It is as though he can't feel any emotions at all, exactly. Had he been far too broken in his past that he just doesn't care whatever happens anymore? Or maybe something had happened in-between his memory shift that had caused him to be like this? Nobody knows.

He also knew that his 'disguise' won't last long and that he can no longer return to the Volcanic Lands due to unknown circumstances. He felt that the moment he returned there,...

Unable to return to his former homeland, he continued his life as a Shape Shifter among the society of Gweralle, living among the nobles in the human kingdom, the Elven rangers of the Zuhal forest, the dwarven blacksmiths of Mount. Rindarus and the likes as time passed. While living with many false identities and lives of other people throughout all these years hoping that it'll be enough to maintain the 'void' within, he often secretly yearns to know what exactly is his true purpose, his unknown desires, so that he can provide himself with reasons for his sustained existence. Perhaps he'll find out on his own as he bid his own time.... or maybe he won't and will have to continue this endless cycle for the rest of his 'lifetimes', his true purpose unknown and unfulfilled.
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Ro, the Shape Shifter
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