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 The True face of War

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PostSubject: The True face of War   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:29 am

After the World of Gweralle was created, there was the time when the Human and Elf were at war against each other. Because of the war, there have been elf slavery, Noble assassination and even some attempts to assassinate the King of Tarkusza and the Queen of Zuhal.

The Bloodshed had awakened the [color:3d63=Dark Red]Demon of Gweralle, also known as the Altered in thier world, manifested by the Hatred and Vengeance of both Humans and Elves

Before the Altered came, the Human and Elf were at war against each other at the Cross road between the path to the Capital of Tarkusza and the Forest of Zuhal. It all happened in a blink of an eye. The Altered, rushing into the battlefield of war, killed the soldiers of the both nations.

That day was known as the “Black Massacre’’. A few days passed, finally both humans and elves decided to sign a peace treaty and joined up with other races like the Dwarves, Gnomes, Mermaids and Nagas.

Before the Altered reached Razlarya, the other 4 kingdoms have send thier troops to aid Razlarya for the upcoming battle. It was a rare sight to see multiple species gathered their army, standing together to defend against unknown invader. A while after Razlarya have done with the preparation for the war, the Altered was within their sight.

When the Altered was at the Field of Razlarya, they stopped. For a moment, both sides went into brief silence. As the Human blown the Battle Horn, the War begins. When the Altered started charging towards Razlarya, the elven archers released their arrow endlessly at the Altered. The sky was filled with arrows raining down upon the Altered. But their effort were futile, more Altered took the place of the dead one. The Elven Archers changed their position with another group of archers who was standing by with fire arrows. The Human have several Boulders covered with straw and reinforced with wood. The Soldiers poured the oil all over the boulders and then released the boulders towards mass of Altered. The Elven Archer, famous of their precision and accuracy, unleashed their flaming arrows toward the boulders and thus ignited most of the Altered from the first wave of invasion.

The joy of victory only last for a moment when the second wave of Altered marching towards the Kingdom or Razlarya. At that moment, the Lancers, soldiers who wield a large shield and a long lance marched to the battlefield and formed a defensive wall formation known as “Iron Fortification’’. The Altered, unaware of the danger from the formation, charges toward the Lancers, and knocked the Shields. The Lancer's Wall was standing tall and still like a tree. They started Thrusting their lance at the Altered and the Altered retreated. Just like before victory was only briefly when suddenly Altered warlock emerged from the sky, casting Chaos Bolt towards the Lancers. The lancers are getting weary and were dying one by one.

Suddenly, several mortal fired towards the Altered Warlock. Combined the wisdom and the art of craftsmen of the Dwarves, Elves and the Gnomes, instead of firing normal mortal shell, it blasted Ice Bolt towards the Altered Warlock. After the warlock’s attention was diverted to the mortal, the soldiers from the frontline charged towards to the Altered with their battle cry roaring across the battlefield.

The battle lasted for 3 days. The army of Razlarya was getting weak and exhausted. The morale of the army drop significantly when they discovered the Altered had not weakened but strengthened with battle rams and mass of Altered. The soldiers of Razlarya started to lose hope. Everyone got depressed and were about to give in to their fate. Just then, the king and the queen of Razlarya went to the camp. They came before the Dragon Statue and kneeled in front of the statue prayed that the Dragons will come to their aids against the Altered. Soldiers, surprised by the sudden action of the leaders of Razlarya, started whispering each other. Watching as the queen and king prayed, a soldier started to kneel and pray, another soldier followed and prayed. As the time passed, all the soldiers at the camp were all kneeling before the Dragon Statue. Praying for miracle, no, the dragon will come to their aid.
The Altered, already reached the Gate of Razlarya, Began ramming the gate with their battle rams just when 2 large figures came swooping down bathing the Altered and their battle rams with wave of inferno. It was the Dragon guardians of the Kingdom of Razlarya. The Dragon of Equal and Peace. The Dragons have answered the prayers of Razlarya, and came to aid them in the battle. As the dragon came and started to slaughter the Altered, the Army of Razlarya have regained hope, they opened the Gate of Razlarya, and the remaining armies from inside the gate came rushing out slaughtering the remained of the Altered in front of the gate.
After the Altered were being pushed back into their realm, the Divine Dragons sealed off the portal
with their magic. The Dragons turned and look at the King and Queen of Razlarya. The King and Queen bowed before them, the dragons answered with a nod before flying back into the Sky. Looking back at the bloody battle, the King and Queen of Razlarya have decided to prepare a large gravestone. The name of the soldiers who have fallen in the battle will be written into the grave. The Grave have a sentence written above the names, "The Fallen comrades who protected the kingdom of Razlarya, forever you will live in our hearts, with Honor and Glory, with Courage and Pride, to the end of our time."

After the War, the5 Kingdoms of Gerald decided to sign a truce, which they will help each other forever, to aid each other and to live in peace, with each other.

From that day onwards, the battle between the Altered and the 5 kingdoms will be known as "The True face of War".

Ancient History of Gweralle: The True face of War.
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The True face of War
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