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 Scearn, The Iceheart

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PostSubject: Scearn, The Iceheart   Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:02 pm

This numbness....refreshing ... warmth....painful.......Let me ease....your..pains..- His last spoken words.

Name : Scearn Baeth

Age : 35

Race : Human

Appearance(Unarmored) :

Gender : Male

Class : Ex-mercenary, Warrior

Alignment : Neutral Evil


Strength : 8 With all of his limbs frozen hard, he needs a lot of strength to even be able to move, much less swing a frozen sword.
Perception : 5 His only way of determining direction is heat ( the east feels hottest in the morning and the west in the night)
Endurance : 8 His armor and himself is a walking castle due to permafrost
Charisma : 0 Like you can convince someone by having 0 senses
Intelligence : 7 The Krio inside him has quite some knowledge of magic despite being trapped in a pendant for a some time
Agility : 2 he is frozen....
Luck : 5 as lucky as anyone

Personality : Scearn no senses whatsoever, meaning that he can't talk,see,feel,hear which makes talking to him akin to talking to a brick wall (And having a deathwish). Also, he has a hatred for anything warm and will do his worse to destroy such objects and anything living.

Abilities :

Chilling Aura : Scearn will sap away all the heat around him while filling the space left with bone-cutting coldness, freezing everything in the process. Also, this is his only ''sense'' as he can sense warm objects around him such as living beings, fires and such. However, he would have a trouble fighting anything that is cold or frozen as he would be literally knocked senseless by them.

Hellish Lesson : Usually used against the foes who uses fire magic or weapons, Scearn will sap all the cold air in the area, rapidly increasing the temperature in the area to scorching levels which he would be protected against. The spell is designed to ''teach'' his enemies a lesson about the price of cold air.

Eternal Frost : Scearn's armor is always at sub-zero levels, freezing anything it touches and making him immune to ice and fire magics and immune to any un-enchanted weapon (Anything burning will just extinguish itself when it touches him due to the cold). His sword is also frozen to the point where it is unbreakable and harder than any weapon that can be physically made. However, the sword's temperature can be decreased if Scearn is not holding it. His body, is also frozen to the point which anyone will go mad from the pain trying to move it (there are some parts that are not frozen etc: muscles,brains)

Story : Scearn Baeth was just another common sword-for-hire, protecting caravans and joining in armies and such, for a price. One cold day, while Scearn was hired to protect a treasure hunter, he and 30 others were caught off-guard by the inhabitants of the island they were exploring. The attack took away the lives of 10 of his comrades, leaving him and the rest heavily wounded. After the attack, they returned to their ship, only to find it frozen and a trail of ice leading onto a frozen lake. On the middle of the lake, there was a huge block of ice. Before they were able to do anything else, the inhabitants of the island, bloodthirsty cannibals found them again, surrounding them and outnumbering them 100 to 1.

The party made a last stand in the middle of the lake, fending off frenzied cannibals as they charged forward, soon one by one they were devoured by the cannibals as they were slain. Soon only him and five others including the treasure hunter were left. The treasure hunter, convinced that the ice contained the artifact they were looking for, urged them to melt it as it could be their only way for survival, he could not have known what fate had in store for those who survived. A mage in their group tried to melt the ice with fire spells but was slain before the ice completely melted. Another tried to melt it using the torches the cannibals were holding was also killed. In the end, Scearn slashed at the ice block desperately, before a native clubbed him down when he was trying to remove his sword for another strike. As he was about to be dragged to become dinner, he yanked the sword out of the ice,
along with it fell out a pendant, pierced through the middle by his sword.

After that, Scearn was possessed by a Frost Krio, a being that resides in certain artifacts. As the cannibals touched his skin they were turned into ice and soon, the whole lake was covered in frozen bodies. He then turned to his comrades, who he then slain one after another as the spirit had twisted his body and mind, turning him into a harbinger of frost. Soon, he covered the island in permafrost but that was not enough for him. He then set his sights to the mainland, his unseeing gaze full of frost and hate.............

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Scearn, The Iceheart
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