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 Melodia Arrwyne

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PostSubject: Melodia Arrwyne   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:29 am


Name: Melodia Arrwyne

Age: 16

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Trainee Knight

Alignment: Lawful Good


Strength: 6
Perception: 4
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 5
Luck: 4


  • Shield Bash:
    Bashes the opponent using the shield, disorienting them in the process. Extremely effective when combined with 'Counter-attack'. Has a chance to stun the target temporarily.

  • Defensive Stance:
    Melodia adopts a defensive stance, thus strengthening her defence in exchange of free movement. Useful in a tight situation or when clearly outmatched.

  • Counter-Attack:
    When successfully blocked an attack using her shield, she'll temporarily gain a boost in both her attack and speed as she delivers a powerful counter attack. Works well with 'Shield Bash'.

  • Rush:
    Melodia rushes towards her opponent, disregarding her defence in exchange for speed. Only works when she's far away from her opponent. Useful against ranged enemies.

  • Throw Rock:
    Throws a rock at a target opponent. Useful for distractions. Though this skill may be simple, it's effectiveness in combat has yet to to be seen. (Note: I blame Nyz, Kyle and IknowInewb for this skill <<;; )

Cheerful and outgoing, she always try to view the lighter side of things on many occasions. Because of her optimistic nature, she may also be considered as naïve by many people. Still, that doesn’t seemed to bother her at all as she thought that despite the many things that people may have suffer during the course of their life, she always believed that there’s always hope amidst all of their hardships.

Holding firm to her ideals, she won’t hesitate when it comes to helping those who really needed it. She’ll also stop at nothing to punish those who trampled upon the weak and the innocent just for personal gain.

Born from a simple family at the outskirts of Tarkusza, Melodia was just another ordinary little girl who was leading a simple ordinary life back then. She was only four at that time and, like the other residents, had been so used to the peaceful and calm life of Cormere village that she though the peace could last forever.

..However, that was not to be the case. On a bright sunny day, where the residents are doing their daily routines, the unexpected happened. The patrol guards were lazily performing their duties when suddenly they had spotted many hooded people on horseback riding towards the entrance. At first, they thought that they were just the usual trading merchants travelling in groups and allowed them to enter through the village. But just as the strangers began to take their very first step on Cormere’s soil, the two guards near the entrance to the village was lying down on the ground, dead.

It was then that the strangers revealed themselves, unfolding their cloaks as they drew their weapons. One good look at the green skinned men was all that they need to see to recognize who their attackers were. They were orcs, but not just ordinary orcs. They’re Orcish outlaws, orcs that had been shunned out by their own kin due to their notorious deeds. Buildings were burnt down, the crop fields razed as the patrol guards tried their very best to drive them out of the village but died in vain as they were overwhelmed by the outlaws. It was natural, really. These guards were meant to ward off bandits, nothing more and nothing less. Dealing with petty thieves and cutthroats is one thing. Fighting against a group of well armed orcs which are experienced in terms of battle is another. And the fact that the guards are too used to their peaceful lifestyle didn’t help the matters at all.

Melodia witnessed the carnage before her, the people killed ruthlessly by the orcs, including the young and old. She just stood there hiding behind the walls of an unknown building, thinking that the orcs will just go away by making herself unnoticed as the walls was her only protection between her and certain death. Lady Luck was not on her side when one of the orcs noticed her just in time before she came back to hiding. Trembling in fear, she clutches both of her knees tightly as the sound of heavy footsteps was coming closer and closer. Knowing that her doom was inevitable, she only hoped that her imminent death would be quick and painless.

When all hope seemed lost however, the footsteps stopped dead in its track while the sound was being replaced by the sound of hooves from a different direction. Trying to go out for a quick peak, what she saw was a platoon of men wearing emblazoned armor, wielding weapons on their hands while dismounting their mounts in front of the orcish raiders. Taking a few moments trying to remember something, she soon recognized that the ones who were actually coming to their rescue were actually knights. In one of the many stories that she had listened from her Old Nan, knights were the Defenders of Justice, elite warriors who were trained to protect the innocent and inspires hope in everyone’s heart. It is also said that some of them were legendary heroes, especially during the Demon Wars centuries ago.

With their prowess in combat and unwavering resolves, they were able to defeat most of the outlaws while the few remainders had somehow managed to pass through their ranks and escaped. Some of them were about to chase after them but was stopped by their apparent captain. “Leave them be. For now, search and find as many survivors as you can!” The other knights were already on their horseback as soon as the order was given and galloped around the village, lending aid to the victims of the recent attacks. The ones that had given the order however walked towards her direction, as though noticing her this whole time. Squatting, he’d pat on Melodia’s head. “Are you all right, young child?” he said with a kind tone. She just nodded at him, unable to express how grateful she was as the images of the saviors were engraved in her mind.

Many days have passed after the orcish raid. The current survivors were doing all they can to rebuild their village while the kingdom were handing out aid and necessary supplies to the local populace. Melodia was also helping out at reestablishing her hometown, still thinking about the knights that had arrived to their rescue. She had found a newfound respect towards them. Little did she knew, that they had also secretly inspired her to become one herself.

She had not known it herself until the day she saw the kids back home were sparring with wooden sword and decided to join in as well. By now, she was already ten and, despite being beaten during the first time since she’s a beginner, soon be able to get used to it quite easily. Within such a short time, she had proven herself a natural in the arts of swordsmanship so well that she had managed to defeat some of the older and more experienced boys. This has caught the eye of one of the trainers from the local guard school, which was recently built to train new and current guards, and offered her a chance to develop her skills properly in his institution. Without any hesitation she took up the offer, realizing that she is one step closer towards her dream becoming a knight.

Several years had passed as her potential grew…. Until the day she was given an application to join in one of the most esteemed military academy throughout the entire kingdom, which is not other than the Dragon Heart’s Academy itself. It is said that that academy was where famed soldiers and warriors had come from. She also heard that they also trained the finest of knights. She was still unable to believe that she’s going to be joining within the ranks of the knights but the villagers there knew better. Having seen her potential when she was still in the guard school, they were not surprised that she was chosen to join the Academy. After packing up everything and saying her goodbyes to everyone in Cormere village, she set off on her journey towards the main capital where Dragon Heart’s Academy was located. This is where the next chapter of her story begins…..
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Melodia Arrwyne
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