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 The Aurelian Family (Elene's Side)

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PostSubject: The Aurelian Family (Elene's Side)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:52 pm

"In the name of the Aurelian Household,"

Name: Matthias Aurelia

Age: 46

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Short Bio:
The father of Elene and current Lord of the Aurelian nobility. Has an exceptionally eloquent tongue especially when involved in important discussions and other serious affairs. A caring and lovable father-figure when he's with his family, however. Once had an affair with a woman but tries to keep that past hidden away. Currently one of the most influentional figure in all of Gweralle.


"I only want what's best for our daughter. Nothing more, nothing less...,"

Name: Irlene Aurelia

Age: 42

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Short Bio:
The mother of Elene and official wife of Lord Matthias. A lady from an apparently high birth. Loves her husband despite him cheating on her once during the past with another woman. Cares about her daughter more than anything else.


The Daughter, Heir
Eleanor A. Aurelia, of the Aurelia Household
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The Aurelian Family (Elene's Side)
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