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 Thur' Gash, Champion of the Broken Skull Clan

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PostSubject: Thur' Gash, Champion of the Broken Skull Clan   Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:27 pm

"Let the battle begin!"

Name: Thur' Gash

Age: 57

Race: Half Orc/Ogre Hybrid

Gender: Male

Class: Gladiator, Bounty Hunter, Berserker

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 9'2"

Weight: 750lb

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dull Red

Skin Colour: Dark Green


Strength: 10
Perception: 5
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 5
Luck: 4

Attribute Breakdown:

Strength: Even amongst the likes of his fellow kin, Thur' Gash is revelled as the strongest of the strong, capable of lifting things many times his weight and hold his ground against an opponent many times his size with ease. There was even a rumour speculating that he had once split an entire mountain into two using his sheer strength alone.

Perception: As a gladiator, he was forced to hone his battle instincts while fighting his way through the arena against countless opponents. As such, he had developed a special sixth sense which allows him to detect nearby danger especially during battle.

Endurance: His ogre heritage combined with his vigorous training and extremely harsh lifestyle had developed his natural toughness up to the point where he can easily shove off a cannon blast and still survive against an attack which can be considered as a mortal blow.

Charisma: Living most of his entire lifetime in one of the many cages of the colloseum had done little to improve his charismatic skills.

Intelligence: His intellect is comparable to that of an ordinary civilian as he rather solves most of his problems through brawns over brains.

Agility: Though not the most agile of warriors, he still has well-developed reflexes due to constant fighting against various types of opponents such as esteemed blademaster, rogue, famed martial artists and the likes.

Luck: No matter how strong he is, he must've some luck in order to survive all those battles throughout all these years, most of them ended with him leaving unscathed.


  • Ultimate Warstomp: Using as much strength as he can muster, he slammed his foot onto the ground so hard that the force of the stomp can be compared to that of a small earthquake, shaking the very earth themselves in a 30m radius. Those caught by the shockwave will find themselves disorriented and possibly stunned as well while those who are within 5m from him will have a risk of being impaled by the man-made spikes produced by the said stomp surrounding Thur' Gash.

  • The Raging Bull: Thur' Gash charges towards his opponent, increasing his speed in exchange for defense. Upon contact, the unfortunate victim/object will find themselves as though being hit by a force equivalent to that of a thousand charging bulls. Useful against humongous enemy and/or buildings.

  • Cries of the War God: A battle shout which is quite famous among the orcs and often used by many renowned warriors in the Sands Of Izscar. When used, those who are too weak-willed will tremble before him(-1 to all stats for minions/very weak character). Also provides him and his ally increased morale(+ 1 to any stat) and gives Thur' Gash the ability to ignore pain completely for a short duration.

  • Spiked Carapace: Those who even try to get near him will have a high risk of being injured by his spiked armor, let alone those who wish to engage him in melee combat. Many warriors who aren't careful enough often met their demises at the hands of these spikes before they could even land a single blow towards him.

  • Juggernaut: Pressing both of his feet deep down into the ground, he is able to concentrate the muscles within his body much more efficiently. While he cannot move during this stance, he makes up for it for his massive strength and toughness boost. It had once been stated that he is as 'unmovable as a mountain' while in this stance.

  • Relentless Onslaught: Entirely disregarding his defense, he attacked his opponent with newfound bloodlust, with each strike faster than the last one. Increases attack speed while greatly reduces his overall toughness.

Signature Weapons:

Khazzar, the Bloody Edge: A sword with an odd runic mark on it with a dim red aura of some sorts surrounding it. For some strange reason, whenever someone is either killed or injured by this weapon, it glows bright red. Some claimed that it's a cursed weapon which thirsts on the blood of the fallen while others stated that it is a blade forged from the depths of Hell itself. Still, Thur' Gash doesn't give a damn about its origins as long as it has the power to attack without the said weapon being broken due to his massive strength output. Due to its massive size and weight, only someone of Thur 'Gash's stature can wield it effectively. Claimed within the pits of the arena.

Tur Lok, the Demonic Axe: A very large axe who had once belonged to a famed Warchief of a certain orcish clan... until Thur' Gash gained the axe after a 'friendly spar' with the said Warchief, who is now currently dead. It was originally intended to be used as a two-handed weapon, however because of his sheer strength, he is able to wield it single handedly with relative ease.

To say that he likes to fight is merely an understatement for he doesn't treat it as a form of sport, he LIVES for it. So much that he's willing to declare a duel to a random pedestrian on the street should they deem tough enough just to sate his bloodthirst. Be sure to expect that he enjoys an honourable battle more than anything else and should you ever tainted that, he'll swear to the War God himself that he'll be more than happy to personally TEAR YOU UP LIMB TO LIMB. He also doesn't mind a match against his odds, as long as he knows of it beforehand or if certain circumstances are unavoidable.

Outside of battle though, he doesn't talk much aside from his usual grunts as he prefers to interact himself with others through actions rather than words. To those who he has taken a liking of however, is where he shows the more boisterous side of his persona.

Thur' Gash can't remember how he found himself within the premises of the colloseum ever since he was but a mere orcling. The only thing that he remembered about his past was the cold, damp floor beneath him, the steel cage surrounding him and the gruel and water that had occasionally appeared just outside of the said bar within his reach. He was also forced to train himself extremely by his unknown peers, else punishments would ensue in the form of constant whipping, starvation and being beaten to a pulp. Eat, train, sleep, eat and so on. He thought that the process would remain forever as he had no way to tell the passage of time while within the cage. However, little did he know that his captors had a better plan as they saw potential within him...

One day, he had surprisingly being given no food at all. This has repeated until the third day, where he was extremely famished and had grown considerably weaker than he ever was. That is, until he was dragged by his unknown captors into another cage with his blindfold on. Once his blindfold opens, he finds himself within the cage with another orc... and a plate of food attached to the ceiling by some sort of string. He can't remember what exactly did his captor's said, but whatever it is, it had forced both him and the new orc to fight against themselves for survival. Eventually, the half-orc/ogre one with his very first opponent completely beaten to a pulp and dead. His captors', impressed at his display of skill, had given him his rightful rewards.

On the morrow, he was led to another location by a handful of guards with his handcuffs on. That, was the very first time that he had ever felt the outside world. The scorching sunlight enveloping his skin and the sands on the ground was a completely new experiences to him. "This, my friend, is your new life," One of the guards said as he observed the gladiators within the colloseum pitted against each other as the loud roars of the crowd above it can be heard from almost everywhere in every single direction.

Years had passed since then as he rises among the ranks in the Arena. Soon, he became a legendary figure in the Sands Of Izscar and had also become a fairly well-known topic among its denizens. Dozens of opponent he had slew and a hundred more awaits on the next day. However, all of this was not to last as the clan owning the colloseum had been attacked by another clan and was driven away. The Chieftain of the said clan knew the Arena for its famed warriors and had inspected it to look for new possible blood to join his clan.... and that's when he cast his eyes upon a certain gladiator.

Thur' Gash, not knowing what's happening in the outside world, just waited in his cell as he anticipates for his next debut. As he heard the gates of his cell open, he went out expecting a few guards and a handcuff on his hands. What he got instead was a group of unarmed orcs as they gave him some food and ale(something he had never tried before) and brought him OUTSIDE of the arena. Completely bewildered, he demanded an explanation from them. When asked, the Chieftain himself comes forth personally in front of the gladiator and placed his arms on the half orc's shoulder. "You need not rot yourself in the Pits, my kinsmen, for you are among one of us now." He gave a reassuring smile. "You're free,"

The gladiator, who is completely new to the concept of 'Freedom', had witnessed that his whole life had began to change yet again. How will he adjust and adapt himself to his new 'free' life? Join him in his pursuit of seeking out a new purpose for himself in his completely new lifestyle....

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Thur' Gash, Champion of the Broken Skull Clan
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