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 Vebur, Outcast of Rindarus

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PostSubject: Vebur, Outcast of Rindarus    Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:11 pm

Name : Vebur, Son of Rorin
Age : 100
Race : Dwarf

Appearance :
Weapon appearance :
Gender : Male
Class : Dragoon. Vebur is a first-class Slayer in the dragoon guild/organization and is considered like a general of sorts for the Dragoons.

Ability : As all Dragoons, Vebur is able to leap up the air at imaginary heights in high speed, capable of matching a fleeing dragon or a low flying one. Also, his spear is enhanced with soul piercing magic specially designed to mutilate a dragon's very own soul. He is also able to pinpoint and pierce through the weak points of living things but he is unable to do so if the target is wearing clothing.

List of spells:

Jump : This is the cookie-cutter, bread and butter, trademark and signature spell of dragoons. Every dragoon will spend years mastering this spell until they can land on any surface unscathed and scale heights up to 30 times their body height. As this spell is a basic beyond basics spell the users of Jump is able to use it anytime and as many times they want without fear of depleting their mana but like all spells, is unable to be used when a person depleted his mana or in the presence of anything that suppresses spells.

Alignment : Chaotic good

Attributes :
Strength: 7
Perception: 5
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 4
Luck: 4

Vebur is a dwarf, which pretty much explains his endurance while his strength is due to the vigorous or more precisely , madman level of training in the Dragoon mountains which involves climbing up the hill in full armor while pushing a boulder uphill. However, Vebur has the agility of an angry bull due to his short stature and bulging muscles. Also he doesn't have much luck wining a gamble but he is able to convince the players he doesn't have an ace up his sleeve while its half sticking out (sometimes). Lastly, dwarven warriors aren't exactly famed for their brains.

Personality : Vebur is usually playful with his speech and would start conversations with complete strangers while having his usual alcoholic orgy at a very fortunate bar/inn. He doesn't take lightly to insulting actions and if someone crosses him, that someone better have a good beer in hand or a fast pair of elven legs (however, if the insult was an oral one he'd be tempted to start throwing back some insults for fun). With all of that being said, he has a strong will and is able to take the most brutal of strikes and the most antagonizing tortures without falling apart mentally or physically.

Ask around any dwarven city about their crimes and punishments. The usual reply of the most hypocritical dwarf would be that even though that the dwarves are a peaceful (albeit greedy) race, the law must still be enforced by punishments and even though punishments is a must have, they must be civilized,just and not meant to humiliate the criminal. That, seems to prove wrong in Vebur's case. A few centuries after the Altered was defeated, dwarven politics grew increasingly frustrating as more and more so called "Legitimate Heirs'' to an empty dwarven throne (The king had a mental breakdown called ''Gold Fever") appeared out of nowhere (In a completely unrelated side-note, dwarven kings were famous for never being sterile when a mug or goblet of beer is at hand). Different royal families supported different heirs and in the end, the Ironskins managed to decrease their competitors (they fell sick and died at a feast together hosted by the Ironskins, proven and confirmed by Dr Griegor Ironskin) and their heir was crowned the King of Rindarus (The old king signed away his throne when they promised him a golden chair). Soon they started clearing out "rebels", the royals who supported other heirs including Vebur were unfortunately booted out to exile in the most humiliating dwarven way possible, being carried out on a baby chair with a bottle of milk on it then thrown out the gates(considered the most "brutal" punishment).The royals decided to commit suicide before it could be carried out however.

Soon, Vebur went to join the dragoons as they were the only organization he ever knew of and frankly, outside help was too far away. The rest of the royal dwarves heard of his fate and swore loyalty to the King so there was no relying on inside help as well. So being the only exile in dwarven history (other royals and criminals were hanged), cold and hungry, he climbed up Mount Raigon to the dragoon stronghold and joined them in hopes of revenge.After 7 decades of training and rising up the dragoon ranks calmed down his rage and hate, Vebur was sent to Tarkusza to act as sort of a recon for the dragoons after a rumor of a dragoon appearing there caught the dragoons attention (For some reason Vebur did not know of the rumor and his superiors assumed he did and, conviniently decided not tell him anything about it other than it being a holiday).

Trade and weapons:

Vebur was (and still is) a blacksmith and forged himself the spear that he always uses in fights. He also owns a war mace which is rumored to have been used by an orckish dragoon to smash down a dragon midair from 100 feet in the air. He is unable to wield it however and the previous owners of it was unable to do so too, the mace is now a symbol of being a high-ranked member of the dragoons.

Retractable Spear : This spear was forged by Vebur himself and blessed by the High-Seer of the dragoons (like every dragoon weapon) to be exceptionally lethal to dragons. The specialty of the spear is that it can be retracted to look like an ordinary short stick when Vebur wishes to do so. Also, the spear can be used as a javelin as the back of the weapon is pointed and retractable too.

Ar√Ľngulsak (Translated from orckish to Breaker of Flight) : The mace is like every dragoon weapon, blessed by the High-Seer of the dragoons to be deadly to dragon and crafted by a dwarf (they were the closest blacksmiths).The story of the weapon was that this time, the orc wielding it brought it back to his homeland and enhanced it again with his own lifeforce, a widespread custom during the early days when the dragoons were founded. Once the weapon was broken the user of it would be destroyed along with it unless the guy was dead, which would result in the person being sealed in the weapon, but in return for this compromise the weapon would become harder than any metal (but still breakable by a dragon's claws) and heavier than the most complicated armors. Then, one unlucky night, the orc's village was destroyed by a black dragon, the dragoon lost his entire family to the slaughter when he was visiting the orcish king in the capital. When word reached him, he was said to have smashed his way out of the orcish castle and rode out of the city on the chieftain's personal centaur on pursuit of the trail the dragon left. After riding for three days without rest he finally saw a huge dot in the sky. He instinctively knew that this was the dragon and leap up with all of his rage and smash down his mace onto the dragon's wing, breaking part of its soul off along with the wing. The both of them then fell down from the sky, the dragon from injury, the orc from exhaustion. The orc died on the spot when he hit the ground as he was not able to cast the landing part of jump while the dragons fate was unknown. From that day onward, the mace has an uncleanable red stain on its side which hit the dragon.

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Vebur, Outcast of Rindarus
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