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 Ian Burnett

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PostSubject: Ian Burnett   Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:36 am

Name: Ian Burnett

Age: 26

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Spy/Scout/Messenger/etc.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Strength: 3
Perception: 8
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

At first glance, most people often see him as a type of person who had just experienced many hardships in life which, to be honest, isn't very far from the truth. Then again, he is also surprisingly laidback and somewhat lazy despite his seemingly serious demeanour. Slightly pessimistic, he led his life with a cynical view as though he could careless about what would happened throughout the world around him. Questions on why he still remains loyal and dedicated to his job and the military throughout all these years is still unknown, though there were a speculation that stated that his role in the military is the only life that he had ever truly known.

In combat, he had no qualms on playing dirty against his opponent. In fact, he will exploit them to the fullest to his utmost advantage when given the chance and would rather fight through ambushes, feints and traps.

  • Keen Sense: Years of serving the military in espionage missions had done wonders in his observation skills. As such, he can easily detect any anomalies around him through both observation and clever deduction.

  • Intel Update: Being a messenger for the military has its perks, as he is always being kept up to date about the recent happenings and news around the world, through both public and private sources.

  • Fire Magi: Though he didn't receive any proper training to use his fire magic to its full potential, he can still utilize it through different means and uses it to his advantages. He can imbued any item within his grasp with fire magic, thus increasing their efficiency. For example, by enhancing any rifle-based weapon with his this, he can add more manpower to it. Or maybe imbued it on an object which is easily burnable to create an instant 'grenade'. Thus, his other ability....

  • Explosives Extrodinaire: As stated above, he can use just about ANYTHING as his 'grenades', provided that they can be burned with fire. He can also enhance projectiles(such as bullets, arrows, bolts, etc.) and add explosive effects on them as well when fired. Finally, when using items which is already an explosive such as grenades, land mines, bombs, etc., he can enhance them as well and multiply their efficiency to truly devastating effects.


Classified Information. Literally.

If one were to look deep within his military records, one would find that information regarding about his past life back before he joined the military is missing from his archives as only notes of his military achievements, mission performances and the likes are the only thing available. And the fact that Ian doesn't talk much about it only deepens the mystery. During the first few years of his service, his peers often had qualm about him especially about the absence of his background records. However as time passes, Ian had proven himself very loyal to the military as undertook many dangerous missions, often those with a high risk of being dead, and had always report himself to the headquarters with excellent performances. Because of this, nobody had ever made a huge fuss about his origins as he had already proven himself dedicated to the cause of the military.

Currently, he is under the command of Captain Alexander Donovan, a famed commander of great renown. He still questioned himself on the captain's so-called method of maintaining his 'great sense of justice'(mostly with deaths) but doesn't voice out a complaint as he thinks that it is underneath his authority to do so. He was only here to do his job, after all, so why bother?

And that, is where his story continues.....
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Ian Burnett
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