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 Captain Alexander Donovan

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PostSubject: Captain Alexander Donovan   Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:36 pm

"Having a few more medals doesn't make you better at killing."

Name: Alexander Donovan

Age: 35

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Warlord

Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: Alexander's left eye had been severly wounded, a long scar runs from the eyebrow to his upper lip. His right eye is in perfect condition and a pale blue. Alexander's hair is a raven black, matted with dried blood. He clearly does not care about his hair. His skin is tanned, from the years working under the sun and the time fighting. Deep scars adorn his arms, chest, legs, and abdomen, but they're generally not visible as they're covered up by his dull gold armor. However, once in a rare while, if ordered to wear something less militaristic in nature, the fresh scars can be seen.

Alexander's body is heavily muscled , and he is taller than most. Years and years of being in the heat of battle had tempered his body, to the levels where he could endure damage that would easily kill a lesser man several times over.

Personality: Although one of the strongest warriors in the Razalya, he refuses to accept any promotions, or being knighted. He likes people who work for their rank, and heavily dislikes those who inherit their rank without any work at all. Break the law in his presence, and you will regret it. His sense of justice is extremely rigid, and he would punish most people with death. In battle, he is honorable, and dislikes underhanded tactics, he would sooner kill himself than surrender, or even retreat.

I have a way with Death: Alexander is difficult to kill, very difficult, able to survive cannon blasts with minor injuries, and take many times the damage that would easilly tear a lesser man to pieces.

Indominable: Mind trick and illusion is nearly useless on Alexander, his mind locked extremely tightly, and even the most skilled magi would find it nearly impossible to trick him.

Unstoppable: Once on his charger, nearly nothing can stop Alexander's charge.

Legendary: His reputation as an unkillable herald of justice preceeds him, and it is extremely humbling to see tyrants and bandit lords afraid to speak his name, and jump at shadows every chance they get.

-Work In Progress-
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Captain Alexander Donovan
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