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 Tsukuyomi Shinohara

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PostSubject: Tsukuyomi Shinohara   Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:35 pm

Name: Tsukuyomi Shinohara(付く読み 篠原)






Alignment:Neutral Good (may change to other whether she falls to the hand of good or evil)




-Invent:She can invent stuff from raw materials,even when in battle.But doing so will leave her vulnerable and making things from scratch takes some time...

-Focus:She focuses and increases her perception by 2 points until she is fatigued.

-Blend in:In a crowd,she can blend in as one of them without anyone noticing.

-Heal:Her healing doesn't use magic,instead she uses traditional and scientific ways to cure wounds and illness.

-Booze:Who sho mwa....snhhcff.(no description available)

Biography:Tsukuyomi Shinohara is a student from Heavenly Host Academy.By now,she has finished studying in the academy and now looking for something to do,mayb she will find a job,or wander as an adventurer.She's not sure whether she has a mom,dad nor a family because she only remember staying in an orphanage.Life was not as good without parents so she set on getting a bright future by finishing the academy.She was never adopted to begin with too....

People tend to call her Shino or Yomi.Her hobbies are reading and writing,because of that,she is really good at remembering.She tends to neglect to her surroundings,making her easily to get scared.She's pretty bright and cheerful at times and always keep the sanity level normal.

The academy teaches magic but she was not very good with it so she withdrew to studying other things like science.That,she has no magic skills nor any combat skill.
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Tsukuyomi Shinohara
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