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 Altered and Myths

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PostSubject: Altered and Myths   Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:26 pm

The most common Altered during the war.Used to be human but driven mad by the desire to kill and feed.Very weak.A normal thrust will kill them because of their fragile body.They usually attack in mass so it is not recommended to attack them head-on when you are alone.They have no eye but track their prey with their sharp sense of smell.

The Hound
Don't misheard the howl of The hound with Werewolf's.You can tell the difference by hearing it carefully.You will hear the deadly echoes of it.A fairly strong Altered.Used to be human and somehow the Altered degraded them into dog-like creature.Famous for their speed and their skeleton body.A normal soldier might be able to kill it but usually kill in pack.Not recommended facing them head-on without allies.

A formidable foe for even the army.Devastate everything that stands in front of him,even the Altered soldiers.Devastator is an Altered that came from their own realm.Possessed carapace that protect him from almost any weapon's attack.Uses his claw as a weapon and his movement speed is fairly slow.Recommend to use explosive like bombs and mortal against him to breach his carapace.

Altered Warlock
A very mysterious altered.Have glowing red eye under their helmet.Used to be mages who seek more knowledge.But their mind cannot stand against the corruption and the dark knowledge of the Altered's spellcraft and became a slave of the Altered.Their famous spell is the Chaos Bolt.The one who got struck by the spell will vanquish instantly.Very fearsome foe in the battlefield.Magic is recommended against them.

The Sentry
Nobody is alive to tell the tale of The Sentry.Maybe I'm the last one who manage to be alive to see only their shadow.Their existence remained a myth until now.

A abomination that possessed three long and dangerous tendrils.Able to penetrate everything with their tendrils.Feed on human with their abdomen.They can jump fairly high and run faster than normal human.Facing one of these alone spelled certain death for you.
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Altered and Myths
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