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 Randall Clavien, The Tormented Priest

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PostSubject: Randall Clavien, The Tormented Priest   Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:21 pm

Name: Randall Clavien (He doesn't remember it)

Age: 500

Race: Human (suspiciously naga/mermaid-human hybrid cause of his scales but it could just be an effect of the ritual)


Gender: Male
Class: He was a healer but he still knows a few (more like purposely forgotten half a lifetime of) healing spells. Also, Randall will unwillingly drain away life around him when he dies, returning him to the world once more (to his dismay) so killing him is gonna be suicide and doing him a favor.

Ability: Randall has a knowledge of many holy spells due to the studying and research he done in his lifetime although he needs to be in an extreme state to remember them, also he will sap the essence of everything around him when he dies,willingly or unwillingly. The amount of essence/life absorbed by him is measured by how much is there near him and whether he does it willingly or not. If he's doing it unwillingly the amount absorbed by him will only be enough to bring him back alive, he he does it on purpose, the sky's the limit . It will also effect his appearance as the more essence/life taken by him, the younger he looks.

List of his usual spells
Advanced Healing : After years of being hunted, stabbed,burnt,drowned,slashed and........ by village mobs, bandits and every single religious fanatic on Gweralle, Randall has improved this normal heal spell into a multipurpose spell designed to heal slowly, letting him fool his enemies into thinking he's dead. However, he can't speed up the healing process and will heal slower than the most untalented novice healer.

Smiting Flame : Randall's most used offensive spell due to it being uncontrollable if the user is in anger or sadness (in his case, a taste of alcohol will activate it). The spell focuses all the light around the target to shine against it/him/her, blinding them and causing an explosion which will also ignite a holy flame on and around the target. The flames will not hurt Randall or a holy person but it will still blind anyone. It can be also used to blast down walls and doors (especially cellar doors).

Chain Casting : The long life which Randall's has led has enabled him to master the art of chain casting, which is casting spells one after another without changing incantations. The user will memorize and find a link in the syllables of different spells and cast them accordingly for example : Quick Heal ing Touch of Death Strike.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Luck:1 (the story tells all)

Personality: This guy is just a wreck, he is always depressed and suicidal but he doesn't show it although his skin shows a lot. He wanders around aimlessly while preferring to avoid company. Sometimes he might heal travelers for a small fee or food if he's broke enough. He generally avoids cities or any place that is populated.

Biography: Randall, or Death as he is known in some older settlements was once a respected healer living in the free cities. One day, the city he was living in was inflicted with plague. Most of the inhabitants were scumming to the plague including his wife Freya. Unable to bear seeing his wife and friends dying slowly, Randall searched day and night for a cure. Soon, every book and tome in the city archives and library was not left unopened by him but the cure was still not to be found. Desperate for a way to save his wife and his now ill self, he turned to necromancy for help. after studying and searching for a month, he found a reference to the plague and a ritual to cure it. Extremely happy to have found salvation for him and his wife, he quickly prepared the necessary things for the ritual but in his haste, he missed a critical component.

When the ritual ended, Randall was anguished to find that his wife was dead and him still sick. Depressed with his failure he hanged himself in his room. The next day, his neighbors checked his house and discovered his body and his wife's and started to remove them. However, his neighbors fell dead once they took him down. Soon, Randall woke up to the sight of his dead neighbors and wife, their bodies were shriveled up like they had aged significantly while Randall himself was cured of the plague and was healthy except for his skin which was now pale-blue. Horrified of the scene before him and his ghostly complexion he decided to try killing himself again......again...... and again. Soon, he realized his mistake during the ritual has not only cured him, but also made him an unwilling leach to everything around him and gave him immortality.....for a cost.

Now Randall wonders the around the world, searching for knowledge that would undo his cursed blessing, and give him the ultimate peace..........Death.

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Randall Clavien, The Tormented Priest
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