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 Eleanor A. Aurelia, of the Aurelia Household

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PostSubject: Eleanor A. Aurelia, of the Aurelia Household   Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:27 am


Name: Eleanor Athene Aurelia (Elene for short)

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Heir to the Aurelia Family

Class: Noble

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 4'5"

Weight: 90lb

Hair Colour: Serene Purple

Eye Colour: Azure Blue

Skin Colour: Peach White


Strength: 2
Perception: 3
Endurance: 2
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 3
Luck: 5


  • Special Privileges:
    Being a girl born from a famed noble family whose influences span across the entire continent, she can easily gain access to first-class service and certain areas from any facilities whatsoever.

  • Endless Wealth:
    Though her family's riches is not exactly infinite, it was rumoured that they have enough to support an entire nation for a looong time. Money problems literally doesn't exist when you're a member of this family.

  • Basic Self-Defense Training:
    Though not so effective in actual combat, it's still better than nothing when either cornered or attempting a quick escape. Though this skill may seem laughable to some people, they'll think twice when she actually utilizes them. Among the many tricks taught to her is the all-time classic 'kick the man between their legs' tactic.

  • Trainee Healing Spell:
    She learned this spell personally from a famed priestess by her parents as a safety precaution, though she hasn't perfectly mastered this spell yet. Although it can only heal light wounds and treat minor injuries, it's still better than nothing especially if you're in a very tight situation.

As a daughter of a highly respected noble family, one might expect that she's just one of those snobbish rich daddy's girl. However, that does not appear to be the case thanks to the proper moral education and sufficient care provided by her loving parents. As such, she was raised to be an ideal lady, gentle and kind yet as graceful and elegant as well. She was also given the best possible education from private tutors to esteemed scholar by her parents in hope to raise her into becoming a useful individual in the near future.

The one unique thing about her is that she's really fond towards commoners and their lifestyles. Since she was so used to living in a comfortable environment(caring family, extravagant lifestyle, etc.), she was curious to know how it feels like to lead a fairly normal life as one of the regular citizens. Because of that, one can normally find her roaming the streets of Razlarya once in a while. (Despite her parent's consent)

The sole daughter and apparently the only (surviving) heir to the Aurelia Household, it's no surprise that both her parents had tried everything they can to raise her into a refined lady of noble birth. The Aurelia Household, in general, is a well-renown family throughout Gweralle. They are known for contributing and investing in many organizations especially the Merchant Guild to spread its already tremendous influence and wealth. The origins of the Aurelia Household was dated back hundreds of years ago, back where the Altered still roam freely in Gweralle. Ser Edmure Aurelia, the founder of the Aurelian nobility, was but a simple knight back then. However, because of his valiant deeds and great accomplishment back then, he was hailed as one of the Old Heroes in local legends and had received lands, titles and honours personally from the king of Razlarya himself. Decades have passed since then however, when his great grandson, Lord Rickard Aurelia, had faced a problem as their wealth and influence had started to deteriorate due to his father's recklessness. Because of that, he had tried to make a different approach other than rising to knighthood just like his earlier predecessors in order to counter the problem which was: Merchantry. The Aurelia Household wealth had returned to its former glory by the time of his son rise to fame. However in order to make sure that the family doesn't face a crisis such as before, the son, Lord Jason Aurelia, had secured many trade routes especially in Razlarya and invested and make contracts with the many guilds throughout Gweralle at that time. He had even made special ties with the nobility especially to those of royal descendants in order to ensure his Household fame and influence in Gweralle. And that is the history of the Aurelia Household's rise to power as one of the main noble families in Razlarya up till now.

As a daughter of such high birth, she felt that it is her duty to secure her family's honour and name. She had trained herself to be the ideal lady so that she may not disappoint both of her parent's wishes and make them proud. However just like any other noble kids, she also longed to interact with people outside but can't due to her parent's overprotective attitude towards her. After much debate between her and her parents, they finally allowed her to venture beyond her home and the Upper Class District, on the condition that she has to be escorted by her own personal guards at all times. Though she still finds it too restrictive, she finally agreed their compromise.

All right, let's get one thing straight here. For one, she's extremely, extravagantly, filthily and disgustingly rich, even for a regular noble's standard. This is because the Aurelia family had control on many of the trade routes, have a LOT of investments around Gweralle and even have special ties with the ruling families and the royal family of Razlarya. And that's not counting the Aurelia family fortune. As such, money problems literally doesn't exist in her dictionary. She also received basic martial art training and learned a basic healing spell for self defense purpose, though the extent of her healing spell is that it can only be used to treat light wounds.

-Lord Matthias Aurelia, Father, Head of the Aurelia Family
-Irlene Aurelia, Mother
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Eleanor A. Aurelia, of the Aurelia Household
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