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 Rolando Fernande

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PostSubject: Rolando Fernande   Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:30 pm

Name: Rolando Fernande
Age: 20

Race: Human


Gender: male

Class: Trainee Knight

Alignment: Neutral Good


Personality: He usually prefers to be an observer in happenings around him but he might interfere if lives start to be endangered or when he's just bored. (he's easily bored if he has been idle for like 10 minutes ) Also he has the wealth of an average noble but not the status of one so he's (rarely) a little arrogant or aristocratic at times.

Biography: The Fernande name was once respected by many in the kingdom of Tarkusza, their wealth was once unmatched by any other noble families. However, a lord, jealous of Fernande's wealth, sought out a way to bring them down from their pinnacle of fame. He traced the Fernande's family tree back to the time when they were just mere peasants and revealed, the way they got rich. The Fernandes were once drug smugglers (and still are) with complex trade networks throughout Razlarya and Tarkusza. The lord, exposed them and then confiscated as much land and wealth as he could from them, it was a huge blow to the Fernande house and was unlikely that they would recover their noble status.

After the shock of their initial fall from grace, the Fernandes revived their old trade networks and resumed their smuggling under the guise of trade. Not long, the Fernandes recovered most of their wealth but their honor was forever stained. The current head of the house, is Garret Fernande, father of Rolando Fernande and husband of the infamous seductress, Lucrezia Fernande. ( lol! )

Rolando was born on the Anniversary of the Black Massacre. Lurcrezia, his mother, died after delivering him, leaving behind her sexual exploits and lovers which includes a prince of Tarkusza or two and a bunch of other nobles. Rolando grew up to be amazingly calm and proficient with the sword. His father recognized his talent and tutored him personally and sent him to the best schools he could find.

At the age of 14, Rolando broke one of his classmate's arm in self defense, his teacher, ever doubtful of the Fernande family, punished him and expelled him from his school. Soon, Rolando found out the reason for the teacher's misjudgment and sought to redeem his family's honor.

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Rolando Fernande
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