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 Nobuhara, Strategist of Razlarya

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PostSubject: Nobuhara, Strategist of Razlarya   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:59 am





Alignment:Neutral Good


Job:Strategist of Razlarya

Weapon:Iron Fan

Personality:A very cheerful and kind soul.Likes to be everyone ''Big Brother''.Pride will be utterly crushed when a child called him uncle 3 times.

Biography:Because of his good personality,he is able to be friend with anyone and thus forming friendships with citizens of various cities and a few organization. He always donate 98% of his salary for charity, that is why sometime he is lying unconscious at the street. Have exceptional skill in close quarter combat. Known as the ''Masked Strategist'' throughout the land. Nobody know why he is wearing a mask. In fact, he is not quite sure himself too. For some reason, there is no way to pull the mask out from his face. His face and his voice don't match with his age and children always mistook him as a ''Uncle''. He don't have parents. His only family is his sick sister who live inside the castle of Razlarya. While living like this, he is still searching for his memories of his childhood. Hope to recall everything from the past and save his sick sister.
Note:Cookie addiction confirmed,Awfully scary resilience.

Discovered Abilities:
Decimate Punch:A move invented by his own.It's just a punch.

Lightning kick:A move invented by his own.It's just a kick.

Likes: Lending hands for needy, Children, his own sister, Books, Quality tea.

Dislikes:Wars, Evil act, Calling him an uncle
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Nobuhara, Strategist of Razlarya
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