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 Mornein Vengeancefang

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PostSubject: Mornein Vengeancefang   Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:22 am

Name: Mornein Vengeancefang

Age: 24

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Shaman

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: Mornein's eyes, as with most powerful shamans, had taken the color of the path that he had chosen, in his case, it glows a cold cyan, a reflection of his link with the element of lightning. Mornein's hair is a snowy white, and as when it was a dull brown, remains well groomed, long and carefully shaped. His skin doesn't exactly carry the standard colloration of a human, as it doesn't pick up any coloration from the sun. Faded scars adorn his arms, chest, legs, and abdomen, but they're generally not visible as they're covered up by armor. However, once in a rare while, they can be seen if he is wearing clothing that is a little more "civilian" in nature or if his gear actually exposes any of those regions.

Mornein's body is muscular and lithe, which is common for most shaman, as shamanic magic takes quite a lot of energy out of the individual. However, unlike the other shamans, he is extremely skilled in the use of his trusty sword and board, to the levels that he is able to hold his own to expert swordsmen, and sometimes defeat them. If caught shirtless, faint markings of shamanic symbols could be found over his whole body, these shamanic symbols glow a icy blue whenever his alter ego is invoked.

-The Kind Shaman- Timid and soft spoken. Usually seen as the kind yet reliable shaman. More often than not an aloof klutz that is incompetent in all things outside of swordsmanship, cooking, Enchanting and shamanism. He hates to see the weak get trampled, and would quickly rush to their aid. However, he is naive and easily fooled. However... should he get agitated or angry, or in danger, he lapses into...

-The Thunder God- Extremely arrogant, flamboyant, full of pride, demanding, possessive, Angry and extremely powerful. He possesses a sadist's imagination and a twisted nihilist's sense of humor, which shapes his attitude. In this persona, he carries a tactician's sort of detached intelligence and vision.

-The Thunder God-
If struck by a lightning bolt while he is in his alter ego, god have mercy upon you as the bolt -will- hurt. It is as powerful, and arguably more powerful than any naturally occuring lightning strike. If struck by it, the impact and the voltage of the bolt -will- stun you, and leave you defenceless. And if his target is carrying any metal or, is soaked in liquid, the voltage and power is amplified significantly.

The surrounding air will crackle with electricity, and stray bolts will arc randomly from Mornein's armor, these stray bolts are rather weak compared to his lightning, but it still might daze his enemies. It functions more as a defence, as if any magical spells strike Mornein, the bolts will arc for the caster, as if attracted to the sudden spellwork.As his alter ego, magic resistance is all but useless against him, as the lightning is somethining more than magic in nature.

However, in this form, the lifeforce of Mornein is constantly drained due to the massive output of the lightning. His body struggles to hold together from the massive power in his that is threathening to blow up inside him. Due to this, he can not stay in this form for too long. However, if needed, Mornein can consume the lifeforce from any sapient being nearby. And if killed in this form, Mornein cannot reincarnate.

-The Kind Shaman-
Mornein's lightning still hurt, however, much less than his alter ego. the standard rules of magic resistance still apply to mornein's lighting, and it will still daze weak individuals or if they are clad in plate, or soaked in water. However, in this persona, he is able to utilize his healing abilities, and possesses the unique ability to rise from the grave due to reincarnation.

If he is killed, and his body had not sustained too much damage, he is able to rise from the dead. Extremely weakened, but alive. Due to the massive power needed to use this ability, he is only able to use this every few weeks.

Background: Mornein's past is not exactly a matter of mystery. He was born about 24 years ago in the small rural village and raised there by a kindly mother and father. They never had much in the way of money and neither of them were terribly well educated.His father's strong common sense and mother's decency are also a serious part of him. His dad was known as a doughty and stout fighter when driven to the point that he had to engage in any sort of combat, but that was generally just when he had to shut down some street tough from the cities or other villages that made their way up to one of the taverns in the area. He let his fists do the talking if his mouth wouldn't do it and since he wasn't good with words... At any rate, most people know that his father taught him the ropes when it came to how to stand up for himself bare-fisted and he got his basic arms training from a pair of traveling paladins who frequented his villlage, who he took a liking to early. Other than that.... remains a closely guarded mystery by him.

Likes: Natural beauty, working stone, the comfort of a soft bed, the righting of wrong, good-hearted people, innocence.

Dislikes: Deliberately evil acts, those who put their hearts into wrong-doing, rash decisions, ignorance

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Mornein Vengeancefang
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