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 Other guilds and faction. (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Other guilds and faction. (W.I.P)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:33 pm

Other than the main faction,there is some other guilds and faction that play massive role in the land of Gweralle.

Merchant Guild of Gweralle
Founded by Lord Vincent Schimmel,Merchant Guild is an association of traders.One of the oldest guilds in the land of Gweralle. Merchant Guild was formed for the traders from everywhere and anywhere. Can be found in every city. Merchant Guild's members must pay the fixed annual Merchant tax, and entrance and subscription fees , but this will allow the taxes for wares to be set, and provides protection for each other's trades and other mutual assistance. These rules are included in the charters of the Merchant Guilds.

-A ban on, or fines imposed, on any illicit trading by non Merchant Guild members.

-Fines were imposed on any Merchant Guild members who violated the Merchant Guilds charter

-Price-cutting is strictly forbidden. If one member wishes to sell the same wares as another, a set price must be collaborated, or exclusive rights will be administered to the the first.

-Members of the Merchant Guilds were protected and any Merchant Guild member who fell sick was cared for by the guild. Burials of guild members were arranged and the Merchant Guilds undertook to care for any orphans.

-Members will be provided protection of horses, wagons, and goods as travelling the land of Gweralle are dangerous.

Metalsmith of Iron-Hand
Founded by the dwarves of the Clan of Iron-Hand,Metalsmith of Iron-Hand is an association of Metalsmiths. One of the oldest guild in the land of Gweralle. Founded before the first Altered invasion. Can be found in every city. In this guild everyone shared their knowledge of metal crafting and there is a meeting once a month at Mount. Rindarus. The rules works the same as the Merchant guild does. A member have to work hard in order to reach all three phases of promotion.

After passing the test of the Metalsmith's Guild, The individual will receive his board and lodging. An Apprentice are not allowed to be married until he reached the status of Journeyman. Some spent 2-5 years at the rank of Apprentice. Can train under a metalsmith who had a Master title.

After passing yet another,This is the rank where most metalsmiths are.During this time the Journeyman would create his 'Masterpiece',in his own time, which he would present to the Metalsmith's Guild as evidence of his craftsmanship in the hope of being accepted as a Craft Guild 'Master'. It was difficult to reach the status of 'Master' and much depended on the Journeyman's standing and acceptance by the top members of the Metalsmith's Guild.

A Metalsmith's Guild Master will be able to take his own apprentice and become one of the top members of the Metalsmith's Guild.

Rangers Of Asuran
Only Elves are allowed to become one with the Rangers Of Asuran. Protect the forest since the first Altered invasion. Known as Protector of the Forest in the land of Gweralle. The Ranges of Asuran don't involved themselves between the wars of the human and Altered. Anyone who dare to trespass and exploit the sacred forest of Asuran will get a warning from them via an arrow. If the same person don't heed the warning of the Rangers, they had permission to exterminate the individual. Master of Hunting and Archery, they had no problem living in the forest as they lived in a group. They swore to never abandon their comrade and will do anything to save him.

Kenorian Outlaw
Famous for their raid of the caravan named Sapphire Legend. The caravan contained a lot of gold and jewellery and so became the most wanted outlaw organization throughout the land of Gweralle. Named after their first leader Keno, a famous outlaw that managed to slip away in every sticky situation. They used to help to poor villages and overthrow any dictator when Keno was the leader. Thing changed as Keno died and the organization was handed to another person. They started to raid every villages and demand ransom from every kingdom when they captured anyone who had standing in the city. Located somewhere at Razlarya as most caravan will pass through the road.

The Black Organization
Mysterious underground organization which involved in black market,slaves trading and all brothels in the city. Not much detail are known to this organization. Most of the higher classed citizens knew the organization. Hold powers that is equivalent to most major cities. Anyone who tried to speak the name of the organization will be exterminated the next day. All the city had no evidence to accuse the organization because it killed all the witnesses and undercover spies. If you ever get involved with The Black Organization, your fate will be bounded to them as you can't escape nor oppose them.
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PostSubject: Dragoons   Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:16 pm

The Dragoons were once the worshipers of the dragons, viewing them as guardians of Gwerrale. In return of their worship, they were granted many blessings while their oracles were able to get information of the dragon realm. That is until the Altered came and decimated the armies of Gwerrale. The story goes that dragon has its equal counterpart like good and evil. Since the dragon of peace represented peace, its counterpart represented war and so on. So the dragons with aspects such as war,evil,chaos etc... were happy that the elves and men were having a nice bloody bloodbath, and were even more delighted the Altered was ''summoned'' to Gwerrale and was determined to keep the war going on which lead them to ''delay'' the dragons from helping Gwerrale by invoking the draconian law of letting Gweralle settle its own conflicts as outside help would disturb the equality of the war (The Altered , strangely, was considered as a race of Gweralle). In the end the king and queen of the dragons got fed up and acted on their own but it was almost too late, millions had died due to the delay. After the incident the Dragoons turned hostile to dragons and established a fort in Mount Raigon (currently it adjusted the hostility to dragons of negative aspects or hostile dragons but there are still branches who will not hesitate to kill dragons on sight). However.....the story may be wrong, and maybe there is a more sinister reason for the establishment of the Dragoons.

The Dragoons are mainly divided to two learning paths, the Slayer and the Seer. Seers are the oracles-turned-hostile, most of them more interested in dragoon politics than mutilating dragons. They are the ones responsible for the enchanting of weapons with anti-draconian magic and interrogations. The slayers are the brute force of the Dragoons, doing the dirty jobs such as assassinating those who are against the dragoons (although sometimes the higher ranked Slayers are sent as ambassadors to their native country) and expanding the fort.

Any being of any race may join the dragoons, provided they can climb up Mount Raigon.

Signature Spells of dragoons :

Jump : One of the simplest spells, usually learned by novice mages as a stepping stone for flying spells. The dragons however, perfected the spell to enable a person to leap up to 30 times his height and then land safely (that is, if the person has enough brains to have enough mana for the landing part). The mana use of it is however minimal and even the most thickheaded warrior can use it to success provided he learn the incantations.

Draconian Vitality : Only those with the bloodline of the first generation of blessed dragoons have a chance to inherit this strange blessing/spell. The posseser of the said ability is able to rejuvenate himself when he is at the brink of death twice in his lifetime. When the spell is in function the dragoon will feel no pain and have every single poison in him expelled, every wound closed, every injury healed. The duration of the spell is unknown, sometimes its as short as a minute, sometimes as long as a day. However, the beings who inherit this spell is rapidly diminishing, due to the lack of marriage in the dragoon society.

The dragoons are free to choose what weapons will they use but they do not encourage their members to use anything other than javelins or spears.

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Other guilds and faction. (W.I.P)
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