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 Elizabeth Orlando, The Witch of Zuhal

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Orlando, The Witch of Zuhal   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:35 am

Name: Elizabeth Orlando

Age: 25

Race: Human (Or At least, that is what she thinks as she have amnesia)

Gender: Female

Class: Witch.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Job: Chemist, herbalist.

Height: 165cm

Weight: Unknown (Have never been measured)

Eye Color: Indigo

Hair Color: Purple

Strenght: 3
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 3
Luck: 4

Blessing of Anlhrieth:
A unique ability which can heal or cure any sickness and wounds. It can also use to regenerate lost limbs but unable to help those who lost a huge amount of blood. In exchange of casting this spell, it will consume a large amount of energy. As a result, she can only cast this spell 3 times a day. If she does cast the 4th time, she will be in a deep coma for one whole week to recover the large consumed energy.

A spell that will force the target to a sleep. If the target is strong, the spell will be less effective against them.

A spell that will transform the target into a Critter for several seconds, but does not work against strong opponents.

Seal of Rejuvenate: Casts a magic seal that will heal the target's wound.

Seal of Exhaustion: Casts a magic seal that invokes Exhaustion.

Seal of Paralysis: Casts a magic seal that will weakened the target's agility and speed

Seal of Weakness: Casts a magic seal that will weakened the target's strenght and endurance.

Seal of Vulnerability: Cast a magic seal that will make the target vulnerable to all types of magic.

Seal of Misdirection: Cast a magic seal that will weakened the target's perception.

Seal of Amnesia: Cast a magic seal that will temporally cause the target to forget his spells while weakened his memories.

Seal of the Crows: Cast a magic seal that will reduce the target's luck by 3.


Personality: A strangely gentle and kind witch. She is rather quiet and prefer to be alone.

Biography: Elizabeth Orlando, a witch who lives in the Forest of Zuhal. She doesn't remember her past
life as she have amnesia, she doesn't know what is she or how did she have amnesia, the only thing she knows is her name and knowledge.

As a witch, she have a rather unique ability. She have the ability to heal and cure anything living. But this ability is rather troublesome to the elf, as the elf believes that the ability is a curse, which goes against their nature laws. Thus, came the title -The Witch of Zuhal-. But because of her amnesia, she doesn't remember when or where or how did she get this unique ability. All that she knows is she is a witch who specialist in the healing magic.

As time passed, Elizabeth Orlando have become a rather famous chemist. Her potion and medicine was proved to be very effective by the sick elf who cannot afford a doctor. As rumors of her alchemy skill spreads, her potions and medicines are rather famous in the World of Gweralle. But because her potions and medicines are famous, it can only be sold by the Witch herself. But it isn't easy to find the witch as she is constantly traveling around the Forest of Zuhal, the Largest forest of Gweralle, to gather the herbs for her alchemy. But rather than that, it seems that the secret of her ability is still not yet spread among the rumors, but how long can she hide it?

With time, we shall see how shall the Witch of Zuhal keeps her secret against the world.

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Elizabeth Orlando, The Witch of Zuhal
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