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 Creation of Gweralle and its Kingdoms

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PostSubject: Creation of Gweralle and its Kingdoms   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:22 am

Worlds, realms, universes. There was a universe, with different realms within it. Each realm with its own Gods, each God with its own world. There was a time when the universe consisted lots of different realm, whereas the realm with lots of different worlds. But all is not well, as a dimensional rift soon appeared, tearing the very fabric of reality itself and causing a powerful distortion within the universe. Nobody knows the true origins of the distortion field. What is known is that many realms have perished during the whole process…. save for one. The realm that had survived the ensuing cosmic catastrophe is known as the realm of Askarlor. And within that realm, lies only one world. And that is our world. The world of Gweralle.

-Trudan Olthar, The Elven Oracle

600 years after the Great War against the Altered

The Kingdoms in the World of Gweralle, have come to a truce and are currently leading their peaceful and tranquil life. This is where the Age of Prosperity began.

They are 5 main factions throughout our world, such as the Kingdom of Razlarya, the Capital of Tarkusza, the Mountain of Rindarus, the Forest of Zuhal, and the Ozrakka of the Deep.

The Kingdom of Razlarya, where all races are treated as equal. It is also the main trading post for the 5 factions since it is located strategically in the middle of the trade routes.

The Capital of Tarkusza, where the humans lead their life. The Capital of Tarkusza is also known as "Jack of all traits", where the people there were master of none and learner of all.

The Mountain of Rindarus, where the dwarves and gnomes resides. It is a kingdom made deep within the mountains, thus the name Mountain of Rindarus.

The Mountain of Rindarus is well known for its resources for high quality ores, their skill in forging and smithing and their Rune forged weapons, armor and golems. The Dwarven's Rune Forging talent is the most famous traits of all. Also the gnomes is well known for their technology as they have recently founded new technologies which is also known as ‘Engineering’.

The Forest of Zuhal, also called "Mother of the Elves". The kingdom lies deep within the largest forest in the Land of Asura, where the elves lived.

The elves are separated into 6 different sub-races. The Blood Elves, born with the power of Arcane, the Drows, Shadow of the Forest, born with white-haired nocturnal elf. The High Elves, Defender of the Forest and is also fairly known for their resistant to magic. The Night Elves, Keeper of the Forest, Trueborn Children of Mother Nature. The Wood Elves, the Eyes of the Mother Nature, natural gifted Rangers and the Grey Elves, Gifted Mages of the Elves. The Elves are specialized in the Art of Enchantment, where weapons, armors and trinkets can be enchanted with Magical powers to increase the effect of the item.

The Depths of Ozkarra, also known as "The Flooded Capital". It is a kingdom which is built under the sea; it is located in the ocean nearby the kingdom of Razlarya. Mermaids and Nagas live together in harmony within the kingdom. The Mermaids are well-known spirit seers, able to see and hear spirits. They are able to convert the power of the spirits to aid them in battle. The Nagas are strong and agile warriors, no other races can match with their strength. They are also the fastest swimmer in the sea as nobody can match their speed under the water.

There is also other part of the lands in the world of Gweralle, where the other races resides.

The centaurs and orcs lived together in the desert. Their capital City, The Sand of Izscar, is located in the largest desert in Gweralle. It isn't a kingdom but it is where the one can find the community of the orcs and centaurs as they reside there together in perfect harmony.

-Page 68-74, in The Ancient History of Gweralle: Part 1

On the Volcanic Lands, lies the Black Citadel, also known as the "Tower Of Madness". Whatever living creature goes near it will be driven to insanity. Where did the Citadel appear from? Nobody knows. It is said that the day when the world of Gweralle was created, was the day the Citadel was born. But the true mystery of the Black Citadel isn't about -when- or -where-, but -What- is living inside it. Going near it is already a bad idea, but what about -Living- inside it?

-Author unknown
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Creation of Gweralle and its Kingdoms
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